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24 Reviews on “Autumn Nail Spa”

  • Iris
    3 months ago

    Worst place at Far East Plaza to go to. Went last week with a friend. Multiple person took her nails to do- the first manicurist filed her nails so short it caused an abrasion on her finger. The second manicurist took over and my friend told her about the incident. The second manicurist used the file and file over again causing my friend’s finger to bleed. And then she apologised saying she forgot. How can a manicurist forget about what she is doing??

    My friend’s first manicurist came over to do my toes. She filed until it was painful and I told her to stop. Another manicurist came over to soak my feet. She asked if the water is ok. The water was so cold. Not warm at all!! I just kept quiet because she should have known right since she tests the water. And then she kept telling the other staffs she needs to leave. Then she came to soak my fingers and kept tsk at my son who was just sitting next to me. Then came another manicurist who took over her. She did my nails and She saw my friend got hurt and then she went over and I had to tell her that my nails weren’t completely done. So she came back to settle it.
    Super bad service attitude and really bad service. Won’t recommend unless you want to have cold feet soak, rough handling of nails.

  • Yen fang Eileen tee
    8 months ago

    It has been more than 3 years since I came here, and their service attitude is very good. The staff there are very kind. The nails can last for a month .I remember that once my nails broke, there were many customers in their shop but they were still very happy. Courteously helped me fix my broken nails. Nail salon worth recommending????

  • Whitney Tan
    8 months ago

    I recently had an amazing experience at a local nail and eyelash salon called “AUTUMN NAILSPA”. From the moment I walked in, I was impressed by the elegant and inviting atmosphere of the salon. The staff greeted me with warm smiles and made me feel right at home.

    The nail services at AUTUMN NAILSPA were top-notch. The nail technicians were skilled and attentive, taking great care in providing me with a flawless manicure. The salon had a wide selection of trendy and classic nail colors to choose from, and the technician helped me pick the perfect shade that matched my style. The quality of the products used was evident, and my nails looked stunning and lasted for weeks.

    But what really stood out to me was the eyelash services at AUTUMN NAILSPA The lash technician was knowledgeable and skilled in applying eyelash extensions. She took the time to understand my preferences and helped me choose the right length and volume for my lashes. The process was relaxing and comfortable, and the results were absolutely stunning. I left the salon with luscious, full lashes that looked natural and enhanced my eyes.

    In addition to the exceptional services, the salon was clean and well-maintained, which made me feel comfortable and confident in their hygiene practices. The staff was also friendly and accommodating, making sure I was comfortable throughout my visit.

    I highly recommend AUTUMN NAILSPA to anyone looking for a professional and relaxing nail and eyelash experience. The level of service, quality of products, and attention to detail were exceptional. I can’t wait to go back for my next appointment and indulge in their services again.

  • Alicia Huang
    8 months ago

    Extremely Disappointed! Used to visit this place frequently for my mani and pedi. Signed up multiple packages because it used to be great. Now everything changed drastically . people are not the same, service got worst, technician mostly cannot make it. Can’t deny there are still a few experienced staff. maybe I’m unlucky to have all the inexperienced staff doing the job every time. Wasted a lot of time & money because they kept making mistakes. My last 3 visits all cannot make it. Good luck to those who are planning to visit.

  • Sun Summer
    8 months ago

    Very Disappointed. Went 3 times, every time have to wait at least half an hour when I arrived on time. This time i waited for 30 mins again but my appointed manicurist never even show up, another girl attended to me half way her client arrived by appointment, then she had to leave me alone without even appointing another manicurist to continue my nail ?‍♀️?‍♀️

  • Cheryl Seow
    9 months ago

    Frequent this place for mani and pedi. But realised that the service is getting worse after the change of owner.

    The quality of the nail polish is also not as good as before. It used to be able to last for 3-4 weeks. But recently, by the end of first week, the sides will start to chip off.

    They simply use the nail drill machine to file off the gel polish. This technique they used to remove, was super damaging to the nails and resulted in super thin nails. Currently using a nail strengthener hoping that it will go back to the healthy strong nails

    You can try this place at your own risk. I strongly do not recommend!

  • Cam C
    9 months ago

    Was wondering why service quality has dropped and get to know that there’s a change of owner. Such a pity it used to be a good place to do nails. Do not recommend.

  • Su Abdul
    9 months ago

    No matter who your nail tech is – they will not disappoint. The best in Far East plaza. Good service, meticulous nail techs and beautiful lasting products. They are so good that it’s impossible to get an appointment!

  • Fizah Yosope
    10 months ago

    Think twice before signing up their package.

    Each time i call for appointment it will always and forever be full. So for 6 sessions that i signed up for, i only used half of it for one whole year!

    The manicurist mostly unable to speak English.

  • Belinda T
    10 months ago

    Waiting time was long thought made advanced appointment! Price not cheap. Hidden cost as well! Noisy environment! Staffs chatting with each other during the treatment!!! Not recommended

  • Synne Ng
    11 months ago

    I frequent this place for mani and pedi, but recently there’s a change of owner and it seems like service has gone from bad to worse.

    1st, it’s very hard to secure an appointment unless you make it 1 month in advance.

    2nd, service at the bigger shop is generally curt and they let you wait 15-30min even if you have an appointment. The standard reason given is that they are short handed and always bounce customers between the two shops.

    3rd, they tend to rush through the job and leave me feeling as if I owe them a living.

    I won’t be continuing my package even though prices are pretty reasonable.

  • Natasya v
    12 months ago

    Came here because my friend invited me to, so I was like okay! I am a non-chinese speaker, but I could understand most of the things they talked about. They treat customers who did not purchase their package differently. Upon arriving, no one attended me for around 15 minutes, but since my friend got the package someone immediately did her nails. Service was okay, the nails look neat but it wasn’t the best. When I went ahead to pay, I was shocked at how much they charged me! I simply did a 3-color pastel gradient (express gel mani, which means no cuticle treatment )and they charged me $64.20!!! I was charged $35 for the gradient, and another $25 for the gel mani which was confusing as hell. My friend on the other hand, her additional nail art cost $15. I didn’t even get any nail art but they charged me $35 for nail art! Such a rip off, I do not recommend anyone to come here.

  • Geraldine Huili
    12 months ago

    I was recommended to Autumn Nail Spa by a friend who frequents the studio. She said she usually paid around $55 to $60 for gelish colour, nail art and removal of previous gel manicure. The studio was really popular and packed and I had to wait almost an hour despite having made an appointment. However, that is fine, as it seemed as they were swamped.

    I was disappointed to find that I was charged $70 for a simple French gel manicure. And the quality was not great either. Some parts were uneven and slightly thicker than others. The gel colour was not applied smoothly for the main colour and I could see some of the brush strokes or a couple silvers of slight transparency.

    Not a great experience especially after I mentioned that this was for my pre-wedding shoot. My friend’s nails usually look really good so I expected a good job for the simple look I requested for. And not at that price.

  • Jacqueline Wu
    1 year ago

    New owner, not nice. Think very carefully if you think of buying a package. Not recommended. Using different products for some items too. Tried the new products for eyelashes, it gave me headache, nauseous and had difficulty in breathing. The last pedicure that done there also got cuts too deep and the wound still trying to heal after 3 weeks.

  • Hilary Luchetti
    1 year ago

    They are okay. Decent at nail art, not great at color choices. Pretty expensive.

    I was hesitant to let them try the design on my nails as multiple nail techs were unable to attempt it. I told them I would do a solid color, but they insisted on trying the design. The line work is great, but the color the nail tech chose made it hard to see the design (was too dark)

    I’m a tourist visiting from America and I felt like some of the nail technicians were gossiping/talking about me since I was a unable to translate.

    The woman (didn’t catch her name) who worked on my pedicure was very friendly and welcoming.

    My total came to around $170 (I got a few gems on my nails for an extra cost), but since I paid in cash, there was a discount and I ended up paying $130 something. The manager who helped me pay was also very friendly.

    I’m unsure what was included in the gel manicure, but they didn’t cut my cuticles or give me lotion at the end of my manicure. Maybe those are extra charges here?

    I would go back if I needed another manicure while I’m here, but I’d rather wait it out so I could go to my nail technician back in the states.

  • Or Abuzaglo
    1 year ago

    They lied to us about the nail technique they do, are expensive and not nice or kind.

    We are tourists in Singapore and this is the first time we had a bad experience and they did not come to meet us or try to improve the situation, bad customer service. If it was possible not to give stars at all, I would do it, but one star is the minimum.

  • Lu Jennifer
    2 years ago

    Bad review, every time need to wait more than half a hour, even every time make a appointment first. Do not try

  • Payal Parekhji
    2 years ago

    Bright, spacious nail salon with warm staff who are able to connect with guests on their requirements.

  • Leena Farah Ramlee
    2 years ago

    Not a pleasant experience. Treated non-mandarin speaking customers in a very hostile way. Stylist did not know that I understand a bit of Mandarin and passed a remark to the other stylist something not so nice – i answered another stylist’s question, and my stylist said “you don’t understand Chinese” in mandarin thinking that I did not understand what she just said. Disappointing, you lost a potential customer.

  • sab _
    2 years ago

    made an appointment for 3pm and had to wait 30 mins to be seated, and an additional 1 hour went by without anyone attending to me. eventually i had to leave before my nails could be painted because i had a dental appointment at 5:30pm that couldn’t be missed. and they still charged me $10 because someone had cleaned my cuticles. the staff there are very nice and all, but i was quite frustrated that i had wasted hours there without getting my nails done.

    so i wouldn’t suggest going there on a weekend because you might not end up getting your nails done at all. i went on a Friday, so perhaps avoid that day too.

  • Michelle
    2 years ago

    Really attentive and patient nail technicians. Not too terribly expensive. But a small downside is that they will push you very hard to buy a nail package once you say you don’t have one so that might be abit intimidating.

  • Chowlyn Ng
    2 years ago

    I love the service here. The staff are mostly friendly and very efficient in doing their job. The prices are affordable too! They usually throw in some free services when you buy a package, which makes the package much more worth it. There is also very minimal hard selling as they are already so popular. I’ve already recommended two friends to the nail salon and would recommend more.

  • Beryl Teo
    2 years ago

    I have patronise this nail parlour for more than 5 years now and I would like to commend my manicurist, Anna. Not only she is patient with me, she is also very detailed with her work and usually my nails can last up to more than a month before going for my next appointment. Not matter how busy Anna is, she never do subpar work just to attend to the next customer quickly. Thank you Anna!

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