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26 Reviews on “Nail Palace - Bishan MRT”

  • Doon
    6 months ago

    I have been here for many years, and the staff inside are very kind?, and they can clean the hard skin on my feet. I will come here for treatment once a month.

  • Kat Kat
    6 months ago

    Miyuki and Yumin from Bishan Nail Palace provides an extraordinary welcoming service to client. They shared with their sentiment and experiences on how to take good care of our nails in order to prevent them from chipping and cracks. They will check from time to time if they Re polishing is fine to carry on the procedure. They are detailed in the process and willing to fulfill customer request within their means. Thank you Nail Palace Bishan for such outstanding employee in the premises.

  • Benjamin Ang
    6 months ago

    Joyce work was well done, I don’t feel any pain at all. Thank you.

  • Zhe Mei Ong
    9 months ago

    Vey good service ..my nail do one month ago still very nice very lasting ??

    They also let me know about my feet problems and help to take out the dead skin ?

  • Jing Tong
    9 months ago

    service good,nail stylist is friendly

  • Ooi Suei Fun
    9 months ago

    Very good service

  • Maha Letchumi
    9 months ago

    The nail technician whom I got at the Bishan outlet seemed to interact with Chinese customers better than customer of a different race. I understand that language may be a barrier to them and that they might be more comfortable conversing in Mandarin. Making everyone feel welcome is important so that they will look forward to your service often. Even a simple smile or friendly appriach can make someone’s day.

  • Dawn C
    1 year ago

    This was HANDS DOWN the WORST pedicure I’ve ever gotten in my life.

    It was not relaxing, as the two ladies spent the entire time trying to hard sell me extra services. I’ve been to tons of other places, and the most I’ve been asked to pay for an added service for my dry soles have been $20-$30. They attempted to sell me a similar service for over $300! It’s no wonder they’ve got so many consumer complaints to CASE about their setup.

    After I made it clear that I did not want a package & threatened to just walk out, they finished my pedicure very shoddily.

    Very disappointing. Do not patronise unless you want to spend the whole hour fending off sales pitches, and having them take multiple photos of your feet to show you how bad they look (NEWS FLASH: they’re my feet, I’m not blind, I don’t need you to add 5000 photos of my feet to your camera reel to try to con me into buying a package!).

    UPDATE: and a few days after the pedi, I now have a nail bed infection. If they spend more time sterilising their equipment properly, and less time trying to upsell services , perhaps clients will not get painful infections after their treatments!

    And I don’t care for your standard computer-generated replies that “you regret the incident etc” – you don’t! Otherwise there would not be so many similar reviews, and it clearly is not “an uncommon incident” as you claim – anyone can see how problematic your parlour is just scrolling through the reviews on ALL your outlets’ google pages. Shame on you.

  • Jun Liu
    1 year ago

    very good treatments for the feet ,such as derma,busy feet ,sole renewal !!Recommend for people with cracked feets and infected nails to seek the treatment here!

  • Boon Seng Tee
    1 year ago

    Good service


  • Carny Chai
    1 year ago

    Would highly recommend!staff also very friendly i visit the shop i feel very happy

  • Esther Lee
    1 year ago

    Should have checked googled reviews before stepping into this septic space. Got a nasty nail infection after my pedicure.

    Yup, I was also told I had nail fungus. Almost thought I had the infection because of the fungus. But no fungus can wreck the havoc septic nail instruments can.

    Is there an option for 0 stars?

  • sadhappy avovadoo
    1 year ago

    Customer service was a 9/10 lady was very nice. However, the painting of nails was terrible i paid almost $40 for this quality. Being one of the top nail salon in singapore i expected more as the price was also on the higher side. Will never ever visit again.

  • Sam P
    2 years ago

    If I could give zero stars, I would. Mind you, I am a customer that purchased a package worth S$700 from this outlet. I blame this on the management style of the Nail Palace chain who made the nail technicians focus on hard-selling instead of truly servicing clients. If you want to visit this outlet, beware. Even if you put on headphones and say NO to all their upselling tricks, they will not leave you alone until you leave the salon. Everytime I visit the salon, they claim that I have nail fungus but I do not purchase their fungus treatment. Turns out, after more than 2 years, my nails are perfectly healthy and have not fallen out yet. If they pressure you, please take a video as proof and report to authorities.

  • Angela Chua
    2 years ago

    Communication breakdown. I came for pedicure with my daughter. As we settled down we are asked “Yao Yuan” Ma? We thought she was asking whether we wanted our nails “rounded”, and said yes. Later found out she meant whether we wanted medicated tablet 药丸 in the soak. We were charged extra $10 each. Not nice.

  • OKS Tan
    2 years ago

    I sign up the package at Amk outlet 2009 , yearly they will remind me I have a package but due to work I can’t go over.

    Yesterday I decided to walk in to Bishan outlet and ask about my package they still keep my records.

    The staff that do for me she’s really helpful don’t mind to OT. Miyuki very professional explaining how’s dose my ingrow nail form. She work from year 2007 to now 🙂 I’m very lucky to meet her , she book appointment for treatment on the very next day , she willing to OT again. Is really very touching she even tell me the shop going to close on 7/3/2021 and move to other place.

  • Lauren Petrichor. Y.
    2 years ago

    Service good. But tends to hard push for customers to buy new Service packages or products from them. Happens at every visit. So I rarely visit nowadays. Would have rates 4stars if they don hard push salea

  • Melissa T
    3 years ago

    EXTREME HARDSELL, just like all their other outlets.

    Wasted so much time trying to decline their ‘cheapest-and-you-will-never-get-this-price-again-if you-come-back-next-time’ package.

    Staffs try to chat you up and then constantly harass you to buy their package by whipping out their calculators from their pocket and pretending to do calculations to show you that that’s the lowest price they can offer. They will often try to corner you and they do this in pairs or more.

    Advisable to rudely decline or just walk out, it’ll save you a few hundred bucks and a lot a lot of time. If all else fails, wear your headphones, close your eyes and pretend to not hear them.

    Very disturbed experience and mediocre service, no wonder no customers even during Christmas. Definitely will not visit ever again. AVOID.AT.ALL.COST!

  • Jye Lim
    3 years ago

    Excellent service, very responsive! Would highly recommend!

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