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21 Reviews on “Tang Dynasty Massage & Spa - Kampong Glam”

  • Heather Heather
    11 months ago

    Worst massage experience ever, it’s her name. Mendy

    I used a double room here, but the massage shop mentee was so rude. My partner tipped them, and as I stood dressed, she threw the bed massage cover at me. She must have wanted to get off work quickly. The person in charge of the massage came 10 minutes late, so it started late and ended late. Mendy gave me the worst experience. How do you throw the bed cover when the customer is standing? It’s Mendy. She’s really rude.

  • SH P
    12 months ago

    Always have a good massage here. Rooms are looking a bit aged but overall still good

  • Tammy Yang
    1 year ago

    Masseurs are consistently good but it’s hard to get a parking lot nearby.

  • admen Lim
    1 year ago

    One of the best and reasonable price massage during night time

  • Musho Pea
    1 year ago

    Tuina massage using a lot of strength and very fast/repetitive. It’s not exactly relaxing but it will ease your tensions. You are free to feedback to them to lower the pressure. They will ask you to bear with the pain in order to release the tension. Masseuse was Mandy.

    Jessie is excellent! Strong force which can vary, and she glides her arm across when fingers get too painful. It goes deep enough to ease the knots and she can do back cracking too.

    Febe is also another of my favorites. She really knew to spot the knots and give relaxing and strong massage. Her head massage is to die for

    Vivi is impressive ? strong and hard-working, great at spotting and ironing knots too.

  • adrian C
    1 year ago


  • Marcus Lee
    1 year ago

    One of my best massage experiences, my masseuse Summer didn’t just have a lot of strength but also knew where to press on areas of discomfort; I felt v relaxed after the massage. Push there’s also a shower inside to wash off the oil and felt really refreshed after. Will definitely be back!

  • neng lee
    1 year ago

    The environment is very satisfactory, the method is general


  • Shane CPS
    1 year ago

    Found three Masseuses who are very good in their own way. My hubby and I are hooked ever since we found them!

    Price is very reasonable $80 for 90min traditional massage.

    Only problem would be the room, pipes and pit holes. Though it’s dark we can still see them…

    My hubby and I got the same room every time we go so I am not sure for the other rooms. Doesn’t affect our “love” to massage here!

  • Mr L
    1 year ago

    Massage is good depending on who you got to massage you. I been there a couple of times, sometimes good sometimes not so good. Overall still good experience.

  • Krishantha Perera
    1 year ago

    You shouldn’t avoid this place for a better relief ❤️

  • Samrat Thukral
    1 year ago

    I see a lot of negative reviews but on the contrary I had a wonderful experience. The girl at the front desk was called Jing Ying, a super friendly, bubbly, cheerful and energetic girl. I requested for an English speaking masseuse and she sent Kelly. Kelly was really brilliant. She gave me one of the best massage I have ever had. She sensed every single pain in my body and relaxed those muscles. She knew what she was doing. I paid $60 for an hour of oil deep tissue massage. I went in with a very stiff neck and shoulder but came out as if none of it ever existed.

    If you visit and are in doubt, just request Kelly.

    P.S I went at 1700 hrs.

  • Kelvin Teo
    1 year ago

    Lousy masseurs and expensive pricing

  • Dylan Tan
    2 years ago

    Went with my girlfriend and had the couple package for $115. The staff were nice and friendly, and the oil was free (didn’t have to top up), but unfortunately the massage was so bad that the overall experience was still very unpleasant. The masseurs just did not have good enough techniques and did not massage the right spots.

    There were many times where they rubbed the bones, which felt uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. Every technique they used just did not feel good and throughout the whole massage, I was just wondering when it would end and whether the next technique will be any better. I was constantly hoping that perhaps it was just my masseur and that my girlfriend was having a great massage, but sadly it did not turn out to be the case.

    Im really not sure why this was rated above 4 stars but I would suggest to pay a little more and get a better massage than have an unpleasant experience just to save some money.

  • Moji HHH
    2 years ago

    I chose this spa because I suffered from knee pain and read in the comments that this is a geniune massage center and not necessarily for funky things, however, I found it disappointing. Despite their painful and low quality service, I chose full body item which costs 60S$ for an hour. However, in practice it only covered half of my body and they said for full body I should have paid 90S$ which was in contrary to the first agreement.

  • xuan ling
    2 years ago

    My hubby is a frequent patron of this place but this lady Sophia is not only lousy but super rude. Push my head right and left roughly and push me up to sit up. Never even felt like I did a massage after session. Her attitude super bad. Avoid her. Fiona is good who did my hubby.

  • Zhi Hao Tea
    2 years ago

    Been coming here for 4 years plus, Used to give this 5 stars, taking away one star ever since they hired the front desk manager who looks more like she’s suited to be a PT instructor than a front desk reception.

    For the record the usual front desk Malaysian girl does a great job so I have no idea why they hired the fit looking, disgruntled / arrogant manager cos she has zero value add to the entire experience.

    Please leverage her talents somewhere else just not at the front desk pls.

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