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55 Reviews on “Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics”

  • dorine goh
    2 years ago

    Pretty and Best aesthetics doctor, love Dr. Tiffiny Yang load. She is skilful, attentive, patient, gentle in all her procedures, kind-hearted, and always flexible to her patients’ needs/requirements. Strongly recommend Dr. Tiffiny Yang, no regrets.

  • Vivian Ong
    2 years ago

    Dr. Yang is always my trusted doctor in looking after my needs. She has keen eye for details and I know I am in good hands.

  • Tan Josephine
    2 years ago

    Dr Yang is a very gentle and meticulous doctor. I bruise easily but have never bruised when I do a treatment with Dr Yang.

    In addition, she is very professional and always recommends the best treatment required. She never tries to push anything which she feels is not required.

  • Lily Ang
    2 years ago

    Dr Yang is super nice, pretty & experienced.
    I have tried other doctors before switching to her. She is the best and I will stick to her for future treatments.

  • MC
    2 years ago

    Dr. Yang was very patient and attentive to my queries. I have been with her for a few years now and am very satisfied with her services.

  • Sandra Low
    2 years ago

    I have.been with Dr Tiffany for more than 3 years and so far beet happy with the results and treatment especially my darkening spots have cleared 90% and the staff here are very friendly and nice

  • Wong Li Juan Abigail
    2 years ago

    Tiffany is such a patient and sweet doctor, been going to her for 4 years now and always leave the clinic feeling like a million bucks.

  • Patsy Mok
    2 years ago

    I had a great experience at Tiffiny Yang. The place looks professional and elegant. They offer mini consultation about your needs. Dr. Yang was very friendly, approachable, and patient helping me to explore treatment options to address my concerns. I had ultherapy for my lower face three months ago, and the treatment was noticeable. Such treatment was amazing as it has no downtime and with minimal pain. Most importantly, I feel that my lower face has become much sharper and the skin also get tighter. I will definitely go back for ultherapy again. Next time I may try the ultherapy full face.

  • Fiona Ang
    2 years ago

    Today will be doing filler with doctor tiffiny Yang she is very professional and skilful doctor highly recommended and very experience she is very good service is great and everything is excellent

  • Mellissa Wong
    2 years ago

    Friendly doctor with great service! Will definitely come back again

  • S Lim
    2 years ago

    Dr Yang is extremely patient and attentive as she provides advice for my sensitive skin.

  • Ng Ling Ling
    2 years ago

    Great service & Dr yang is so patient & friendly!

  • Jud L
    2 years ago

    Doing cheek filler plus botox by Dr Tiffiny Yang today. As usual, she will only recommend treatments that you need and not pushy. Very caring and excellent service as always. Have been a regular customer since 2014. She is still the best! 🙂

  • Tammy Tan
    2 years ago

    Dr Tiffiny is very friendly and patient to answer all of my questions. I did tear trough fillers for the first time and I’m very happy to see that this long time problem was resolved within a short period of time, it was painless and affordable! Also did a treatment for the keloid on my ear which the size was reduced by more than half after the first session. Will definitely recommend to everyone to visit!

  • Alyssa Yip
    2 years ago

    My third time eye botox treatment with Dr Tiffany, she was gentle and was not pain. Nice and helpful staff

  • Smith Vanness
    2 years ago

    Dr. Yang is very experienced and skilful, and she only recommends what is necessary for the patient to achieve sustainable results with personalised aesthetic impact.

    People has always been telling me I look great and Dr. Yang has been my secret the past years 😉

    Heartfelt recommendation!

  • Jesco Wai
    2 years ago

    Very satisfied by Dr Yang’s work

  • huiyang ng
    2 years ago

    Very friendly and sweet doctor

  • au tek kong
    2 years ago

    rubbish clinic

  • Zing Loo
    2 years ago

    Did Nose threadlift and Nose Filler with Dr Tiffiny Yang and laser with Dr Michelle Wong. The result was very good. I like it. Thank you

  • Edward Esmero
    2 years ago

    Very good experience

  • Nicholas Tse
    2 years ago

    I have the best experience with Dr Tiffany.. first of all.. I can say it is really valued for every cent I spend.. she will suit every client expectation and use to her expertises to enhance the result.. I had wonderful results after 3 days..

    Definitely will recommend to all my friends and relatives .. oh ya, their WhatsApp response was excellent too ..

    A very satisfied client,

  • Maria T
    2 years ago

    I had a very nice experience at Tiffiny Yang. The place looks professional and elegant. You have a mini consultation about the results you wish to achieve and then they apply some numbing cream. I got a small amount of hyaluronic acid injected on my upper lip (to balance my large lower lip) as well as the nasolabial fold. The procedure was not too painful as Tiffiny is extremely soft and careful. I got just a small bruise that was not visible. It has been almost a year and my lips remain plumped. What I enjoyed the most is that I was not pressured to pay more and she agreed to just split one syringe among both areas. The only ‘weird’ thing is that the welcome form asks if you are married and what is your partners’ profession. Of course you don’t need to answer everything but I found it odd.

  • Amanda Lee
    2 years ago

    Have done my Nose Filler and Threadlift with Dr Tiffiny. It was painless and by the time I knew, it had already ended. Must say that her skills are really wonderful and she is so gentle and professional ! Definitely recommending my friends to her

  • Tiang Lim
    2 years ago

    I don’t usually write reviews, but after reading the “puzzling” review, I needed to post this. I would like to say that Dr Tiffiny Yang had been my aesthetics doctor for more than 7 years. I have done many many various and different types of treatments with her. I have also visited quite a few other clinics, but Dr Tiffiny is one of the best doctor I have ever had. I don’t say that lightly, but I want to emphasise that I trust her professionalism, medical skills and aesthetics taste absolutely. If someone can’t trust her in aesthetics medicine treatment, I don’t know who else can the person trust. I absolutely trust Dr Tiffiny’s aesthetics medicine skill and have full confidence in her! Keep up the good work and ignore unreasonable naysayers Dr Tiffiny!

  • Weng Yee
    2 years ago

    I did my Spectra Carbon Laser with Dr Michelle Wong. She is good with her explanation in terms of telling me how to better take care of my skin. After 4 times of Spectra Carbon, my skin is much cleared up and my pores seem to reduce too ! I am very grateful for her kind assistance and professionalism

  • elfears22 choxx
    2 years ago

    Had my chin fillers done here and was shocked at how even fillers can go so wrong. Tiffiny used too much which i attributed to her poor experience. She dissolved them for me after 2 weeks and still charged me for them. All the good reviews about her are puzzling.

  • Ying Ying Low
    2 years ago

    Undisputedly the Queen of Aesthetics Medicine in Singapore! I do pity dr tiffiny at times. She’s so super famous and well known in sg that competitors are always trying to badmouth her. But once you consult with her and get your treatments done by her, you will know why no other aesthetics specialist doc in Singapore come close. dr tiffiny yang is one of the most gentle, caring, and skillful aesthetics specialists you can find. She really gets to know you as a person and customize your needs properly. Plus price is quite reasonable. I never feel pressured there. Please continue the good work. You improved my look so much and I am very thankful for that. Love u!

  • Eyrah Irayumi
    3 years ago

    Dr tiffiny yang is the best aesthetic dr so far. Been doing my fillers with her for the past 3 years. One of the cheapest, no hidden cost, she knows what’s best for you. Cozy environment too. So far never had any issues with the staff either everything is good.

  • Klee Chow
    3 years ago

    Did the nose thread here! Super like it!! make my nose more higher and look prettyy !Will return to try other services.thankyou doctor Tiffiny ..

  • Hwee Mint
    3 years ago

    Have been to quite a number of clinics and am an aesthetics junkie. Heard a lot about doc Tiffiny Yang even before I saw her. She’s also a very famous FHM cover model and Ms Singapore Universe. Some people say she’s super super good, and some say she’s not so good. And many other doctors seem to be scared of her. Now I know why! Because she is so really super wonderful and skillful that it puts many other doctors to shame. I know many other doctors hates her because many patients go see Dr Tiffiny Yang and stay there – like me. Other clinics also charge an arm and a leg. Don’t take my word for it, if you make an appointment with Dr Tiffiny Yang to have a consultation with her, you will feel the difference. You will especially feel the sincerity, honesty and a sense that she is very good at what she does. Just look at her!!!!! You will never believe that she is in her forties.

    I did nose filler, v face threadlift, under eye filler and jaw reduction injection at Tiffiny Yang’s. Also got a thermage and ulthera package. Yes, I love aesthetics and don’t wanna be old! From the bottom of my heart, I am really so very very grateful to dr tiffiny yang. She totally changed how I look for the better and really gave me the confidence I need to face the world. Besides being very skillful with minimal pain, Dr Tiffiny Yang really has the eye for beauty and is able to do the procedures in a way to give the correct look. This is a big factor for me. A nose filler is not the same anywhere because the doctor’s style of beauty matters. I guess it takes a beautiful woman to know how make a woman good-looking as well. That is why I believe in seeing a pretty looking female aesthetics doctor. Pricing is very reasonable as well, considering they use all the original products and machines. Thank you dr tiffiny yang. I love you and really appreciate how you treat me with sincerity and honesty! You have changed me and brought out the confidence within me. I will never go to another clinic ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Debi Kitto
    3 years ago

    After reading the good reviews on this website I decided to go to tiffany yang to get my tear trough done through fillers so my husband and me discussed with her everything and she said she would improve my eyes well so I got the fillers done and but confused y didn’t she use a canulla for the eye area. Well I didn’t ask her as I thought it was her way of doing her work so I came back home happy thinking the swelling was the good result of the filler and that it would settle down and I will be seeing amazing results but the next day I started bruising and that never happens wen u use a canulla but I still thought positive and waited till a week passed and I noticed that my eyes were getting dark and saw that the areas where she was to correct and contour were even more messed up. I started taking pictures of my eyes daily and 2 weeks passed and no result and eyes were in a mess so my husband and me were furious we went to her again to show her and she disagreed that there no difference after clicking picture again and comparing to before and after she could come that I wasn’t wrong.. And was asking to take it out but didn’t say she would re do it. My husband was very polite to her even though he was furious he kept telling her his money has gone to waste but she didn’t even tell us she will mend it when I saw that she had finally agreed that there’s not much difference but was not willing to re do it. I honestly got really upset and walked out from there. It’s horrible when doctors do like this breaking trust of people she could have re done my eyes but didn’t. I will never even want pass through her clinic.i had to mend my eyes so went to Halley clinic with someone’s reference and Dr terence is a master in his work he did an excellent job in redoing my eyes. All the reviews I believe r fake here. Totally disappointed

  • David Cho
    3 years ago

    Thank you Dr. Tiffiny Yang and Co for helping me to improve my acne scars over the last few months of treatments. My pores are definitely smoother and less obvious now. I have to commend the professionalism of Dr. Tiffiny & her staff as well.

  • Kah Wing
    3 years ago

    Love this aesthetic clinic. Nurse all friendly, very professional. Totally not pushy at all. prices very reasonable also. Which makes me trust them more. dr tiffiny yang is gorgeous, pretty and very skillful and gentle, i trust her skill and recommendation. very important when doing nose filler and face tightening. I can see the effects. thumbs up!

  • Krytal Swee
    3 years ago

    Very comfortable setup. I have visited several clinics before but this is the best so far. Dr is professional and able to give me the best advice. I see very good results after the treatment. Will recommend my friends!

  • Kingston Hardman
    3 years ago

    Love this clinic. Dr Tiffiny Yang is extremely professional, knows what she is doing and not to mention, a very hot looking doc. Results are fantastic! Keep up the good work. I hope to visit again soon.

  • Mandy Guo
    3 years ago

    Bad customer service, bad skills from the doctors, bad product quality. I spent 8k in the clinic. But nothing improved. I will never come back to this clinic again

  • Michillin Gal
    3 years ago

    I normally dont write reviews, but have to! Did fillers, threadlift and botox here. Am super happy and love the V face creation effect! My jaw lines slimmed and my whole face features from nose to chin looks so much more feminine now. Staff are warm and dr tiffany is especially lovely & very skillful. may come back to do skin boosters as well. My girlfriends swears by skin boosters here, apparently the right dosage or something like that. dunno how true, but thanks for the fab treatments and making me so much more beautiful and confident!

  • Valerie Tan
    3 years ago

    Had to wait for 2 hours despite having an appointment, and was told that a patient prior had 2 long procedures but was scheduled only for one. As a result, all appointments were pushed back by 2 hours. My question is in this case, why not call and inform all the later appointments and let them know of this delay and that they can come in for their appointments later? Why make everyone wait for hours and patronize us by saying that it will only be another 20 minutes (omg, how many 20 mins was it already, i lost count)
    Unprofessional, because I think this is something that can be prevented very easily.

  • garyly 41
    3 years ago

    very good service thank you

  • jupiter jan
    3 years ago

    bad results

  • Belinda Tan
    4 years ago

    Fantastic clinic! Generally, I don’t post Feedback but I have to do this, will definitely go back for all my treatments. Prices are reasonable and service is good enough. What I am most impressed is that doctor Tiffiny is very experienced. She really don’t look her age! She knows what she is doing and give me a lot of confidence during my filler and thread-lift procedure. A safe pair of hands, super beautiful and experienced doctor who is very professional and caring. Keep up the good work doc!

  • Simon Chua
    4 years ago

    I am very happy to say that place is good. I was waiting for little to do skin boosters but was worked. The Doctor was very young about 20 years world. Approximately she is a dozen plus years more than that. I need confidence because if she is able to look after of her own, also she could take care me. It was totally official.

  • Nur Aisyah Abdul Rahman
    4 years ago

    I went for their V face package and I could see obvious results after a few sessions! Happy with the outcome and even more pleased with their service. They were very attentive, listened to my concerns and provided a very pleasant environment for me to have my treatment. Thank you Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics and will definitely come back to you guys again!

  • ming wei
    4 years ago

    The receptionist are just plain rude and obnoxious with her tone of speaking. Wanted to book an appointment to do a nose fillers but to no avail. Said weekends are all fully booked for the next few weeks. So I asked for Friday instead it’s fully booked as well. They close at 8 but the last patient appointment is at 7? Do you guys really need to take an hour for a patient? Please show more professionalism and enthusiasm

  • David Yu
    4 years ago

    I went there for a nose threadlift and I found Dr. Yang and her team to be very friendly and helpful. I was very pleased with the outcome immediately after the treatment. Despite my nose becoming increasingly swollen the day after, it nonetheless returned to a desired outcome. I would go back for a second treatment with Dr Yang.

  • Alisa Bauch
    4 years ago

    Fantastic service with trustworthy doctors. Love the honesty that this place gives. I hate places which are pushy and sell unrealistic expectations, doesn’t happen at this clinic. Not to mention the extremely beautiful and stunning doctor Tiffiny, who is really gentle and looks half her age! I heard it is really hard to get an appointment with her as she is very famous. Will definitely return to do my annual ulthera, thermage and liposonix fat melting.

  • Rose Tan
    4 years ago

    Came here before they move to Orchard,back then then staff is very professional and speaks softly to the customer…now the nurses are all very ah lian,talk and laugh loudly in the clinic..overheard their conversation and one of the nurse was using foul letter word against another….no offence against their doctor but they need to train their nurses to be more professional…

  • Wii L
    5 years ago

    Don’t go here! Poor service and lousy set up. Doesn’t feel that the doctor was understanding what I want profit is the only goal of this clinic. The consulting room is so small that I felt I was in a shoebox. There is no privacy. Staff are poorly trained without care for privacy and comfort. My friend and I have read many reviews online, so they must be paid reviews unfortunately.

  • Shadiqin Kenway
    5 years ago

    Bad experience but great service!

    Went here for nose fillers. The staff checked my IC and acknowledged that I am under 18 but didn’t verify it from my parents. They proceeded with the consultation and treatment. Only after doing so, they wanted to check with my parents.

    I didn’t want my parents to know about it as they wouldn’t agree. Then, they asked me to pay $85.60 for the consultation fee.

    I was not acknowledged of the consultation fee and the regulations of the clinic.

    After writing a bad review here, they called me and offered a full refund of the consultation fee. I was surprised by it and accepted their offer. I’m very impressed by their customer service. Would come back here again once I’m 18 haha.

  • Preeyarat Surajaroenjai
    5 years ago

    I love this clinic! I flew all the way from Thailand for the services here. I’ve never felt more beautiful! Thank you Tiffiny!!

  • raist arithon
    5 years ago

    Friendly and attentive staff. Facilities were excellent!

  • John _ Lim
    5 years ago

    Excellent Service!

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