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  • Ivonne Aw
    3 months ago

    Went to bedok outlet today for the $28 trial. Before I decided to try out Dorra, I kept seeing packages in the 300 and 600 dollar range all over FB, with packages including multiple sessions. I assumed I would be signing on packages at most in the low 1 to 2 thousand range at most. However, before I even started the treatment, I was told that to continue the trial treatment I went for, it will cost $4000 (before gst) for 10 sessions. This package will include 10 sessions of Bye-Bye-Fat and 10 sessions of body-shaping (using light therapy to sculpt/tone). If we agree to be featured on their ads (photos of our before and after bodies will be used), then it’s 1000 off the 4000. Still, trial price of 28 vs actual pricing of 300+ is a huge difference, which I feel the consultants can share openly prior to our visit. The package pricings are not that easy to find online by the way.

    Price aside, staff were polite and respectful. I decided not to go ahead with signing up for package as price point is way beyond my budget, and trial only includes the bye-bye-fat. Even if they threw in the body-shaping sessions, I wouldn’t know how effective it was. To pay 4K+ for this bundle is just risky… Perhaps company can review how trials are conducted and to be upfront about pricings before we visit.

    Thank you for the experience nonetheless!

  • Yi Ling Teo
    3 months ago

    I having the bye bye fat treatment with Yuki. She is very friendly. Chill and really enjoy every treatment she did for me. She is very understanding my needs and help me alot.

  • Nurul Talissa
    3 months ago

    Thank you Rosina for your services, hoping I could sign up the package in the rear future

  • farhanah natalia
    3 months ago

    Tried the bye bye fat treatment $28 promo. Explanations were informative. Treatment do bear results even with just one 20 minutes session. Was told that I need to decide if I want the package before going for the trial. I shared my concerns that I may not be comfortable with the treatment so will only decide afterwards. The consultant affirmed me that the company has 5 days cooling period and said I can get full refund if the treatments are not suitable for me. So, was pressured to pay for the package.

    Went home with mixed feelings. After much considerations, the package is way and beyond my budget. I came with a budget of $300+ in mind as they do have another ongoing promo (30 sessions for $328) but left with spending $4320. Therefore, I have made the decision to not proceed with the treatments and would like to request for full refund. I have contacted Lynn, the consultant who attended to me yesterday. I hope they will respect my decision by not trying to suggest otherwise. Will update how the refund process is and if I manage to get the full refund of $4320 as promised!

  • Kareemah Halim
    4 months ago

    Did the Bye Bye Fat treatment. Fernanda explained to me so well about the packages that they offer. If I’m very rich, 100% sure I would’ve buy it. Lmao sorry! ? Customer service definitely a 10/10. The treatment wasn’t painful at all. Nothing to complain tbh. Thanks Fernanda ?

  • Melodie R
    4 months ago

    Good service for every visit.Thanks kylie and fernanda for being so patient with me.

  • Clara Tan
    4 months ago

    I’ve been with them since Jan 2022. Their shaping wraps and bye-bye fats treatment are indeed very good. Rosina Ang is my advisor and she is very knowledgeable and professional. Most importantly they are not pushy about their package and respect your final decision.

  • Shanmuga Priya
    4 months ago

    I was in yishun dorra slimming center ya got really amazing service from yuki chye and seeing my results after a session feeling happy wants other to get benefit out you with happy service and slim down without doing anything thank you dorra

  • Sheela Kaneswaran
    4 months ago

    Had 2 sessions so far and can see the differences… Yuki from Yishun was so friendly and she was so hard work during the sessions…

  • Norita Jasman
    4 months ago

    Yersterday my last session with dorra yishun my consultant was Yukichye and she was extremely friendly ,with dorra i size slim down my tummy thank you so much

  • WahYin Lau
    4 months ago

    Started this weight loss program with dorra since the beginning of June 2023 and I can already see some changes within a few sessions. I still have many sessions to go and I hope to achieve my desired outcome. My consultant Yuki is very professional and attentive. Overall I enjoyed her service!!

  • Supriya Shekhar
    4 months ago

    Thank you for contributing so much in my weight loss journey . I am very grateful to my consultant May Koh , she has a very good knowledge and explained me every detail. She guided and always supported me throughout the journey , and always encouraged me. Will definitely recommend my friends and will be very happy to revisit your centre soon in near future

  • Sarah Chee
    4 months ago

    I tried out the Bye Bye Fat treatment at the Northpoint City outlet. My consultant was Fernanda, and she was extremely friendly and cheerful throughout the entire session. She did not hard sell me and tried to find a package that works for my budget, which I appreciated a lot. She makes good conversation and shared many stories, which made the overall experience enjoyable. I did see some results after the first session, and hope to see more results in the upcoming sessions.

  • Victoria
    4 months ago

    Charlene treat me very nice and my experience here was super good great attitude super friendly

  • Sherlyn Chua
    4 months ago

    Tried out the session promoted online spa capsule and byebye fats. The overall experience was pleasant. There were results no doubt. The reason I did not continue was because I didnt have time to go. My consultant brandy is efficient n explained things well without hard selling.

  • Danica
    5 months ago

    exercise + diet + body wrapping capsule treatment helped me get down from 71kg to almost 65kg. there are plenty of friendly consultants to help you too!

  • Dee Jie Ying
    5 months ago

    First time at Dorra & I am almost finishing up my 10 sessions of trail package with Rosina already. I started out last year & am coming close to losing 10kg. While I don’t believe that it was just the treatments that got me to where I am (my efforts to watch out for my diet + exercise probably played a part), I do feel like the treatments helped with my bloating + water retention. Thanks Ros!

  • Azleen Miswan
    5 months ago

    The experience at Dorra has been very informative. My consultant was very helpful and gave many recommendations and great advice on the treatments.

  • Hinami Hasegawa
    5 months ago

    Great experience, the customer service is great . There’s a lot of friendly individuals there , and it’s makes you feel very welcome.( to those who are self conscious you have to try coming here, you won’t ever feel awkward or body conscious, they are such nice people )

    Treatment wise , they have a wide category that caters to your personality needs , you’ll have a personal consultant who will guide you though so even if you don’t know , they will explain it to you .

    You don’t have to worry about it being bad for your body or for any side effects, there isn’t ( well ofcouse some treatment may be a bit painful but it’s not harmful) some treatments can actually help you with your untreated conditions that you didn’t take note before ( eg. bloated stomach)

    What’s great about this is that you can see results after each treatments and it last

    You should try it for yourself and you’ll see what I mean ( totally recommend this for anyone who’s having trouble sliming down or just are lazy to exercise)

  • MX
    5 months ago

    Just to share my experience with Dorra Northpoint. I started with Dorra in around August 2022 and have tried out Body Wrapping + Bye Bye Fat treatments. My weight gone down from 49kg to 44kg 🙂

    I appreciate the service of my consultant, Lynn. She is very friendly, informative, and recommended.

  • joey cai
    5 months ago

    The environment and service is superb. Very professional and skillful consultants. Especially Yuki who I enjoyed having her extra miles effort.

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