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  • Sky
    3 months ago

    masseur has no patience towards rushing off work . Poor attitude and informing that she don’t provide foot massage for full body massage. Wire on the floor running across easily trip.

  • Avril Atkeg
    1 year ago

    Nice environment for a spa. Service is pleasant and professional. Enjoyed the sea salt body scrub service, but the shower facilities need a proper trash bin and towel drop area. This place on Level 5 requires customers to take a different lift situated near So Good Bakery in the mall.

    1 year ago

    The team of staff is friendly responsive

  • Serene Tan
    1 year ago

    Felt spacious the moment I stepped into the salon. Service was good and staffs there were super friendly and my hair turns out great after the treatment

  • Wen
    1 year ago

    There was hard-selling throughout the session (ditto A C’s review from 4 months ago). I was offered 3 services that I really repeatedly said I do not need. They were light treatment, scar lightening treatment and Vit C serum treatment. I already shared that I am going to a medical clinic for my skin issues and the doctors are able to use stronger treatments (micro-needling, CO2, pico, Q-switch) to help address my concerns. I was mainly going to facial just to deep-cleanse and maintain the skin. I felt very unhappy that after a long work day I have to listen to hard-selling when I was really looking forward to some time to rest at the session. Eventually I bought a $68 Vit C treatment but I really don’t think it was worth it at all. I have no idea what the freeze-dried powder was and the whole treatment felt like it was just 15 min. Each of my package session is $140, i think that’s quite a fair revenue per session for the business and I do not see why there is such a strong pressure on the service staff to sell still.

    In addition, there was a strong smell of perspiration or body contact in some of the fabric used in the room (e.g., attire, towels). It makes me think that some of these items were re-used through the day. The salon may have cleaned it but I think it is good to do a scent check before using it for customers in future. This is hygiene and part of the sensory experience. I will post an update on my experience if it improves as I still have 6 sessions.

    To their credit, the team did stay later (till 9.15pm) so that they could host this treatment session for me.

  • Ruth Chong
    1 year ago

    I have been here for a year plus,Manager Shirley is bubbly, warm and nice. No hard selling.
    Beautician Lynn & Zoryn are gentle, skilful and detailed in their extraction and facial massages. Very Professional in their service.

  • Swati Pant
    1 year ago

    Exceptional service. Julie is the best!!

  • QL Y
    1 year ago

    Tbh the scalp treatment isn’t good even for its trial price. First of all, I was served by a male stylist and the salon should ask customers if they have any gender preference as some females may not be too comfortable with males touching them. The male stylist was extremely impatient and wanted to finish his work ASAP. He switches between me and the other customer and it’s also unhygienic as he would wash the hair of mine and then leave me with half blown wet hair while he attends to the other female and started washing his hair. This is not a game where you can multitask as scalp diseases can be infectious. Also male tends to be rougher and when he was handling my hair, I am not sure if he knew that he applied too much strength. With wet hair, he started cutting my hair and was done within 5 mins (they have the audacity to boast that the 5 mins hair cut was originally worth $69). Then he started blow drying my hair and was extremely rough with wet hair slapping against my face as he doesn’t know how to blow hair properly. I am not sure if he is the only stylist and he seemed to be handling all the customers while alot of female staff were basically just hiding behind chit chatting.
    I don’t feel the heart pain as luckily I didn’t book the actual treatment but the trial. Tbh it was bad and only worth $39.

  • Sio Hui Lim
    1 year ago

    Really good facial with Suki today. Very thorough attention to my skin, great extraction and massage!

  • Wilson Yeu
    2 years ago

    Nice relaxing

  • A C
    2 years ago

    Hard selling at every session during your package. I have overheard some other older customers requested the consultants to stop selling additional top-ups to their existing package. Hard to be restful if consultants keep pushing for sales on every visit.

  • lovely creations
    2 years ago

    Service is good and love the staff attitude.

  • Thamaraikanny S Retnam
    2 years ago

    Very good service

  • Shuzhen Deng
    2 years ago

    I was a customer from Beyond Beauty.
    I am very happy with Julie’s services from HAACH@ 100am even from my very first session with her. Never look back ever since.
    She is very attentive and patient. She exhibits professionalism and given her expertise in this area, I would strongly recommend her!

  • Kai-Hsun Chang
    2 years ago

    Julie is a very professional and friendly facial treatment expert.

    Give me very good advice on how to take care of my face and the treatment felt great!!!

  • Ong Jun Hao
    2 years ago

    Hair stylist Alan was professional and explained his hair products to the customer. Was greeted with a hot tea and the hair treatment was very soothing and made me feel comfortable. The lady who attended to me was very knowledgeable in her work and explained in detail what she was doing. A great experience but was overcharged for her service when there is no concrete evidence that the product can remedy my scalp folliculitis issues. There are many hidden costs like GST too and is not recommended for customers who are only interested in free trial (unless you are willing to pay their exorbitant package and persistent upselling despite not being licensed nor certified by MOH) Not accredited by Ministry of Health and will not recommend if you have serious hair problems or medical issues that require a medical doctor to be present. Outlet is well maintained and looks clean and hygienic. Will recommend for first timers who wishes to try out their hair detox therapy.

  • Lydia Phang
    2 years ago

    I’ve been tended to by different beauticians for my facial appmts, and they’re skilled in their own ways. But it was an exceptionally pleasant experience when Chloe did my facial. The condition of my skin has improved significantly after the first time, and the second time was no less. Her professionalism and skill has made me look forward to future sessions. Thank you! 🙂

  • Shawn Chang
    2 years ago

    I was served by Gina. She’s very experienced and has made me feel very rejuvenated after the facial experience. Always look forward to a relaxing time when I come to HAACH!

  • Lini Qiu
    2 years ago

    It was a pleasant service by June and Chloe. They are very professional. Good and clean environment as well!

  • Pooi Mun Wong
    2 years ago

    I had my facial here with Julie, I’m existing customer from BBI. SHE PROVIDE professional deep cleaning extraction to me. I love her services.

  • Estella
    2 years ago

    Been a customer at HAACH for more than a year – very value for money services in a central location. Highly recommend Julie who is very friendly and professional – she has more than 10 years of experience in the industry and always gives me thorough extraction, soothing massages and great advice. Definitely helped me better understand my skin!

  • tammie kua
    2 years ago

    I do facial here and the place is clean and hygienic:. My regular therapist is June and I like my facials done by her as she is meticulous in her service

  • YM Leong
    2 years ago

    Previous customer from beyond beauty

  • Satpreet Kaur
    2 years ago

    Excellent level of professionalism by the team especially Julie (facial), Bryan and Carlos (hair). Overall, love the experience I’ve had here. Consultant Shirley is super nice and friendly. I do not regret introducing Haach to my friends. I’m definitely a satisfied customer.

  • Maxie Atan
    2 years ago

    enjoyed skin treatment & laser hpl. consultant Julie is knowledgeable and friendly.

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