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  • Jeevitha Segar
    3 months ago

    Very reasonable price.. staff are very friendly
    Highly recommended

  • Sian Chelsea
    3 months ago

    Super happy with the outcome of my Classic Gel Mani Pedi. I am quite particular with my nails and Gowri who served me – exceeded my expectations. ☺️ There is NO hard-selling which is important for me hehe. I’m coming back again for sure. I recommend to book an appt as they are always full. Thank you!

  • Jia Yi Seah
    3 months ago

    good and cheap nail salon. I was served by Nana. She is a friendly lady 👍🏻

  • receptionist group
    4 months ago

    Everytime I go always be suprise

    Cause all design I want the staff all can do for me

    Service good ,good attitude,all staff is very cheerful to all the customers so why I always go there even though I stay Jb but still want to go there

    Thank you for ur work that won’t let me down every time

  • Serence Playford
    4 months ago

    Found this The Nail Journal sometime around 1.5 yrs ago.

    Ambience: Great, Spacious, Comfortable

    Staffs: Dressed in Bright Yellow Polo Top, mainly Young ladies, Mixed of Nationality

    Converse Language: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay, Tamil & Vietnamese

    Skills: 10/10

    Manicurist’s to go to: Gini, Ah Yee, Nana, Aundrey & Fun Indian Lady (can understand multi-languages too)

    Price: $58 for Classic Gelish Mani+Pedi (with scrubs of foot and cutting cuticles)

    Value for Money: Certainly, Yes

    Lasting: Yes, at times ard 1.5 mths for Gelish

    Colour Choices: Plenty

    Appointment: Yes, you need to book in advance, as they are always full

  • Bunny Anh
    4 months ago

    I have been to many salons but in my opinion this nail salon is the most beautiful, the staff is lovely, the price is reasonable, and the nails are very beautiful.

  • K F
    4 months ago

    Been in this nail salon for more than 1 year. Service is always good and no hard selling.

  • Jocelyn Tiu
    4 months ago

    (I highly recommend the nails from this company. My nails are very sensitive and the edges of the nails are very painful. Only they will help me with this. I have been with this store for several years now.)

    强烈推荐这家的的指甲, 我的指甲很敏感一点点就很容易指甲边很痛。只有他们会帮我解决这个问题。 跟家店已经很几年到现在。

  • Snowxxi
    4 months ago

    Just done my classic gel manicure this Monday 💕 Very shiny

  • Soori T
    5 months ago

    Affordable and done well

  • J Tan
    5 months ago

    Repeated visits to this nail parlour! Super affordable manicure services and nail technicians are very efficient and meticulous in painting the desired colors / designs I want. The gel manicure here lasts really long and the general vibes of the shop are bright and cherry. Introduced to a few of my friends and they share the same experience too!

  • Anjali Baby
    5 months ago

    1st time extension has stayed on my nails for 3 weeks. Great service and friendly customer service providers

  • Jerrain
    6 months ago

    Had my nails done by Andrea. Was perfect!! Her nail art skills were superb. Highly recommended 🙂

  • Durga Shini
    6 months ago

    I had a great experience with this beautiful place, where they can come up with any designs that I request!! This shop gives a warm welcome to even walk in customers❤️ beautiful work done by the staff on my nails today!! Highly recommend this store to all the girls to have an amazing nails by them

  • by z
    7 months ago

    Went in on a whim and happy that I give this place a try. the nail technician did a good job on the chrome nails and prices are reasonable as well, would recommend !

  • Gomathi RJ
    7 months ago

    My nail take was an Indian, didn’t take not of her name. She did a great job on my nails. I had one straight line as a design, and it was done perfectly. You could see that she was a perfectionist – that’s the best quality for a nail tech to have. Will definitely come here on a monthly basis. My new favourite place. ❤️

  • Trisha
    7 months ago

    went to bugis street for a manicure at around 2pm. sure, their price point is good ($13 for classic manicure) but the service was horrible. the first lady that greeted me was very nice, but she was eventually told to tend to another customer by the manicurist who ended up servicing me. the manicurist from the get-go was extremely unfriendly and curt with me. i confirmed that i was doing classic and she got straight to doing my nails. while normally i would appreciate and commend such efficiency, she was very reckless and rough with my nails. it seemed like she was in a rush and wanted to get them done and over with even though there were sufficient manicurists in the store. then, she started cutting my cuticles, and did so without any care or precision. in her haste, she even cut my finger and it ended up bleeding. however, she didn’t even express a simple apology and just sprayed antiseptic, rubbed at it with a cloth and continued.

    at this moment, two women expressed their interest in getting a gel pedicure done. the manicurist’s attitude immediately did a 180 after she spoke in chinese and they responded back in chinese. she said “来美女你要做什么” which translates to “come pretty lady what do you want to do” and welcomed them in. at this point, my cut was burning and i was starting to regret my decision to come here. after haphazardly applying the polish onto my nails, she went over to service the lady doing the gelish pedicure. after she took her time drilling off the pedicure, she started to file at her toenails. at one point, she accidentally filed too far and grazed the woman’s leg. unlike my situation beforehand, she immediately asked the woman “我有碰到你吗?” which translates to “did i hit you” and when the l customer confirmed that the manicurist did, she apologised before continuing.

    at this point, i just wanted my manicure to dry so that i could pay and leave and never come back. the manicurist came back and roughly slid her fingers over my nails to check if they were dry. in doing so, she dented one of my nails but i didn’t want to stay here any longer so i just kept my mouth shut. furthermore, there was nail polish on my fingers because of her application and she didn’t bother to clean it off.

    overall, a truly horrible experience. i’m swearing off bugis street salons after this. if i could give 0 stars, i would.

  • yy
    8 months ago

    The staff was very nice and the nails turned out very pretty~ $16 for student price + $15 for extra cloud design!

  • Kamala Devi
    8 months ago

    Very well done by GOWRI. She did it so professionally & even suggested double colour options since my choice was not matching. Place is very clean. The best in Bugis Street

  • meijo lee
    8 months ago

    The staff was very friendly and the service was very good

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