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  • Clara Han
    2 months ago

    A nice cozy place to get my nails done 🙂 the owner is very friendly and attentive. I like the colour options there, would love to try other shades next time.

  • Claudia Lim
    2 months ago

    Love the nails done by Angeline😍

  • Shidi Yang
    2 months ago

    Fast and nice service.

  • Yilin Chen
    3 months ago

    (The young lady is too gentle, she basically responds to requests, and the colors of nail gels in the store are pretty nice, next time I come here I will try something else)


  • ZY Li
    3 months ago

    Visited here multiple times for both nails and eyelashes. Very comfortable and professional with good designs.

  • yin wong
    4 months ago

    Angeline done my nails and it is really nice

  • Cheryl Ng
    4 months ago

    I found Dream Lash Studio via XHS, and was impressed by how natural the brows looked and made an appointment here. Angeline was extremely friendly, and made me feel very welcome. The studio was also very clean, cosy and comfortable.

    Angeline clearly takes pride in her work, she was very meticulous and made sure she designed the brow design to my liking. She also took the time to explain the different types of brow embroidery and which would be most suitable. The entire process was also so fuss-free and painless, in fact I even fell asleep at some point but woke up to beautiful natural eyebrows.

    I have since come back for my touch up within a month and as usual, Angeline made sure to take note of colour fading for one brow and spent more time on it. Also did an eyelash perm this time round and it was so much more comfortable here as compared to other studios I have done it at.

    Overall a really pleasant experience, and I’ll be back again.

  • 林香蘭
    5 months ago

    (Hot eyelashes are 👍👍👍👍)


  • Yan Lim
    5 months ago

    Good experience. Environment very comfortable and feels like home. Professional advice and good service throughout. Strongly recommend this place for a makeover of your eyebrows.

  • gongju song
    5 months ago

    Such and aesthetic and comfortable environment to have your brows and nails done in peace! I enjoyed my time here thanks to the great service from meiyu 🤩 i was very worried that my first brow tattooing experience will turn out thick dark and unnatural but I really love my natural looking brows done by meiyu😍

  • summer
    5 months ago

    (I declare that the eyelashes made by this company are the ceiling of eyelashes in my heart! ! It should be regarded as one of the best techniques🌈

    The boiled water eyelash ceiling is so well done! The technique of the eyelash artist is super good, the technique is light, and the whole process is non-sense operation, so comfortable that I fell asleep~

    The store is very warm, and the brown eyelashes are not exaggerated, very natural! looks great! Plain makeup is also stress-free! ! I like it so much, hurry up, beauties! Don’t think, don’t hesitate! Very gentle and natural, very comfortable, I will come here often in the future, the eyelash artist is also super gentle! Love it! love it 💕)




  • Linting He
    5 months ago

    (😄I tried eyebrow and nail tattoos in this store last week! Haha my friends said it looks good, and I am also very satisfied☺️Miss Angeline’s craftsmanship is super good👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻Professional, safe and meticulous! In the future, I will only look for this store to patronize😄I wish Dream Beauty Studio business better and better! !)

    😄上星期在这家店体验了纹眉和指甲!哈哈朋友们都说好看,我也很满意☺️Angeline小姐姐的手艺超好👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻专业安全细致! 以后我只认准这家光顾了😄祝愿Dream Beauty Studio 生意越来越好!!

  • Cindy
    5 months ago

    She’s very patient and professional, I’m very satisfied with the outcome of Eyebrow Embroidery and appreciate her service

  • ding wang
    5 months ago

    Had my eyebrow embroidery here, it is so natural and really fits me well! I’ve also done my eyelash extension regularly here for more than a year now. Trust the skill and had really great experience. Love it!

    5 months ago

    Great service, best eye lash extensions I’ve tried in SG. 店里的小姐姐非常温柔有耐心,店里环境温馨干净,睫毛超爱 (The lady in the store is very gentle and patient, the environment in the store is warm and clean, and the eyelashes are super cute)

  • Reyna He
    5 months ago

    (The service is very good, will patiently communicate with you about the styles and colors you want, a good manicure experience, I will always visit again~💅)


  • Cassandra Kong
    6 months ago

    (She is very careful when doing manicure. The lady is also very demanding of herself. She must present the best to us)


  • Wang Yao
    6 months ago

    Angeline was very careful, professional and gentle when doing her nails. Every manicure is a process of enjoyment.

  • Chelsea Nguyen
    6 months ago

    Visited here for eyebrow embroidery and the overall experience was such a pleasant one.

    Angeline made me feel instantly comfortable with her great hospitality, we went through a thorough consulting process which she would advise on the shape of my brow, length, color, then drew a draft one where adjustment can be made if I’m not satisfied. Then she went on with the embroidery which was so painless that I actually felt asleep for 1 hour. After which she would check with me again and did a bit of adjustment until I’m happy to go. She was so gentle and polite, no unnecessary chatter if you don’t want to, no hard selling at all.

    Overall very happy with the result, Angeline took a lot of pride in her work, genuine and honest with her service. Can’t recommend this place enough, would definitely come back again!!

  • sherrey chng
    1 year ago

    Angeline is an expert in her field. She is very detailed and takes her time to ensure perfection. I wanted it as natural as possible and she was able to deliver the look. Every visit is a delight because her studio is so cosy and comfortable. Thank you!!!

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