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24 Reviews on “Maco Nail Spa - Holland Village MRT”

  • Wendy
    8 months ago

    Good service, visited a few times. But this time, I was quite upset with the long wait.

    It would be better if they were more forthcoming about not being able to cope.

  • A L
    9 months ago

    Services are ok if your expectation is a normal Mani Pedi or simple gel.

    But as the other reviews mention, awful experience as they hard sell. Even after purchasing a package, every session they try to hard sell another package or another service, and it’s non stop. I thought the purpose of a package is that you don’t have to think about paying until your package finishes, and can visit carefree. Somehow it ends up being a negotiation with the staff every time… So a nail experience that’s supposed to be a nice, relaxing moment becomes stressful. I don’t recommend at all.

  • Amy Dixon
    9 months ago

    I visited MaCo Holland Village on a Friday in February 2023 requesting acrylic extensions. I was convinced by the friendly team that gel were much stronger.

    By Saturday early afternoon, 1 finger nail had popped off. I went back, they replaced FoC, no problem.

    By Monday evening, 3 nails had popped off (including the one just replaced).

    I emailed “head Office” and 4 days later, still have had no response, and have subsequently lost all but 1 of the new set of nails!!

    I paid over $280 for a set, so am furious!!

  • Naithy Cyriac
    9 months ago

    RED FLAG – COMPLETE RIP OFF – AVOID! Horrible services, exhorbitant prices, gel nail polish came off after 2 days so really poor quality products, staff aggressively trying to profile you and upsell unashamedly, insisting repeatedly despite saying no multiple times during the pedicure / manicure as well as again when paying which made it a stressful torturous hour. They kept insisting and did back of receipt shady calculations to come up with 3 different options, reducing price every time I said no not interested, aggressively trying to sell packages, really unprofessional, avoid at all costs!

  • Irene Thio
    9 months ago

    All the girls are well trained and will do a good job for mani & pedi.

  • Charlene K
    9 months ago

    Signed a package long ago but absolutely regret. Nail services are OK. But they are super hard sell and make you feel bad if u dont oblige. I have a session or two left and i’d rather not go back to deal w the coercing. Final time i m going to any hard sell beauty salons.

  • Angie Teo
    10 months ago

    0 star rating!! Visited this place because of the good location and I regret not checking reviews before going! I was quoted 108 for feet scrub / hard skin removal, therapist said they have $50+ option but not recommended for me as my skin is too dry. When I was hesitant, suddenly they price changed to $88.

    I took up the $88 deal. Therapist tried to push me to take up pedicure, I rejected, kept asking and I said my job doesn’t allow (just so she would stop asking), she started saying then I should add on nail cleaning service. I rejected too, she started saying my nails are very dirty.

    When I thought we could then proceed while I relax on the chair, no!! She started to ask if I’m Malaysian or Singaporean, whether I’m working, asked about my job etc. and from there she started on how I would need to come back on monthly basis, this didn’t stop until the whole procedure was completed.

    Before payment she tried to hard sell again.. kept reducing the number of session packages after I rejected. I would want to come back if the hard selling wasn’t so bad.

  • Yamunah Balakrishnan
    11 months ago

    Went to their outlet at Holland V a couple of days back. The manicurist did a decent job but they are super aggressive with their hard selling. 1) I will waive this session for you 2) Forcing to download shopback and use it to use instalment and buy package 3) Trying to find out if you are working or studying to only con you to buy package 4) Easily asking to pay <1k to buy a package from them.

    They will force to convince for 10-15mins and are super annoying.

  • Kate Chong
    11 months ago

    I would give them zero star if I could. Very rough manicure skill and still dare to ask me to take up package with this kind of skill and service. Like what others clients’ feedback, their hardshell is annoying and irritating. They will gradually lose all their customers if they continue to do so.

  • Esther Goh
    12 months ago

    If there is an option of giving a 0 star, i will choose the option. The staff objective is just hardsell their package and add on (which I can said no). Even when making payment at the counter, the staff never give up to convince me to take up a package. The pushing is too aggressive and I find it irritating as I clearly told them at least 5 times I do not wish to take up the package. This is my first visit and definitely be the last.

  • Rubini Krish
    1 year ago

    I knew they have hard selling tendencies previously and thus I never went back despite still having some leftover sessions on my package. However yesterday I reconsidered and decided to try again at this outlet (Hillion mall was worse). BAD MISTAKE. I have given them 2 stars because the manicurist skills are good. However, they spent a good 10 minutes hard selling their packages to me when I just wanted to pay and leave. I tried to tell my manicurist that I already have a package elsewhere and I will not be buying another one during the manicure itself but she just said ‘ nvm u hear me out later’. I kept telling her lets not waste time I am not buying but she just kept pounding the calculator and writing numbers for me. “oh today we waive for you”, “support me lah”. I tried to be nice and told her to not continue as I do not want to waste her time but she did not hear me at least 3 times. MACO/Pixie you guys really need to stop this type of service behaviour. My cousin and I were loyal customers but became sick of this and we are never returning. A manicure should not be stressfull

  • Ayesha Surty
    1 year ago

    Terrible service & Very Rough.

    Maco is a sister concern of Pixie Nail Spa and due to my location change I had to use my package with them at Holland Village MRT. They are totally the worst place for pedicure and manicure services. Very robotic, and terribly rough. Glad today my package ends and I won’t have to see any of the service staff again. Once they have you for a package they lose all interest and just focus on getting new members. Even now as the lady is actively involved in doing my pedicure she is more concerned about a new person who has walked in. Major contrast to Pixie Nail Spa at Tanjong Pagar whom I really enjoyed to be with.

    Please select a package at your own risk.

  • Jess
    1 year ago

    Convenient location but they UPSELL LIKE MAD. They wont stop even if you keep saying no. It’s very irritating. I honestly think they’ll have more customers coming back if they weren’t annoyingly upselling

  • alexandra p
    1 year ago

    zero star for them!! their objective is just hardsell and upgrade your package, also expensive add ons. dont come here if you dont have big courage to say NO to them, as they will never stop

    just a waste of your time and energy

  • Jiayan Tu
    1 year ago

    I went for an ingrown manicure today. It was clearly stated that the price was $49. The clerk insisted that there was a $39 “sterilization” that must be purchased with the ingrown nail. Although I was a little confused, I still spent 88 for the pedicure. After all, the ingrown nail really hurts. what.

    The technique is still decent, but they also helped me to scrub and dermabrasion, I was puzzled at first, and I understood when I checked out. $39 is not a “sanitizer” at all, it’s a pedicure! Although the method is good and comfortable, it doesn’t mean that I can’t afford the money, but I always feel unhappy. This is not hard buying and hard selling.

    If I need it, I can communicate by myself, instead of being taken advantage of by the staff to buy services that I don’t need. If you are stupid and have a lot of money, don’t care about the small money, this store is still suitable for you 😀




  • Mary 88
    1 year ago

    Good service by cat

  • Rajnish Sharma
    1 year ago

    Good service but too much hard selling & very expensive add-ons

  • oklesgo
    2 years ago

    honestly was extremely excited to try out this nail place as it is quite convenient due to its location. at the beginning i was quite happy with the service until the hardselling began. kept pushing for unnecessary add-ons which i rejected. they are really sweet people but the pushing just made me not want to return. during the session i was planning on returning the next time for a mani. but when they kept on pushing despite telling them i had no money to pay that much, made me upset. the way they were hostile after i did not want to invest in a package made me even more annoyed. disappointed is an understatement as i genuinely thought i had found my go-to nail salon.

  • Ka Yee Chan
    2 years ago

    The pedicure service is okay. However, I really dislike the aggressive upselling. I have just finished my package and will not go back

  • Su Yee Wee
    2 years ago

    Very good service and great recommendation for nail color combination.

  • Mok Shen Ting
    2 years ago

    Moon is very polite and patient, ready to assist with recommendation of colors. The color did not set well on my right hand after the first round of uv light and she redid the whole process after inspecting the defected corners. Thanks for putting your customers first and making us look and feel our best (:

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