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  • Judy T
    5 months ago

    Bad customer service today. Rude and in the end yelling at me! Booking a slot is difficult n even today Monday no slot available. Was told hv to book 1 month in advance. I fully agreed with the last review posted 6 months ago! Would not recommend!

  • Jacqueline Chong
    12 months ago

    Ever since the renovation and change in the frontdesk staff, they become more & more rigid. Guess they have too many clients on hand so not bothered with their old time cust.

    First off, the co policy now is such that if you are late, the time is forfeited instead of making up in other sessions like most of the massage place. But is ok for them to just whatsapp and ask the day before if cust is avail for tml’s massage.

    Secondly, co policies is ambiguous and change from time to time. Last round, they said the time will be made up in other sessions. This round, they said the last time is an exception which they did not highlight in previous calls. As confirmed with the receptionist, this company policy is not put up anywhere at the reception.

    Thirdly, booking sessions has become so much more rigid and difficult. Only 1st of every mth and all the slots taken up very fast esp weekends.

    Fourth, the reception table is quite cold now. Gone is the warm reception in the past. Neither do they bother to ask if you want to book the next massage.

    In short, take your business elsewhere where things are more flexible and custs are appreciated.

  • Josie Tay
    12 months ago

    Comfortable environment with friendly staff. Good facial and massage

  • June H
    1 year ago

    Had a very bad experience with one of their masseuses previously who left with me with very bad bruises all over. Manager called me instead of whatsapp to explain(trying to not leave evidence?), and said it might be my body (health condition). Oh please I’ve been to so many other places for massage,& had not been left w bruises all over my body before!

    Don’t even deserve a single star.

  • Rusiana Tjiu
    1 year ago

    This is my first time having a facial treatment done at Face Holistic. I am a tourist and I am looking for a nice spa for some relax time. Amazing location walking distance from Orchard MRT. The place is so beautiful, I feel relax and pampered right away. The beautician is so skilful and attentive and paid attention to detailed. My plane dehydrated skin feels refreshed right away. Soft and supple. She even did eye brow shaping and eye guasha, amazing shoulder massage and head massage.
    Totally worry it! Must visit!

  • Rachael Wu Caifen
    1 year ago

    Had my massage @ Taka n I’m a long time customer for 10 years…the slipper n robe provided is too small had given the feedback many times but still not changed!

  • Angela Ang
    1 year ago

    25 March 2022 update

    After a long gap of not using the place, I came back to honking that things have changed. Unfortunately, it didn’t. As I was late, the manager Audrey texted me to say I can’t do my massage even though I was already at the building! Anyway, I did my shortened time massage but Audrey is not keen to do service recovery and claimed she went for a meeting. Would the owner of the company respond please? Thank you.

    Incidentally, the last time Audrey said she will call me back after the review. She did not. ?

    I was a long time customer of this place and was deeply disappointed with the kind of service they are providing now after their make over last year. The place I must say has been upgraded really nicely. However, the wonderful looking place is a far cry from the customer service they have now. My recent visit was the worst. When I stepped into the salon, there were a number of staff there but none of them acknowledged me. They were busy having their own conversation. The masseuse assigned to me came and served me later. I must say the masseuse made every effort to ensure that my massage experience was pleasant though it’s the first time she did massage on me after the previous one left. After my massage, I changed into my own shoes near the reception counter and I hear more of their personal conversation. This time the manager of the place even joined in from the room near by! When I left, those at the counter merely shouted a goodbye which felt like an afterthought. No one bothered to ask if I would like to book the next appointment. Frankly, the saving grace of this place ever since its major renovation was the previous masseuse who served me in the past. For the price that you pay here, I suppose the experience should be very different from those in the neighbourhood shops but unfortunately, there is no difference now.

    This place used to be a warm and welcoming place but that warmth is lost with this group of staff, including the manager, who are more concerned about something else than the customers they are serving. Really disappointing experience but since I still have quite a bit more of package left, I have no choice but to finish them quickly and spend my money at more deserving places.

  • Priya Kothari
    1 year ago

    Wow. The discrimination! They do not take DP holders. Dont they realize that we make the backbone of the expat community? D’uh!

  • Cecilia Cheng
    1 year ago

    Body massage service.

  • Lee Bee Hong
    1 year ago

    Came for massage a few times before doing facial there too.

    I enjoy heavy pressure for my massage, and Face Holistic did not disappoint, ensuring that they hit the right tense spots with knots with the right pressure!

    Location of the place is super convenient too as it is right smack in town at Taka,so you can just take the lift up after a full day of shopping for some relaxation.

  • Min Yi Chen
    2 years ago

    Highly recommended! And great location 🙂

  • Min Yi Chen
    2 years ago

    Face Holistic just went through major renovations and loving its brand new interior! I’ve been getting my facial done here since it’s been called “beauty slim” (about 10 years?) and they never disappoint. Everytime after each facial, my face feels like it’s been photoshopped as it’s glowing. The staff are super friendly and professional too, so you’ll always feel at home.

    What I really appreciate about this place is the good hygiene, especially when we’re going through this period of covid. They give customers comfy slippers to switch out to once you step in and sanitize it with their sanitizing gun machine everytime someone is done wearing them.

    You’ll definitely feel like you’re being taken care of at this place. Highly recommended!

  • Bee Leng Poh
    2 years ago

    I like the massage and reduce my pain and stress and the masseur service is the best specialty Mongting.

    Tks for the service.

  • Christina Lim
    2 years ago

    I have been doing facial at this salon for many years and like the services provided by my therapist Fanny. She is observant and understand my face conditions and can resolve my sensitive face problems. The staff are friendly, especially the Manager, Audrey. The newly renovated shop is cleaned and beautiful.

  • Ang Kai Siang
    2 years ago

    Went to Face Holistic for facial, and they recommended the organic treatment for me after doing a quick examination on my skin. The facial treatment was done professionally, not too painful, and the bed was comfortable enough too. Recommended!

  • Asti Wulan
    3 years ago

    (Good and nice)

    Menyenangkan bagus

  • ch richard (ric)
    4 years ago

    So so

  • Brandon Tan
    4 years ago

    Difference between my last experience to today was night and day.

    service recovery was 5/5. had the pleasure to speak to one in management. ironing out what had happened previously.
    Clearly shows that customer opinion does matter.

    A different masseur today, Nicole and she was fantastic. Pointed out where my pain points were and telling me how to relieve it at home.

    I would say that it’s a pleasure to have given them another chance and would definitely be coming by again. Thank you

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