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23 Reviews on “Coslab - The Centrepoint”

  • Aparna Rao
    4 months ago

    Vicky from Centrepoint was very good! Very professional and thorough

  • Priti Singh
    4 months ago

    Amazing experience at Centrepoint. Lily is the best masseuse I’ve ever had 🙂

  • Vera Ho
    4 months ago

    Joey at The Centrepoint the best. Very knowledgeable about my condition and is super skillful. Enjoy the session!

  • Lingjie Chen
    5 months ago

    Massuer joey had deep expertise and massage me greatly!!:-)

  • Zheng Ting
    5 months ago

    I have done my facial with Vicki for three years and her service is excellent.

  • Shuan Siang Tay
    5 months ago

    My regular therapist Joey is fantastic and I feel very relieved after every session! ??

  • Elana Munasinghe
    5 months ago

    The massage was decent. my sister and i booked in advance for 90 minutes each and I was told there wasn’t enough time for me to do the full massage. I was initially okay with this change as I had arrived 15 minutes late due to traffic. However, they gave me a 70 minute massage after stating that they would give me a 75 minute massage (with the prices they are charging I think expecting the full amount of time would be reasonable).

    Nevertheless, what was upsetting was the fact that they gave my sister a 105 minute massage without informing me of the time difference until my massage was finished. I was under the impression that we had the same amount of time if they didn’t have enough time to give us the massage that I had booked prior. We both arrived at the same time. And waited for about 15 minutes without being informed of when my sister’s massage would finish. I feel like the lack of communication and difference in treatment is unprofessional behaviour as they clearly had some extra time if they were able to provide my sibling with a longer experience than was asked for. When I questioned them on it they explained in a rushed way leaving no space to ask for questions and simply stated that they’d put more time onto the next session. I appreciate the time being transferred but I feel like the lack of communication and equal treatment was impolite.

  • miki m
    5 months ago

    my massage therapist (lily) was excellent; the massage was very well done and she is lovely. however, my sister went for the same appointment and got 10 minutes less than i did for her massage despite us arriving at the same time. other than that, i recommend lily

  • MelaniieTwa.
    5 months ago

    Yenise did a good job

  • Cindy Tong
    5 months ago

    Joey from center point is very good.

  • D.S Jewel
    5 months ago

    Facial with Vicki was good!

  • Natalie Wong
    5 months ago

    Their service very nice and staffs very friendly. Beautician – Yennis.

  • Ankita Agarwal
    5 months ago

    Was served by Yumi for facial at the Orchard branch. Had an amazing experience, she was gentle and did provide good insights about my skin. I was very pleased with the services. She was not at all pushy for the package but did share the benefits, unfortunately I still couldn’t sign up due to personal reasons. Highly recommend the place!

  • Terence Wong
    5 months ago

    Great service! They were thorough in their explanation and nice. Kudos to Yennis for her high quality service! Highly recommend

  • DF FY
    5 months ago

    Vicky is a caring and efficient beautician, always pleasant to client Centrepoint

  • Luna (SG Parent Journey)
    5 months ago

    Thanks Lynn for the massage. It was great and relaxing. Coslab Centrepoint!

  • Alice Huang Wijaya
    5 months ago

    Yumi was great! She paid attention to all the little details, and her facial skills are on point. It is not too painful and not too gentle. Afterwards I felt so relaxed and my face skin feels extra smooth and supple! Very professional service, will come again!

  • Chen
    5 months ago

    I recently enjoyed an exceptional massage at Coslab Centrepoint. My therapist, Lynn, was not only highly skilled, but also extremely attentive. She listened to my concerns carefully, providing a targeted and effective treatment that left me feeling thoroughly relaxed and rejuvenated. I left the session feeling significantly more relaxed and relieved.

  • Magdelene Low
    6 months ago

    Yumi’s facial was great!

  • Karen Teo
    6 months ago

    I did my first repair massage at Coslab (Centrepoint) with Jade (小玉). She was very professional and reassuring. She will preempt the expected feeling I will experience at different points of my body where she massaged. Her massage was very effective too because I came out of the room feeling much lighter and relaxed at my neck and shoulders. The pain that I was haunted with for the last 3 months was gone. Thank you, 小玉 for an excellent job.

  • Glenn Low
    6 months ago

    Reenie (from the Centrepoint branch) was very patient and understanding when I mentioned my discomfort lying face down for massage, and very kindly accommodated to suit.

  • Alice Kou
    6 months ago

    Would like to share my scary encounters at COSLAB Centrepoint. Had facial and massage packages. Facial included quasa and oxygen treatments. Quasa left me in pain for days especially around the lower eye contour. Felt like they wanted to dig out my eyeballs. I have thin and sensitive skin and they knew it. Oxygen made my neckline burning red. Felt like someone used a rope to strangle me and left rope marks. Next the beautician suggested a product to give me moisture. Came in 12 bottles for $198 without any measuring tool. She even told me I could use on my eyes. After 4 bottles my whole face was swollen with itchy red hot patches. Luckily I didn’t use much on eyes. Doctor had to prescribe steroids and cream to calm the swelling. No one asked me whether the product was useful. Why? Because commission already in her pocket. They tried to sell me eyebrow embroidery at $1K. The so called China PRO used a ruler and pencil to measure and drew on my eyebrow. She spent 30 mins just to do it and the finished look was terrible. If I continue it may look like writing a book. A lot of unhappiness. Be careful so that no one will end up like me. GOOD LUCK!!

  • Angela Xu
    6 months ago

    Amy in Centrepoint outlet is very nice and friendly. Very professional and know how to help customer

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