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150 Reviews on “The Clifford Clinic”

  • Eric
    7 months ago

    – abit on the pricier side but able to see results within a few sessions

    – staff was friendly and no hardsell as compared to those mall clinic

    – easy to change appointment or make booking as all u need is a call and the friendly staff will help you

  • T.
    1 year ago


    Was there @Clifford to get rid of my dark eye circles and i acknowledge that multiple sessions would have been required for whatever laser treatments the doctor prescribes.

    1) I was there to improve my quality of life- not for beauty reasons. Aquintances, including my superior- have been asking if I did not slept well at night, even though I am wide alert.

    2) Before the session at the waiting area, I clarified to the staff that i do NOT want to change my facial features, including eye shape and face shape. Staff rebuffed my crucial questions to the doctor and answered on his behalf. Im baffled if they are even qualified to answer such medical questions? Do all the staff there carry medical licences.?

    3) This Doctor C. is also one of a kind. he didnt even bothered to confirm with me on my requirements, before beginning the session. He assumes that all his male customers are there for beauty treatments(“rejuvenation”, “collagen”, etc) when like I said, i am one of those there for quality of life improvements and would only like to treat my dark eye circles and expected the laser to only go over the pigmented areas- not anywhere else on my face. He went through some areas on my cheeks and under my eyes(beyond the pigmented areas) as well as my eyelids. Also and ironically, i grew bigger and rounder tear troughs with a new”tail” there has never been there before visible on my right eye. This is especially riduclous when I was there to reduce my dark eye circles, not create new ones.

    4) I lost my bony facial structure and grew rosy cheeks n now my face has became feminine. My eyelids has grown thicker skin with shiny rosy cheeks, a rounder face and i now look like a transvesite. Worst still when i went for a review, he tried employing psychological tactics into pressure me into thinking that i look ok when I am staring at the blantant difference of my b4 and after pictures on the monitor with him, right infront of my own eyes. He thinks i am a three-year kid and has no genuine care for his patients at all.

    5) When i asked him if there is any way to REVERSE the effects of this fraxel dual laser asked me to “wait for another two weeks”, before hesitating and said “one month”. He also suggested going under the sun when i told him i would rather look aged then to have this transvesite-face that laser has caused me.

    Conclusion: I dont advise male patients to visit them. Whatever problems u have, they will assume you want to look like a woman and your face will get screwed up big time. For now, i can only pray and hope that whatever “collagen” and “fats” this laser has created on my face- wears off (if it even does). I will never visit them again, and am consider going elsewhere for my dark eye circles that has atually grown worser.

  • Jamie Lee
    2 years ago

    Did 2 sessions of Agnes and 6 sessions of Q-Switch Laser. However, Agnes did not cure my acne and I still have recurring pimples.

  • Qi Yu
    2 years ago

    Patient staff (eg. doctor, nurses, receptionists) and it helps that the doctor doesn’t try to pressure you into signing up for treatment options you are uneasy about.

  • Ken
    2 years ago

    Enjoyed the pleasant services provided so far. Carol is attentive and tries her best to ensure minimal wait time 🙂 and knows the customer well. Dr Chow and Timothy are also friendly doctors to interact with. Looking forward to better complexion…

  • Angel Lee
    2 years ago

    No improvement after going for 5 session of laser treatments for acne.

  • Vivian Then
    2 years ago

    Did my double eyelid surgery here together with my friend. Dr Timothy was super gentle and experienced. The whole process was painless and the recovery time was much shorter than what we expected. Carol and the staffs were very caring and friendly too! High recommended! 👍🏻

  • Anna Li
    2 years ago

    I highly recommend clifford clinic for anyone considering eyelid surgery in Singapore

    I did a lateral canthoplasty here two weeks ago. The surgeon (Dr Timothy Shim) communicated what to expect clearly, and addressed my concerns. He was very meticulous when deciding on a design that would suit my eyes. The surgery experience was comfortable because both Dr Shim and and his nurses have great bedside manner. Recovery time was also much faster than expected.

  • Tiffany Ong
    2 years ago

    Did my infrabrow and DST eyelids operation with Dr Timothy. I love how natural it looks. I had puffy and droopy lids which makes me look very tired. I was using double eyelid stickers for years, however during Circuit breaker I was working from home and did not do make up a lot. I realized my lids looks even more droopy as I stop using stickers to hold them. Hence, I decided to do my DST eyelids. But was also advised by Dr Timothy to remove some fats from my brows which helps to pull my lids up a little, this helps to make the eyes looking brighter and cleaner (no more extra skin over my eyes) – this is infrabrow procedure. I am in my late 30s. I highly recommend Dr Timothy and his team. Carol who assisted me throughout the process was also friendly and helpful. XOXO

  • Yongsheng Soh
    2 years ago

    Experience here has been great, my adult acne treatment was effective, even with a pause during covid-19 my condition didn’t deteriorate.

  • Isabelle Quek Hwee Xuan
    2 years ago

    My skin was acting up due to it’s dryness and it wasn’t getting any better until I went to consult Dr Chow from The Clifford Clinic. I was prescribed with some medical creams which helped tremendously as I could see the difference within 1-2 days. I’ve also tried their Hydra-facial & Bellasonic treatment which further helped my skin to maintain it’s hydration (or make it even more hydrated). Hydra-facial also include steps to help clear dead skin & other gunks on our face!

  • Anonymous Man
    2 years ago

    Last year the same time, me and my wife were debating on the idea of me getting a Hair transplant as i was starting to loose my hair.
    We were so confused., one because we were not sure of the side effects, two is it really worth to do it, at such a high cost
    After much googling and reading reviews., we visited Dr Chow at the Clifford Clinic. A very calm soft spoken doctor., who gave us an honest and a detailed explanation on what to expect of the Procedure. He patiently answered all our queries and concerns and also showed us pictures of his previous clients who got successful results. The meeting with the doc gave us confidence and We finally decided to go ahead with the procedure.
    On the procedure day i was briefed again on what to expect and how long the procedure would take. I was also introduced to a team of 2 [experts]. So bad i cannot remember their Name 🙁
    And these 2., what can i say., they were too good., It was a very strenuous procedure, they needed to give their outmost focus and attention; Meanwhile for the whole procedure they kept engaging with me and made me feel comfortable helping me to overcome my anxiety and get through it patiently.

    I had repeated follow ups and the team helped me with their suggestions and products which were beneficial and I could see visible results on my hair growth. Now after an year., if you ask me., was it the right decision. I would say defiantly a 100 %.
    Thanks to Dr.Chow, and the team at Clifford. i would recommend Clifford to anyone anytime.

  • YuniQue Yuni
    2 years ago

    Had the Pico Laser done at Clifford Clinic with Dr Chow Yuen Ho, satisfy with the result and my pigmentation and melasma patches greatly lightened in just few sessions..

    I’ve been trying different pigmentation treatments but it would always come back, so glad that Pico Laser is really works for me..

    It’s very minimal downtime treatment and procedure only take 10mins, i can do the treatment during my lunch break, back to office and continue my work..

  • Charlie Goh
    2 years ago

    10/10 service and results. Came here to get a fix on my dark circles and the results after a couple mths of treatment were nothing short of amazing. Dr Chow is himself is a great guy, gentle giant, and makes you feel at ease when he is going through the process. Service staff are knowledgeable polute and very helpful

  • Jia Qi
    2 years ago

    Strongly recommend Clifford Aesthetics for acne complication. I had a terrible nodular and cystic acne breakout during my teenage days and I’ve tried many different solutions, yet none of them were effective. After scrutinizing for the best clinic to treat my acne, I came to The Clifford Clinic for my acne treatment. It was the best decision I have ever made. My skin condition improved significantly and I am glad to say that I am finally acne-free! Thanks a million to Dr Gerard Ee, Dr Chow Yuen Ho and all staffs in Clifford Clinic for helping me to regain my self-confidence.

  • Aloysius Kong
    2 years ago

    Always had acne scar problems and rosacea until I went to Clifford Clinic. Consulted with Dr Chow and he was very knowledgeable and detailed in explaining the issues and possible solutions. He was also very patient with my endless queries. Proceeded with Vbeam treatment and seen positive results in just 2 sessions! Very pleased with the outcome and will continue with the necessary follow ups.
    The staffs there were very helpful and assuring. Definitely in good hands with Dr Chow and team, thank you!
    Will certainly recommend anyone facing acne or scarring issues to come to Clifford.

  • Steven Teo
    2 years ago

    It is always a pleasure to go for my treatments at the clinic. Staff are all really friendly and attentive. Dr Gerard is also very professional and it is great to see improvements in my skin from my acne scars.

  • Noah Yap
    2 years ago

    Had my aesthetic treatments done by Dr Gerard Ee, he was extremely helpful and polite together with the rest of the Clifford staff. Everything made me feel comfortable and assured. 10/10 for excellent service!

  • zi xuan
    2 years ago

    I have always been struggling with hyperpigmentation and covid period made it worst. A close friend of mine recommended Clifford clinic. I was so glad that I listened to her advice! Had a few sessions of Q-switch lasers and my scars have significantly lightened. Dr. Chow is very assuring and not to mention that the team are friendly and professional. Highly recommended!

  • Ms. Hailena
    2 years ago

    I came here for an Agnes RF eyebag removal treatment. And asked me to pay $2500. Believing they could really remove my eyebag scarlessly (like what they advertised).
    The actual procedure is so painful I had to tell Dr.Ee to stop as I couldn’t take it no more. Even if they put numbing cream from the start. It was so traumatic!
    Few days after that procedure. I did not hear anything neither a call from them.
    After a months past my eyebag still with me but my $2500 has long gone. What a waste.
    I came back to visit after such traumatic experienced.Only to tell me that I needed an eye bag surgery this time. And it will quoted me $6500.

  • Sean JL
    2 years ago

    One of my eye bags was more swollen than the other. It makes me look like I got one eye big and one eye small. Imagine every photo I took and looking like this. I went to two eyes specialists to seek treatment. One of them said Its Eye infection because of prolong wearing contact lens despite me not wearing it for years. He mentioned that it will take few years for the swelling to subside and prescribe me with different kinds of eye drops which don’t remove the swelling at all. The other said that it’s just eye bags after I paid hundreds to do multiple tests.

    Hence, with recommendation by my cousin, I visited this place and Dr Timothy confirmed that it is eye bags and not eye infection.

    On the day of surgery, Dr Timothy asked what songs I liked and he actually played my favourite gun and roses song while performing the Ops. Really cool haha. The operation went smoothly without feeling any pain and I was able to make my way home without any issue.

    Customer service by the staff, Carol was great. She even gave me her contact number for me to call her should I have issues with my eyes after the Ops. During the stage of healing there was tiny bit of blood on one of the days which I did texted her and she replied promptly. Healing stage with no pain encounter and I was able to sleep soundly every night.

    From checking my eye bags to Ops to post Ops service, everything was done professionally and I did not encounter anything unpleasant.

    Now, my eye bags are gone and I’m no longer one eye big and one eye small. There was no scar too. Glad I make the right choice to have the Ops done at this place.

    Highly recommend for anyone who wants to have the eye bags removed. Thumbs up to Dr Timothy and staff, Carol.

  • Ping Hui Tay
    2 years ago

    After many years of trying to deal with skin issues myself, I finally decided to let the pros handle the job and never looked back. Dr. Gerard Ee was straightforward, detailed and knows his stuff.
    The only regret is I didn’t start earlier.

  • Vins Polo
    2 years ago

    I would like to take this opportunity to send my big thank you to Dr. Chow and his hair team, last but not least, his admin/reception team for the amazing services, professional advice provided to my recent treatment, really appreciate it..

  • April Tan
    2 years ago

    Brought my 12 yrs old for mole removal. They were very honest in telling me that there will be scar as it was a big mole. Carol was very attentive to my queries and provide me with options for my consideration. We felt very assured during consultation and they were not very pushy to sell their services. Dr Shim was very experienced and assuring to my boy. He didn’t even felt much pain during and after the whole procedure. Stitches were neat and healed beautifully. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • Madeline Ng
    2 years ago

    Its my second visit here and I decided to leave a review. First, the receptionists are all very kind and helpful. They have a sense of humour despite having so much to do. Secondly, I was consulted by Dr Gerald Ee and he is very nice and knowledgeable. He recommended that I do the Q switch laser treatment for 10 times for my acne and I saw instant results from the first session. I’ve never had much hope for my skin until now. Thank you Dr Gerald Ee. Oh and they also have a refreshment table completely free of charge! Mega bonus!!

  • Rose Benjamin
    2 years ago

    I’m so very happy and satisfied with the service and experience of Dr Chow Yuen Ho and his team . They make you feel so comfortable and don’t rush you through the consult . Would highly recommend his practice

  • Elisabeth
    2 years ago

    I had my ptosis surgery done at another clinic several years ago and although the ptosis was corrected, my double eyelids were uneven and the area between my eyelid and eyebrow became hollow. Recently, I had my double eyelid and fat graft surgery by Dr Timothy at Clifford Clinic. The recovery was faster than I expected and in less than a month, my double eyelids are looking very nice and natural. I’m very pleased with the results. Carol has been very helpful and patient in answering my queries too. Many thanks to Dr Tim, Carol and other staff at the clinic for their help!

  • russlimlim
    2 years ago

    My wife Jennifer had her eye bag removal procedure done by Dr Timothy Shim.
    We were worried at first how the results will be … if it will be as good as what we have seen on Carol who also had done the similar procedure.
    Not only were we pleased with the results, my friends and family were much impressed and my wife now looks at least 10 years younger!
    Very happy to recommend Dr Timothy as he had done a fabulous job and for Carol’s expert advise and assurance during this wonderful journey.

  • Grace Tan
    2 years ago

    I had very bad recurring adult acne until I sought treatments at Clifford four years ago. My acne was so bad that I desperately searched around for a permanent cure solution. I was captivated by the tag line of their Agnes treatment “The Long-lasting Cure for acne” and decided to try it even though it was pricy. At that time, there doesn’t seem to have skin clinics giving such promise for acne solutions.

    After going through Agnes (1x), V-Beam & Q-switch treatments and using Clifford’s skin products prescribed by Dr Ee, I was glad and thankful that my acne problem finally got cleared and cured after so many years of adult acne. Visible results were seen after 1 session of Agnes. Till now, I’m still going for my regular Q-switch treatments to maintain my firm, radiant and glow skin condition.

    Recently during COVID-19 period in May, I got very bad flareup of eczema with itchiness and inflammation all over my body. Again, I am very thankful to Dr Ee for prescribing another effective treatment – BellaSonic and Clifford skin products for my eczema. 50% improvement was noticeably seen on my skin condition in just one session! I was able to sleep better with reduced itchiness and roughness since the first session.

    Dr Ee and his service team especially Carol and Jamie are professional, skilful, patient and friendly. Overall, I am very satisfied with the Clifford’s treatments, products and service. Highly recommend Clifford Clinic to everyone! 🙂

  • zhenyu Goh
    2 years ago

    Booked an appt on 13th July 2020, with the clinic (Dr Chow) based on the good reviews. I’ve been thinking about having a hair transplant for the past few months but I’m afraid of surgical complication and effectiveness of the procedure, whether I am suitable. Will update on the progress and the effectiveness.

    Good experience with Dr Chow. A very attentive and gentle doc.
    My first FUE transplant is completed. Thank you Dr Chow and his teams. Very professional!👍👍👍

  • Pei Wen Lee
    2 years ago

    Fantastic service from Carol and Jamie! Dr Chow is really meticulous and significant results from just a few treatments!

  • Rachel Lim
    2 years ago

    Consulted Dr Ee for broken capillaries and pigmentations that were very persistent and difficult to treat despite undergoing various laser treatments at other clinics.
    The treatment Dr Ee provided produced better than expected results whereby the broken capillaries red splotches were gone and the pigmentations have lightened significantly. Pleased with the overall improved skin condition and proven results ! Thank you Dr Ee & team for looking after my skin !

  • Caroline Ong
    2 years ago

    I have aesthetic done by Dr Timothy Shim. Result of my procedure is good. Dr Timothy is very professional and friendly. The staff in the clinic are friendly and helpful.

  • Jia Ying
    2 years ago

    (Update below) Had my first appointment and session with Dr Chow a few days back for my back acne scars. Want to highlight some things not mentioned in other reviews:

    + Organised staff despite having to deal with many people.
    + Staff made sure u r comfortable and reassured to me that photos taken wun be shared. This is esp impt to me as photos were taken of my body including private parts. So for people who dun feel comfy abt this, dun come here.
    + Doctor was not pushy. Helped me to understand why chemical peel is needed but i can sense that he wants the best for me, not becos he earns from it.

    (- ) Marked up price of medicine and lotions etc. Untransparent.
    Doctor told me that he would prescribe antibiotics. 70 dollars. Easily more than double or at least double of price from polyclinic and NSC.

    Nurse somehow got me to buy body spray and lotion to which i was not happy abt cos i was not told. Plus each cost 70. Super ex. For the same thing, i think u can easily purchase them at half the price outside.

    It felt as if they were pushing for those products and i was left wondering if they r really needed, and if the clinic earns some commission from the sale of such lotions. (Note: pls refer to below for my update and the clinic’s response. I misunderstood them). Nurse did not explain the purpose of each lotion which was a major letdown. I had to google myself to find out.

    Anyways i still bought them. Shd have asked if they r really needed. Wun buy again in future from them. But not sure if this is allowed or not. Will visit polyclinic for the antibiotics.

    (-) Doctor did not explain in detail how q switch laser helps to decrease appearance of pigmentation. Also did not explain why this method is preferred over other methods. I had to ask myself but did not get much answers. I wonder so – is it cos he thought that i may not do the treatment cos of the price? Overall, he seemed less enthusiastic than how other reviews phrased him to be.

    (-) I emphasised to doctor that i am on tight budget fron the start and have yet to work. When asked abt the price, doctor said that the nurse would tell me abt it. It seems as if the doctors try to prevent conflicts with patients abt this. I think this method is quite apathetic. I fully understand that things shd be kept fair across all patients, but he could have just told me.

    I paid 300 for chemical peel for body (chest, whole back, stomach). Tbh i think it is a decent price, considering that face itself seems to cost around 100-150 (?). And my scarring is very extensive, easily 5 times that of the face area.

    As for the chemical peel – my skin has yet to see any redness or skin paling off. I am not sure if this is considered effective cos other reviews stated that their skin reacted quite aggressively after treatment.

    I am thinking if i shd continue my treatment with them.

    Conclusion: visit them only if you have thuosands of bucks to spare (i.e. 4000-6000), esp if ur case is quite serious like mine. Then u wun be bothered by the very ex medicine and lotions. Think it applies to most reviewers here which explains why so little highlighted abt this.


    This is many months after my session with them.
    I feel obliged to update this because the aknicare body spray that they got me to buy is actually effective! It reduces visibility of marks and reduce acne appearances. And yes, it costs 70 elsewhere so i am wrong in my first review. They dun carry thid brand anymore though. That small expensive lotion that costs 70 is very good too. Almost instant improvement for those spots that i applied to. I think they must have done adequate R&D for their products.

  • Pei Lee Chong
    2 years ago

    I did the CO2 laser with Dr Chow and I find him a very patient and detail doctor and the treatment was perfect ! The front desk staff was very helpful and provide me a detail aftercare instructions.. I will definitely visit again! Strongly recommend Clifford Clinic 👍🏻

  • Steffy Q
    2 years ago

    I had an aesthetic surgery done by Dr. Timothy Shim 2 weeks back. Post surgery follow-up was good and the clinical staff Carol was very prompt in responding to my concerns. Recovery was faster than expected and i am very pleased with the outcome. Thumbs up for overall good service.

  • Angeline Yeh
    2 years ago

    Did my Double Eyelid Surgery (Cutting Method) with Dr Timothy Shim and he was so gentle and assuring with me. The entire process was painless for me, I didn’t even have to take the painkillers which were prescribed. Highly recommend Dr Timothy Shim if you’re looking to get procedures done there becos of how meticulous he is.

  • Mary C
    2 years ago

    All 3 doctors (Dr Chow, Dr Ee and Dr Shim) are very detailed, patient and professional. What I like about them is that they do not do product pushing. I do get results for what I have paid. Their staff, especially Carol, are very friendly and helpful.

  • Lifang Tan
    2 years ago

    Had mole removal procedure done by Dr Timothy Shim. He was very assuring throughout the process and would keep checking in to see if I was feeling alright. Very pleased with the results. The staff there were also friendly and helpful. Thanks Carol for answering my queries even though it’s late at night.

  • elaine aw
    2 years ago

    I have done a FUE hair transplant procedure last week and would like to extend my gratitude to the FUE hair technician team ( Ann, Sandy and Ben) for being so encouraging and professional in explaining to me and my sister about the procedure and also the after care.They have helped to diminish my anxiety during the procedure. Not forgetting Dr Chow who has been really caring, assuring and professional during my procedure and also post procedure reviews. My sister and I felt well taken care by everybody each time we visited Clifford. I would also like to thank the frontline staff (Carol, Lisa and Dorothy) for being so helpful and friendly.It is absolutely no doubt that you will be treated with genuine care at Clifford.

  • ong wowo
    2 years ago

    The aqua facial is superfast for the price that I am paying for. Cleansng took less than 30 seconds n there is no facial scrub. Overall, the session waa completed within 40 mins.

  • Katherine Sng
    2 years ago

    The services I did like Q switch and Agnes helped me to reduce my acne scars, stop recurring acne and reduce pigmentation. Thankful to Doctor Ee who took great care of my skin, I have better skin now!

    The BellaSonic treatment was a breeze, firm and radiant looking skin is the result!

    Recently did the Ellanse fillers on cheeks and Botox on my jaw (cos I grind my teeth at night) and loving the effects 3 weeks post the treatment!

    Good central location so in and out of clinic is a breeze too!

  • Rosalind Chen
    2 years ago

    Nose threadlift done by Dr Timothy Shim, very professional service.

    Highly recommended👍

  • Jerilyn Moon
    2 years ago

    I’ve done multiple treatments under Dr Gerard Ee and have been extremely pleased with the results.

    Everything from the consultation to the actual procedure was seamless, comfortable and quick. I truly appreciate how friendly the staff are and how honest they are in recommendation of what services you need.

    Dr Gerard is also extremely skilled and thus, I felt assured during the whole process.

    Thank you Clifford Aesthetics!

  • Nicole Choo
    2 years ago

    always efficient and easy to book appointment!! staff are always super friendly and doctors are experienced, well informed 🙂

  • June Rosettes
    3 years ago

    Had my nose thread and back acne laser done at clifford. Dr gerard ee is very experienced and informative with regards to the procedure, aftercare as well as patient and friendly to answer any enquiries that I have in mind. Currently still on bacne laser treatments and they are almost 100% gone now!

  • Jasmine Lee
    3 years ago

    Went to Clifford to get my dose of aesthetic procedures done! This included lip fillers, nose threadlifts and even jaw botox – all of which were administered in absolute comfort thanks to Dr Gerard Ee. The accessibility of this clinic is an added bonus as well. Thank you Clifford for the superb service and I’ll definitely recommend this clinic!

  • Jia Ying
    3 years ago

    Had my first appointment and session with Dr Chow a few days back for my back acne scars. Want to highlight some things not mentioned in other reviews:

    + Organised staff despite having to deal with many people.
    + Staff made sure u r comfortable and reassured to me that photos taken wun be shared. This is esp impt to me as photos were taken of my body including private parts. So for people who dun feel comfy abt this, dun come here.
    + Doctor was not pushy. Helped me to understand why chemical peel is needed but i can sense that he wants the best for me, not becos he earns from it.

    (- ) Marked up price of medicine and lotions etc. Untransparent.
    Doctor told me that he would prescribe antibiotics. 70 dollars. Easily more than double or at least double of price from polyclinic and NSC.

    Nurse somehow got me to buy body spray and lotion to which i was not happy abt cos i was not told. Plus each cost 70. Super ex. For the same thing, i think u can easily purchase them at half the price outside.

    It felt as if they were pushing for those products and i was left wondering if they r really needed, and if the clinic earns some commission from the sale of such lotions. Nurse did not explain the purpose of each lotion which was a major letdown. I had to google myself to find out.

    Anyways i still bought them. Shd have asked if they r really needed. Wun buy again in future from them. But not sure if this is allowed or not. Will visit polyclinic for the antibiotics.

    (-) Doctor did not explain in detail how q switch laser helps to decrease appearance of pigmentation. Also did not explain why this method is preferred over other methods. I had to ask myself but did not get much answers. I wonder so – is it cos he thought that i may not do the treatment cos of the price? Overall, he seemed less enthusiastic than how other reviews phrased him to be.

    (-) I emphasised to doctor that i am on tight budget fron the start and have yet to work. When asked abt the price, doctor said that the nurse would tell me abt it. It seems as if the doctors try to prevent conflicts with patients abt this. I think this method is quite apathetic. I fully understand that things shd be kept fair across all patients, but he could have just told me.

    I paid 300 for chemical peel for body (chest, whole back, stomach). Tbh i think it is a decent price, considering that face itself seems to cost around 100-150 (?). And my scarring is very extensive, easily 5 times that of the face area.

    As for the chemical peel – my skin has yet to see any redness or skin paling off. I am not sure if this is considered effective cos other reviews stated that their skin reacted quite aggressively after treatment.

    I am thinking if i shd continue my treatment with them.

    Conclusion: visit them only if you have thuosands of bucks to spare (i.e. 4000-6000), esp if ur case is quite serious like mine. Then u wun be bothered by the very ex medicine and lotions. Think it applies to most reviewers here which explains why so little highlighted abt this.

  • Luqman Akasyah
    3 years ago

    The staff here is very friendly and helpful. Dr Chow is very knowledgable, caring and attentive. Results of my procedures have been amazing. Received alot of compliments from my friends and colleagues. Highly recommended!

  • khimboon seow
    3 years ago

    Attentive and fast service each time I’m here. Provides good care service, before, during and post treatment.

  • Desmond Cheng
    3 years ago

    Been living all my teens and adulthood with my acne scars until I visited Dr Chow. Did acne scar removal treatment and I saw very good results in three sessions. Scars were visibly lightened and even my friends around me took notice of the improvements. The treatments done were Infini acne scar treatment, Secret RF and Pico MLA.

  • Fluffbundle1
    3 years ago

    I had Infini performed by Dr Ee. It takes a few weeks to notice an improvement but it has definitely reduced wrinkles around my eyes and improved skin tone. I’m very pleased with the results. Dr Ee is very knowledgeable and recommends treatments tailored to your needs. I am coming back for sure

  • hazel Kam
    3 years ago

    Good experience with Dr Chow. A very gentle doc that is had helped me improve my skin Condition thru laser treatment.. Thank you Clifford clinic!! Highly recommended!!

  • Suzanna G
    3 years ago

    The epitome of world class service, cutting edge technology and treatments that actually work, it’s no wonder that Clifford Clinic is trailblazing the way as Singapore’s top Aesthetic and Dermatology Clinic. Am so grateful to Dr Chow and his committed team for their expertise and customization of treatments for my breakouts. Just the AGNES treatment alone has delivered astonishing results like no other product/treatment I’ve ever tried. Looking forward to my next visit already!

  • Berenice Choong
    3 years ago

    Lovely place with very professional staff and doctors, although sometimes there is a bit of wait time. Did a tattoo removal for about 2 years, and took about a 1.5 year break since then. The tattoo has lightened significantly together with the surrounding skin and some areas are fully “removed”, but one thin stripe of scar tissue remains. The scarring isn’t visibly noticeable, but can be felt if i run my fingers over the area. Over this past 1.5 years the skin has healed up nicely and i’m altogether satisfied with the treatment. Would consider going back to finish up the procedure (fully remove the tat) and maybe do some facials with them as well. Cheers 🙂

  • Derrick Hoh
    3 years ago

    I’m having a great time with the clifford clinic so far. Service is great, atmosphere is light, staff members are nice and they always make sure that I am able to keep track of my progress. My Infini scar removal treatments with Dr Gerard Ee worked well on me so far.

  • Jolin Poh
    3 years ago

    Came here for pico laser and most of my pigmentations are gone after 8 sessions. Dr Chow is not pushy and he really made sure my face is clear of spots. I also did a mole removal on my face which left no scar afterwards. Highly recommended!!

  • YuniQue Tan
    3 years ago

    One of most reliable aesthetics clinic, I’ve received several compliments on the natural result, all thanks to Dr Chow Yuen Ho and Clifford Aesthetics.

  • Precious Grace Hipolito
    3 years ago

    Dr Chow Yuen Ho is very reassuring. He recommended me HIFU Sygmalift and Jaw Botox as I was looking for a V-shaped face. Very happy and satisfied with the results.

  • Thomas Tan
    3 years ago

    Greatly appreciate the fantastic staffs at Clifford Clinic. Their excellent services is highly commendable. My heartfelt thanks to Dr Chow for his consultation. This is one of the best aesthetic clinics and highly recommended.

  • Chelsea V
    3 years ago

    Staff were extremely friendly and my skin looks amazing. Within 3 months my acne problems were fixed and my scarring was reduced greatly. I would highly recommend this lace to anyone who has skin issues or is looking to do treatments!

  • Kanny Theng
    3 years ago

    Clifford clinic is one of the most reliable and comfortable aesthetic clinic I visited in Singapore. I love everything about the place. The professionalism of the staffs and the doctors. It’s cozy and very well orientated. They made sure that I am being comfortable with my every visit. I highly recommend Clifford aesthetics and my doctor is Dr Gerard Ee.

  • Catherine Ng
    3 years ago

    I have been with Clifford Aesthetic Clinic for a year plus and I always received a great service. The staff were very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Both Dr Ee and Dr Chow really fantastic Doctors who know exactly what they are doing. Both of them were so reassuring and professional, I am so grateful that I am under their care. I would strongly recommend this wonderful team of experts to anyone looking into treatment.

  • Loo Jess
    3 years ago

    Very reputable and reliable clinic. Been receiving services from Dr. Chow from this clinic for many years and am satisfied with the result… And have introduced other friends who are equally satisfied with the results they received.. Thumbs up for the reliable services…

  • Hui Shan
    3 years ago

    I have been placing my trust in Clifford for the past few years. I first visited them when my skin was in a terrible state due to adult acne. Many thanks to Clifford and Dr Chow, my skin has since calmed down. Dr Chow is patient and skilful in his craft. On top of that, he personally tries on the treatments to ensure the safety and effectiveness. The team at Clifford is welcoming and it has always been a pleasure visiting the clinic!

  • Jolene Tan
    3 years ago

    Have been doing the q-switch at Clifford and the result is excellent. My skin is getting more clearer, radiant and smooth.
    Overall the experience at Clifford is pleasant. The relaxing environment, dr Chow and the staffs all are attentive, patience and caring.

  • Cansen Goh
    3 years ago

    The super caring doctors are very patience and detailed in their work. The staff there are so experienced and friendly , making me felt so at home. Wonderful experience and great results attained.Thanks for the great experience !

  • peter khor
    3 years ago

    Dr Chow is amazing. He treated my problematic skin effectively with no downtime . Staffs are Super nice and friendly too. Definitely will recommend all my friends to him .

  • Seng Susan
    3 years ago

    First to know Clifford clinic is from my Sis In law, through the first time experience, the counter staff, Carol, Elis have provide me with a very warm
    N welcome feel. Decided to continue with Dr Ee and Dr Chow service as do not give customer a distance feel. They are always open with a friendly n warm smile. Giving many opinions and clear to my skin.

    Trustworthy clinic to go for.

  • James Chua
    3 years ago

    It’s been two weeks since my acne scar treatment at Clifford and I’m puzzled at why my skin is reddish and stinging to touch. Was reading the online reviews and HWZ forums, and decided to give it a shot.

    The acne scar treatments are definitely not cheap and the worst part of it is the service of certain staff. The redness and pain didn’t subside as promised even after 2 weeks too, and when I called the clinic, the staff didn’t believe me.

    Overall, it wasn’t a pleasant experience and I wouldn’t recommend people with acne scars to go to Clifford. Especially if you’re looking for value for money (and service).

  • Chng Chin Boon
    3 years ago

    Did acne scar treatment (Agnes and Q switch) and is very pleased with the results. Dr Gerard is very friendly and professional, tailoring specific treatment for every individual. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to have their acne treated for good.

  • Moses Hoo
    3 years ago

    Fantastic service and facilities. The staff were very friendly and approachable, they answered all my questions and accommodated to my needs. The facilities were comfortable and follow up care has been great. it has been a very pleasant experience.

  • Ru Fu, Danson Chong
    3 years ago

    It was a fast and superb experience at Clifford Aesthetics. Got what I wanted under Dr Gerard Ee’s swift and precise hands. Staffs were welcoming and caring too. Gonna try out their acne scars treatment next.

  • Shirley ChunYu
    3 years ago

    Dr Chow is amazing! Very happy with the result and top class service by Dorothy Ngo! Highly Recommended!

  • Tam Vanessa
    3 years ago

    So far I did 3 types of treatments at Clifford Aesthetic:

    1. Jaw botox — the whole procedure was so quick and efficient! It helped me to achieve a smaller and slimmer face shape within 2 weeks as results will show completely by then. I love it and I’ll always go back for this fuss-free treatment.

    2. Nose threads — this is my favourite instant game-changer! It immediately lifted my nose and gave me a nice nose bridge. Downtime was minimal and I super love the results.

    3. Pico laser — I had this treatment done to get rid of some freckles (I had em’ since young) and brown spots on my face! After just one session of pico laser, the results is significant. My brown spots were lightened and after every session, it just gets lighter and lighter. Will be getting my 4th pico laser done and I look forward to having clear skin that I’d never have my whole life!

    All these procedure were done with Dr Gerard Ee. He’s efficient, knows what’s best for me and basically a very nice doctor! Highly recommended

    All the staffs are very professional and attentive too! You’ll never see an aesthetic clinic that’s as packed as Clifford! Awesome place with reliable services!

  • Sherr Ng
    3 years ago

    Did pico laser to lighten my pigmentations and really loving the result! Thank you Dr Chow and team for the wonderful experience!

  • Andy Pan
    3 years ago

    The results were just as I had expected. My hair is back in place. Thank you!

  • kim ht
    3 years ago

    not much results from their expensive laser treatment.

  • Bonnie罗美仪官方专属音乐频道 Official Channel
    3 years ago

    Thanks Dr Chow for improving the skin on my face.
    From the dull skin, freckles, and my most serious neckline problems slowly improved, made Rejuran, Facial and Laser
    Simple maintenance treatment, because I most hope that I can have beautiful skin without makeup, now I don’t need to worry about it.
    But we are still working hard to improve the maintenance.
    Thank you, Dorothy for giving us a skin care treatment.
    Service attitude is commendable. Everyone is interested to come and ask, don’t worry, they give the most careful advice and friendly attitude to entertain. Thank you Clifford Clinic .Jiayou !

    谢谢Dr Chow 改善我脸上的肌肤
    从皮肤暗淡,雀斑,还有我最严重的颈项纹问题慢慢改善,做了Rejuran , Facial and Laser
    谢谢Dorothy 给予我们的护肤护理安排。
    服务态度值得赞赏。大家有兴趣可以到来询问,不用担心,他们都给予最关心的建议和友善的态度来招待。Thank you Clifford Clinic .Jiayou !

  • 黄渝津
    3 years ago

    Did thread lift & tear trough fillers to help with my dark eyes circles with Clifford. Very happy with the results

  • Brandon Seet
    3 years ago

    Good location and lovely nurses. One stop station for hair transplant, and lasers!

  • James Aw Yong
    3 years ago

    Finished my first session of acne scar removal (using infini treatment) and results have been so good so far.

  • Karen Ashley
    3 years ago

    Dr Ee keen eye for aesthetics and is both professional as well as gentle. The clinic is conveniently located in the heart of Raffles Place, and offers a comprehensive range of services with of-the-line, industry-leading medical products. I felt very comfortable with the friendly service of the clinic. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I’m glad to find a doctor that has the same aesthetic perspective as me.

  • Vonne Chua
    3 years ago

    I’ve been with Clifford Clinic for years. And my skin had active acnes and depressed scars altogether initially that even make up cannot conceal.

    Could see distinctive results after a couple of months / sessions, even my friends and family noticed my skin cleared up.

    Now I only need to go for maintenance sessions, going out bare face isn’t an issue too!

  • Sophiana Tang
    3 years ago

    Highly recommend Clifford Clinic for your derma solutions! Dr Ee and staff are friendly, helpful and patient in explaining the treatments and aftercare. It is easy to make appointments and an overall pleasant experience so far 🙂

  • Xinyi Cyndi Soh
    3 years ago

    Dr Ee was really nice and professional! The pico laser treatment got rid of my freckles effectively too!

  • Sabrina Cao
    3 years ago

    The doctor was very professional and gave me appropriate recommendations, and the results were amazing!

  • Elaine Heng
    3 years ago

    I have been visiting this clinic for 3.5 years and I love the aesthetic services as it helped me too look younger and impact a glow to my skin. The doctors are very professional and will have a chat with you first to understand your skin concerns before recommending the right treatments. The frontline staff is also very polite and make me feel at home whenever I visit the clinic.

  • Joanna Soh
    3 years ago

    My experiences with Clifford Clinic, the staffs and Dr Gerard Ee has been great! They are all helpful, professional and very patient. Definitely recommend this aesthetic clinic.

  • Amanda Yong
    3 years ago

    I’ve done 5 sessions of Q switch laser and 6 sessions of Pico laser here to target my pigmentation and I’m really happy with the results! My skin is clearer and brighter than ever before, thanks to Clifford Aesthetics!

  • Candice Goh
    3 years ago

    A very worthy investment with great, fast results. Good experiences for every treatment thanks to caring and understanding doctors and staff who looks out for every patient and each of their needs

  • William Tan
    3 years ago

    I visited the clifford clinic a few time and I did my hair transplant at the clinic and the result is amazing. Special thanks to the 2 doctors (Dr Ee and Dr Chow), they are both very experienced and friendly. The clinic is situated just beside Raffles Place MRT and it is very accessible.

  • Emily Tan
    3 years ago

    My mom did her threadlift here and she was so pleased with the results. Doctor ee is very meticulous & patient as my mom couldn’t converse in English. Would highly recommend Clifford!

  • Regina Chow
    3 years ago

    Clifford Aesthetics is the only clinic that managed to remove all the pigmentation marks on my face. I’ve had them for over a decade and I’m so happy to finally see my clear skin again after undergoing Q switched and Pico laser treatments! Thank you Dr Ee!

  • Katherine Sng
    3 years ago

    I’ve been going to Clifford for the last year and love how Dr Gerard Ee takes good care of my skin! I tell my friends I leave my face and skin in his hands and they should go to Clifford for aesthetic treatments too!

  • Carrie Sim
    3 years ago

    Dr Ee is very reassuring and I felt at ease throughout my first nose threadlift experience at The Clifford Clinic.

    He made sure to bring me through the entire process and was very patient with explaining it to me.

    Result of the nose threadlift was amazing. It was relatively painless and was one of the most pleasant aesthetic treatment experiences I’ve had.

  • Hazel Diary
    3 years ago

    I love the location of the clinic as it is right above Raffles MRT station. I can try to squeeze in a treatment during lunch hours!

  • Ivan Lim
    3 years ago

    Love the environment, plus it is easy to get there. Its just beside the MRT. Staff is very friendly and answered to all my questions and worries.

  • polly yeung
    3 years ago

    I went to see Dr Ee for my acne-prone skin which has been affecting me long term. The treatment plan tailored for me, which included Agnes, Qswitch and Hydrafacial, has really worked wonders, not only is my skin less prone to breakout now, my friends have also commented that it looked healthier and more radiant. For the first time in many years i can go out with minimal or no make up and not feel self conscious about it. I’m very happy with the results and will definitely recommend Clifford clinic and Dr Ee to others.

  • Roanna Tan
    3 years ago

    The Clifford Clinic has been my go-to for all skin woes for the past year. I used to have very bad acne problems – huge zits with pus, redness and bumps everywhere – but ever since I embarked on my AGNES treatment journey with Clifford, my skin has tremendously improved, and I bade goodbye to those nasty zits! Even though I still get 2-3 pimples during the time of the month (period), I go for regular Q-Switch Laser Treatments to combat them. Honestly never seen my skin looking so healthy before!

  • abel hwang
    3 years ago

    Love this place. Will definitely be back.

  • Chan Lin Hin
    4 years ago

    Very good service. The front desk staff Carol , Lisa , Dorothy , Geri are all very helpful n professional. Especially Carol.

    The nurses , Inn Yuan n Sharon are all very caring n I love this place

    Dr Chow is very experience and solve all my skin n hair problems n achieve good results. Thumbs up.

  • A MD
    4 years ago

    Very unprofessional front desk staff. Chaotic, running around, but don’t know what they are doing! Their knowledge of different treatments the clinic providing is very minimal. I feel very lost after talking to them and won’t dare to try any treatment.

  • elaine chan
    4 years ago

    Dr Chow is the best doc ever! Very patient & professional.

  • Sheauwei Tan
    4 years ago

    Receptionist Carol never fails to have a smile on her face. Been here 3-4 times, acne situation not improving though.

  • Pearl Neo
    4 years ago

    In the past my face had lots of pigmented patches. Tried all kinds of cream but didn’t work! I was introduced to Dr Chow by a close friend. Dr Chow recommended Q-Switch and after 8 sessions of treatment, my face was already cleared from pigments and also became fairer! What I really like about Clifford clinic is their service and unlike other aesthetic clinics they do not hard sell. The staff are very friendly and professional. Dr Chow is very caring, assuring and patient. I’m so glad I made the right decision to do the treatment with Clifford Clinic instead of wasting money on expensive cream!

  • Stephanie Lim
    4 years ago

    After 3 sessions of rejuveran, my complexion improves tremendously. No more dryness and radiant looking. Highly recommended for dry and dull complexion. I am really grateful to Dr Chow for taking such good care of my skin

  • Elizabeth Wu
    4 years ago

    Was in safe and good hands for my hair transplant. The team here is skilled and assuring. Dr Chow Andy Dr Ee were very detailed and clarified my doubts and they have a very dedicated and expert team of hair technicians. 7 hours, almost non stop, was no joke for the eyes. But they were so focused and took good care of my through the whole procedure.

  • ziyuan gao
    4 years ago

    I sought treatment at The Clifford Clinic for acne scars (a mix of different types of scars) across my face. I bought the 10-session fractional CO2 package; an additional 3 sessions were offered for free. I have gone for 11 sessions and I am extremely satisfied and happy with the results so far. The scars, especially on the prominent areas like the cheeks and nose, have smoothed out significantly. I would like to thank Dr. Chow and the staff at the clinic for their professionalism, excellent service and delivery of high quality results. This is my first experience with an aesthetic clinic, and I am glad that I made the right choice in coming here.

  • Vega Joseph
    4 years ago

    I suffer from Adult Acne for 7 years. To see actual improvement on my acne and my complexion is my utmost priority. I had so many treatments and facials but my acne keeps coming back. Thankfully I discovered AGNES treatment and decided to give it a go. Dr Chow has been amazing since my first consultation. The staffs are very welcoming and friendly as well. One in particular, went the extra mile to help plan out my finances and catered my package for me get the best optimum results (varies among individuals). Thank you dear Carol!! The waiting time can take up to an hour plus even though you’ve booked an appointment. But good things are worth the wait!! All in all my experience is a pleasant one and they are genuinely concern for my well being and strives to treat my Acne. For that I am eternally grateful and they have gained a loyal and satisfied customer. I’m definitely sticking around for a while longer. Thank you Dr Chow, Carol and The Clifford Clinic family!!

  • Alan Wong
    4 years ago

    Both Dr Ee and Dr Chow are friendly. All their staff are very approachable which made me feel like home! I would like to give special thanks to Ms Joy who had been very patient and diligently helping me to cope throughout the 2 days procedure at the clinic. Great Job! Lastly, thank you Ms Carol who made all these possible by helping me to secure this last minute appointment request too. Thumbs up!!

  • Joanne Eng
    4 years ago

    Dr Ee has been really patient & professional. He has helped me a great deal with my pigmentation. My skin has gotten better because of him. Thanks so much!!

  • kelvin png
    4 years ago

    Very friendly and helpful staff and doctors. Always accommodating to my appointment changes.

    Both Dr Ee and Dr Chow are very knowledgable and patient when explaining treatments, and are very experienced in administering treatments as well. The staffs are all very approachable and helpful, making sure I feel comfortable before/during/after each treatment.

    Overall a very pleasant experience with the clinic! Highly recommended 🙂

  • Baby Toh
    4 years ago

    Would recommend everyone to try the nose thread lift and pico laser at Clifford Aesthetic Clinic.

    Dr Chow is very experience and skilful doctor. Can see instant results and my nose is now much higher in a natural way.

  • Evon Chen
    4 years ago

    I was referred to Dr Ee from my colleague and he has since been very understanding to my needs for my skin before my wedding day! I have managed to smoothen my pimply face with CO2 and reduced the brown scarring spots with Q-switch and lightened my scars with Pico just in time for my BIG day! The ladies in the clinic are very experienced too, when asked about a situation on my skin, they knew straightaway what I was referring to and provided the right advice! I was actually very impressed by the knowledge these desk coordinators have and always wondered about their previous backgrounds in this industry 🙂 The entire team at Clifford Clinic are not only helpful but also patient in answering all my never ending questions every time I came for my visit. It has been almost 2 years now and I am still enjoying my aesthetic experience at the clinic, Thank you!

  • Gui LingKwek
    4 years ago

    Completed Fractional CO2. No difference at all, just placebo if that helps you feel better. Better spend your time and money doing something else. Service was okay but expect some waiting time even with an appointment.

  • David Chia
    4 years ago

    Clifford Clinic isn’t a place that is a sensitive to your wallet and do not believe in making aesthetics affordable, but a luxury, especially for someone who struggles with acne scar like myself. I was merely prescribed a series of treatments to consider, slapped on with package prices.

    After the consultation, I decided to go ahead with the CO2 laser trial by depositing 800 bucks. I later regretted my decision and decided retrospectively that I wanted a refund. Clifford Clinic was professional about it and allowed me a refund, but charged me the S$80 for the consultation as it is their policy.

    If you’re willing to splurge then I think Clifford Clinic delivers decent result; my skin improved after the first CO2 laser with them. However, given that I’m still in my first job, the prices of their services are rather steep compared to other clinics out there. As such, I cannot be a customer.

    I’ve changed my rating from 2 stars to 4 stars because they have offered me another treatment following an earlier version of this review. I commend them for their dedication to customer service (which I’m sure you will experience). For the sake of transparency, I decided to leave this review up instead of taking it down.

  • YS C
    4 years ago

    Honestly speaking, treatments were not useful at all and in fact made my skin more sensitive and created holes from my acne scars. I tried the 10 times treatment (I forgot the name of it). Although the staff were nice and friendly, but there was no follow up at all to which whether their treatments worked for individual customers! In fact their prices are expensive, but because it is expensive, customers will hope the results will be more effective, but in fact nope.

  • S F
    4 years ago

    Very snobbish frontdesk staff. I’m not sure if the frontdesk staff is even certified to be upselling me a certain injection that would go well with my Infini treatment, shouldn’t this be the doctor’s job?

    Took an Infini package, my acne scars weren’t even rolling deep, but there were no results after two sessions. Also I found out I could do FOUR sessions at other clinics at the same price I paid at Clifford for just a mere TWO sessions. IF the clinic could deliver the results I wouldn’t mind paying but you guys simply are unable to do so. Highly disappointed with this clinic!

    Warning: If you’re doing Infini and you’ve nose fillers, don’t let them do it on your nose, I had to get my replaced cos the treatment depleted the filler. Another extra damage at the end of the day.

  • Nowell Ng
    4 years ago

    Dr Ee at The Clifford Clinic has extensive knowledge on treating acne scars and is able to explain the treatment effects and provide solutions for improvement. In addition, their clinic staff is friendly and always willing to help.

  • Andrew Neo
    4 years ago

    A very good experience at the clinic with friendly Dr.Chow being attentive and patient throughout the whole session and after followup session. Definitely a place where I can safely entrust my aesthetic with

  • Ken Chua
    4 years ago

    Did the AGNES for the second time. Recovery time was pretty fast. Improvement is seen! Overall, I was satisfied.

  • Rutian Ke
    4 years ago

    (revised) Commendable service recovery. Dr Ee called personally to clarify the miscommunication and apologize for the long wait time. Have yet to see any noticeable improvement in PIH, but hopefully it will happen sooner than later.

  • Priscilla Lee
    4 years ago

    after 6 months of treatment (some tropical creams along with qswitch and hydrafacial) with dr chow and team, my acnes have cleared without scarrings. There was no need for oral medication even (i was on retinol for 1+ yr prior visiting clifford)! Overall, the team is professional n approachable; most importantly – not pushy.

  • VO
    4 years ago

    Been with dr ee & dr chow for many years, they are approachable & understanding. Willing to hear about your treatment concerns & make appropriate advise. Staffs are friendly and helpful. Thank you. =) – Vincent Ong

  • Thalee Sae Wang
    4 years ago

    Dr. Gerard EE is one of the best skin experts in SG to me. I am 55 yrs old with many pimple scars and wrinkle lines due to negligence. Dr. EE recommended CO2 for me and it has changed my life. I could see the difference even from the first treatment. I decided to take a 10-treatment package and after checking around i found the price at Clifford Clinic is the most reasonable. All my colleagues in my office compliments on my skin improvement. Finally my female manager decided to take a package treatment with Dr. EE for her freckles and wrinkle problem as she is so impressed with the result on my skin at such a short time.
    I will keep recommending Dr EE to everyone because he really delivers a great result at a very reasonable price and with such friendly and understanding attitude. Now i have smooth skin, the wrinkle lines and my pimple scars are greatly reduced and some just disappeared that i can now go out with my bare face with no make up and still look young and fresh. Thank you Dr.. EE.

  • Joon Wei Kevin Choo
    4 years ago

    Excellent service from the friendly staffs!

  • Thong Hui Min
    5 years ago

    My experience with the Clifford Clinic has been pleasant. This is also due to the fact that they have pleasant, approachable and understanding staff in the clinic. Would particularly like to highlight Carol, who had been very patient and understanding with me. She explained the treatments clearly to me, especially so when I was new to the clinic’s procedure. She helped make my first experience with Clifford a pleasant one. Thank you Carol. 🙂

  • Joan Soon
    5 years ago

    Having been plagued with pigmentation and acne scar issue, it was a relieve to have chanced upon Clifford Clinic while researching for suitable clinics online. Dr Ee was very detailed in explaining the treatment I needed. His treatment plan for me over the past 6 months has seen an improvement in my facial condition. I have become more confident and comfortable with my own skin. I’m so glad that I’ve embarked on this journey to become more beautiful with them. (:

  • Elroy Chan
    5 years ago

    I have first visited Clifford Clinic a year ago after much research on aesthetics procedures and clinics. Acne scarring post puberty was my main problem. After a detailed consultation with Dr Gerald Ee, he detailed to me my treatment plan over a year. Every consultation was thorough and constant post treatment reviews were done. During every treatment, Dr Ee and his assistants would ensure that you feel comfortable throughout. Staffs at The Clifford Clinic are always very polite and helpful. Special mention of Miss Felicia’s outstanding and friendly service during my monthly visits. Trust-worthy clinic. 🙂

  • Annie Tay
    5 years ago

    Fantastic and most friendly skin clinic I ever visited. Thanks to Dr Chow and Dr Ee for their professional expertise in treating my skin problems. My pigmentation is completely gone and my skin more radiant now. Highly recommended.

  • Jen Ko
    5 years ago

    This is my 1st aesthetic clinic for face laser. This is my 6th visit and each visit I feel like being home. Every staff is friendly, caring and attentive. Dr Gerard Ee is my doc. I like him a lot for his professionalism and he is a good caring and humble doctor. He is tall and good looking too 🙂

  • audrey cheong
    5 years ago

    I have visited countless aesthetic clinics in SG and sadly, none of them works as good as Clifford Clinic. It actually feels like they are the only one who is able to solve my skin problems (acne marks, redness on face etc.). Dr. Gerard Ee, who attends to me, is very professional as he usually explains and goes in depth with the treatment he recommends me. Staff at the reception area are all very helpful and welcoming, they (especially Carol, Amy, Felicia) never fail to make me feel at ease all the time. Unlike other clinics, there is no hard selling done here so feel free to consult them without obligation.

  • allandebb
    5 years ago

    ****** 6 Stars for the Doctor and Staff!
    Seeing the pigmentation ‘disappears’ from my best friend’s face, I could not resist the temptation of seeing her aesthetic doctor, Dr Chow. Just after the second treatment, a friend I have not met for 3 months commented that my face is ‘clearer’. After my third treatment, I caught up with another friend whom I have not met for a year. She asked me what I had done to my face. Upon some scrutinization, she commented that my face is ‘cleaner’, firmer, and the pores are minimised.

  • A J
    5 years ago

    Very commercialised clinic. Rude staff who didn’t know what treatments patients were there for, they were more keen to chat with friends and loudly announce they want to go for lunch. Spent $900+, and there were no effects. Complexion did not improve. Take sponsored and facebook reviews with a huge pinch of salt. There’s many more aesthetics clinics out there with more sincerity and professionalism!

  • Averylene Ang
    5 years ago

    Very good customer service oriented for the front desk support, doctor is very friendly and what he propose for treatments are relevant and reliable.

  • Yi Lee Lam
    5 years ago

    I have so so many good things to write about Dr Ee. He is more then a doctor. He is understanding, approachable, knowledgeable and totally cares about you and your issues.

    I have done fractional laser numerous times for all my scar woes. He listens and proposes a treatment plan for me and when I feel down, he is there for me.

    The fractional laser he used is the edge fractional. The downtime is minimal from 3 days to 1 week.

    He is confident that as I go along, the area will improve. I look forward to appointments with him all the time.

    The laser process is very straightforward and Dr Ee makes it easy and adjusts the area precisely to match my lesions. I usually dont need numbing cream because its almost painless. The area will scab as usual and fall off within 3-7 days.

    He treats variety of skin issues too like acne and have lasers at his disposal to suit your individual issue. You are in trusted hands 🙂

  • Evonne Lai
    5 years ago

    You have a very rude service staff on board. Number one she’s not clear with her explanation number 2 she raised her voice at me. A pity you just lost a potential customer.

  • chun li khoo
    5 years ago

    Dr chow has alot of patience when treating my skin . Very pleasant visit to clifford everytime !

  • Serene Cheng
    5 years ago

    Fantastic! Just did my nose thread and im extremely satisfied with it. The customer service representatives are well-knowledgeable and friendly, they provide me with lots of information for all the treatments that I have done! I have did their Q-Switch and Hydrafacial! A MUST TO DO for hydrafacial! I would highly recommend Dr Ee as your doctor! He did a great job for all my treatments! THANK YOU, DR EE!

  • Jesmine Tay
    5 years ago

    Staffs and doctors here are very friendly and approachable.

  • kye li mak
    6 years ago

    I booked an appointment to try out the facial at the Clifford Clinic. I was sent a reminder about the time of my appointment, so I showed up on time for my 6.15 facial.

    At 6.45, the receptionist told me I had to wait another ten minutes for a room. I’m not sure why I had to book an appointment if I can’t be treated on time. The receptionist made the excuse that there had been a backlog of appointments the entire afternoon. So why didn’t i receive a call to arrive slightly later? Anyway, I cancelled it and left.

    The customer service is disappointing and highly unprofessional for the amount they charge. I expect this of a facial place that charges $50. Not one that charges in excess of $200 per treatment.

  • Lian Sherlene
    7 years ago

    If there is one word to describe The Clifford Clinic, that would be ‘Heart’ or ‘心’.

    I chanced upon a skin promo on The Clifford Clinic’s Facebook Page in early June, and that’s when my journey with The Clifford Clinic begin. I would say it’s the Genuinity, Sincerity and the humble attitude of Dr. Ee and Dr. Chow, the warmth I received from the clinic’s staff assistants and the efficacy of the treatments that made me stick with them till now.

    Their treatments (AGNES, Q-switch) are guaranteed effective. The doctors have a heart for their patients. And they do not hard sell.

    Tell me, what’s not to love about them?


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