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28 Reviews on “Bioskin - Centrepoint”

  • JL
    3 weeks ago

    I gave them a one-star rating, as Google doesn’t allow for a zero-star option, but this 1 star is solely for their beautician, despite my not having visited for over 12 months.

    In general, they seem indifferent to customer feedback.

    To all It’s important to be cautious about their promotions, especially the T&C. Even when it’s clear that the mistake lies on their end, some managers handle these situations poorly, shifting blame to the customer for misinterpretation. It’s understandable that most companies prioritise self-protection over customer satisfaction, but their misleading T&C seem deceptive, resembling a trap. As they will mentioned about no refund policy and suggesting that you either transfer the promotion or exchange it for their products, given that you’ve already made an advance payment.

    To sum up, this has been my most disappointing service experience, even worse than the pushy beauty salons that, at the very least, admit their mistakes when they occur.

    For your reference, I’ve attached a section from the T&C. Feel free to judge for yourself if it exclusively applies to new customers.

    Unfortunately, I can’t upload the image. You can visit Google reviews to see it. Interestingly, they chose to respond via email instead of addressing the issue directly on Google reviews.

  • sT
    4 months ago

    Jane is very helpful and and careful in applying the hair color. She is caring and will ensure I am comfortable.

  • Corrine
    5 months ago

    I have totally lost all patience despite trying to get clarity for the last 4 months on Bioskin’s terms and conditions since my last google review in Feb 2023..

    Bioskin claimed that they did not inform me in advance that my packages (with about 40 sessions) were discontinued because i was an ‘in-active” client.

    So what does “active” actually mean?
    I have never come across a company that is not able to define their terms clearly despite being asked 5x:
    My simple question: what does “Active” mean?
    Does active mean at least once a month? Once a quarter? Once bi annual?

    Bioskin’s reply:
    “As machine discontinued we are cannot to control.
    Due to machine discontinued and oso supplier stop provide us maintamance for the machine.

    We has been keep following up all the in-active customer in system, but customer responding oso out of our control hope u can understand, just like Apple oso is stop providing cable and headphone, as technology is keep updating.”

    As what we previously explain, “Active” means frequently visiting.

    Bioskin says that my packages were “discontinued” and “expired” although their sales persons always say ‘no expiry’ when they are selling it to you. To salvage the packages (worth $6k) that i had previously paid upfront, i had no choice but to top up another $4k! All in $10k for 20 sessions. Isn’t that incredulous??
    To top it all, there is no transparency on their t&c until the e-invoice is emailed. Sadly, after being a client for 9 years, from my recent horrific experience, Bioskin is truly a company that lacks integrity and professionalism as shown in how they respond to complaints and simple clarification. I hope no one needs to go through this nightmare that i went through.

  • Devon Tan
    6 months ago

    Like my hair dresser Jane Ma and Win both are so friendly and excellent the way they take care of my hair during the Color touch and the timing is always precise. Thank you so much .

  • Caroline Dawson
    6 months ago

    I am extremely happy with Jane’s service. She was extremely patient and went above and beyond in her customer service towards me. Thanks Jane… you have certainly gone the extra mile! 🙂

  • Sheryl
    6 months ago

    Would like to recommend Aery and Serene for the superb service in BioSkin Centerpoint for the hair color.

  • Eric Koh
    6 months ago

    My beautician LeLe skills and technique are amazing. She made me feel very relaxed and enjoyable. My skin was getting much better after her treatment. Thank you again , LeLe.

  • Kay
    6 months ago

    Thankyou Ashley for her good service .it’s a enjoyable and statifying experience at bioskin center point. Love it!!

  • Gerald Neo
    6 months ago

    Lisa is very delicate and professional in her scalp treatment. Would recommend the treatment.

  • Gerald
    7 months ago

    Did a scalp treatment. Lisa is very pleasant and cheerful. She is very skillful in her job. Thumbs ? for her.


  • moss Li
    8 months ago

    This is scam shop. Keep using hard selling skills to ask you to purchase the package. How can we, every month purchase package from you. The package is not cheap. Last year I already spend 50k on your package. CTP package is more expensive the other outlet. My friends at other outlet, the package and trial price are not so expensive. Bioskin don’t really solve your consultants attitude towards customers. I understand that you need sales, but not to the extend that you ask customers to buy package evey month, don’t care about how many package we already have. When say NO, consultants will show a black face you and make sure you cannot get appointment the next few months. That is horrible.

  • Mathilda Koh
    8 months ago

    Scam!!!! Do never sign up for any packages. Hard selling they are very pushy and they lie to your face.
    This place should be closed down. Big time scam place should be investigated

  • Nur
    9 months ago

    Had a very bad experience. Their hard selling is more like intruding into your personal life, asking your financial info etc. Never do any trials with them cos you will be “coerced” to purchase purchase purchase until u realised much later they squeeze you dry in thousands of dollars. Your hard earned money is not worth. There are similar, and even better treatments, even done by qualified and certified beauticians/aestheticians out there that’s almost 10x cheaper. Worst, when bring up matter to mgmt, all they do is push back the issue to the outlet mgr. They have no intention to solve the issue at all.

  • Susie Cheong Chew Eng
    9 months ago

    I have been receiving hair treatment weekly from Win
    She is a very efficient kind pleasant & nice person
    Would recommend her to all my friends

  • Chow
    10 months ago

    I jus send a review earlier on . Well I received a watsapp by Bioskin that they have seen the msg
    Well folks after seeing the watsapp that I received any thoughts ? Now I feel the problem lies with the consultant more than the company itself !!! As below
    We saw the google reviews , thanks for your feedback , the ‘small room’ that you mentioned we called consultation room, is for skin check and discussion and check treatement in system use .

  • Joanna Ng
    11 months ago

    Thanks to beautician Evan at Centrepoint outlet, her “magic hand” made me look good again.

  • Helen Chew
    11 months ago

    Ms. Jessie Teoh is a professional therapist. I appreciate her friendly approach, attentiveness and patience in explaining the various treatments to me. In addition to enjoying the sessions, I’m happy and satisfied with the quality of her good service. Highly recommended therapist !

  • Danny
    1 year ago

    Did a scalp treatment. Therapist Lisa did a excellent job. She is very skillful and diligence in her treatment. Keep it up….Good! Great asset to your company

  • Alyssa Yeo
    1 year ago

    I always enjoy Lisa Yang service. She is very freindly & professional and caring. Always smiling and very good skills. Recommended highly to all.

  • Kok Pooi Keng
    2 years ago

    The treatment was average. However the cost is much higher than average mole removal. They over promised during their sales, they promised it is lower than doctor pricing, which is around $2000, and they matched the price. However after some research i notice it only cost around $300 for mole removal at doctor.

    Secondly, they told me that if do not wan to continue with mole removal i can change my $2000 package to other services. After using 1/2 time of my package. They told me that the change of other service is no longer available.

    Thirdly, their service dramatically drop after i sign up their package. Before my package, they will send me reminder and do post treatment follow up. After i sign my package, they will forget to book my appointment. There is once where they planned to charge me $200 for forgetting my schedule appointment despite their failure to send me reminder 1/2 days before (something they promised)

    Lastly, they are extremely sales-orientated. I have attended 3 out of my 10 session, and every session will end with at least 2/3 staff promoting their new/upgrade product. and that is the time where they suddenly become concern about my post treatment.

    All in all, they have bad service and overprice service. do not get trick into signing package when you are with them. They will pressure you into getting their package with their false promises. They are one of the worst salon which i signed package with. I am writing to their higher management to get my refund, and hope no one need to go through what i went through

  • Zen
    2 years ago

    The treatment was ok, but the managers joined effort to put up a show to scam you with their loud and shrill voices. Absolutely hard selling which made the experience at Bioskin so super unenjoyable !

  • Josie Tay
    2 years ago

    Went for my hair Spa treatment at centrepoint this morning at 11am. Lisa was gentle, friendly & do her job with 100%. Felt great & very relaxing.
    Full Points 100 to her. Thanks Lisa

  • W****
    2 years ago

    Therapist: Evan

    Tried Baby Skin Booster. Evan did a great job! It’s really soothing and relaxing.

  • Adelina
    2 years ago

    Been to bioskin centrepoint for sometimes. Finally meet one manager Ms Winnie who is friendly and easy to chat with. Normally feel very stress when enter bioskin because of those hard selling tactics on the package. But when I meet Ms Winnie, I find that she is friendly and easy to chat with.

  • Adelina
    2 years ago

    I have been been to bioskin centrepoint for facial every month. My therapist was Evangelyn Yee. She was professional & friendly. My facial with her was an enjoyable and relaxing time as she did an amazing job. Thanks to her.

  • Joyce Chang
    3 years ago

    I had a wonderful facial experience at Bioskin Centrepoint on 5th March 2021. The ambiance of the salon as always is cozy and very clean. Their beauty therapist, Ms Teh Poh Lee attended to me and I must commend her for her warm attitude and excellent facial skills which I can’t say enough of how much I enjoyed a relaxing time at the salon. It was so good that I slumbered during the facial and felt refreshed after the treatment! 🙂

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