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78 Reviews on “One Face Skin & Aesthetics Clinic”

  • Grace Koh
    10 months ago

    Thank you, Dr. NG.

    I had laser pigmentation done for a few sessions now. I’m very happy with the results, my pigmentation that I’ve been concerned about for awhile now has lighten up considerably.

    I’ve been actively using their skincare products as well. It’s very suitable for me who has sensitive skin.

  • Chris He
    1 year ago

    Dr David 是位有经验丰富的皮肤科医生,他会给前去看诊的人判断和分析每一个人的肤质给于適合的治疗方案。我的黑斑问题经过dr David 的帮助色素遂渐变得淡化和整张脸亮透了很多对我个人而言我是很满意的


  • Zirong Shi
    1 year ago


  • Justina Ko
    1 year ago

    一路來都用错方法去治疗我的黃褐斑!最后一次是在一年前,去做果酸換肤,果酸灼伤肌肤留下烫伤印(变成黃褐斑加烫伤印😭)容貌给我带来很大的影响。今年六月份,就上网查询看到One face clinic 就决定去做治疗,经过几次温和的激光治疗后.就已经看到明显的改善,我身边的家人和朋友都有发现到,皮肤变得清澈和亮丽😄👍这是我第一次走进One Face 皮肤医美诊所,幸运的让我碰到细心亲切有耐心的医生👨‍⚕️(Dr.David)还有几位很棒的医生助理🙎‍♀️谢谢你们专业的服务👍🙏
    One Face Skin & Aesthetics Clinic 強力推荐!

  • Alvin Tang
    1 year ago

    Thank you Dr David, my wife is very happy with your services!

    Here’s what she has to say:

    The doctor is very good, the skilled person is handsome and friendly, the environment is good, the nurse sister is also very cute, very responsible, went for a few treatments, the freckles were all gone, and the face cream was gone during the epidemic. Call to go It can also be delivered to me in time. The doctor is very professional and can tell you clearly which are freckles, which are sunburns and which are melasma, and how to treat different spots, and also treat acne. Brother in need Miss sister, you can go to a doctor, and you won’t lose money in stocks!


  • S Shiin
    1 year ago

    Have seen Dr. David for past few months for my acne issues, he was very patient and explain every procedure and recommend what’s best for me. My skin improved alot, and I’m continuing the facial treatment now. Staff there has great customer service and friendly, highly recommended.

  • Irene Low
    1 year ago

    Enjoyed every visit to the clinic. My skin looks more radiant now. Doctor Ng and my therapist Emily are very professional n friendly. My friends and relatives who went also gave positive feedback.

  • AS. C Lee
    1 year ago

    I highly recommend One Face skin & Aesthetics Clinic because Dr David is a very experienced doctor, I’ve done a few times of laser and all my melasma has been removed within 3 years. There are still small parts that are not completely removed, but it is fading gradually.
    I would like to thank Dr David for the help,I will continue to get treatment from them. Meanwhile, the staff are very friendly and polite. It is very pleasant to be there.

  • minsuga sweggg
    1 year ago

    Before I started getting treatment at the clinic, my face was badly breaking out and covered with acne, especially around the forehead. however after receiving treatment, my skin has gotten much better and I have been breaking out less often!

  • Panda Bamboo
    1 year ago

    Visited for extraction facial mainly so I can’t comment on the other treatments. The doctor seemed knowledgable and skilled. The therapists were all very polite and sensitive of your time. However the extraction facial itself didn’t feel very thorough to me. I was told that most of my skin concerns required lasers and I feel like some portions of my face wasn’t even touched. I don’t know if I have high expectations from my previous facials, but I wasn’t particularly impressed by the facial. I didn’t have any further break outs or terrible redness, so that’s definitely a plus. It’s decent enough if you’re looking for a place for quick facial. It’s on the pricier side, but at least you know your skin is in safe hands.

  • SK
    1 year ago

    Pigmentation on my face shows great improvement after applying cream without laser. Tremendous change within 3 months. The skin is brighter and fairer now.

  • Annie Fam
    1 year ago

    Pigmentation on my face shows great improvement after laser.treatment The skin is brighter and fairer now and my colleagues were surprised that my face has improved tremendously
    The staff there is very friendly and most importantly is no hard sell
    Keep up the good work Dr. Ng and the team!

  • Liyen Tang
    1 year ago

    I enjoy every visit here. Friendly nurses and doc. Very happy with the result. Only 3 laser sessions and my pigmentation is visibly gone. Highly recommended!

  • Happy Star
    1 year ago

    After giving birth, my spots began to appear. I ignored them when they were not obvious at first, and the longer and more they grew…Even my mom and I said on the video call why there are so many black spots on my face. So I checked on the Internet and saw One face and decided to go for treatment. Dr. David was very professional and told me the plan to treat spots. After several laser treatments, plus the skin care products prescribed by the doctor, the spots have faded a lot. The skin is also brightened. I am very grateful to Dr. David. I am very happy and feel more beautiful and more confident. The doctors and assistants of One Face are very kind and attentive. I really recommend that those who want to solve dark spots can go to One Face Clinic.

    自从生完孩子后,我的斑点就开始出现了,一开始没有很明显就没理会它,结果就越长越多…就连妈妈和我视频聊电话都说脸上怎么那么多黑点了,所以就上网查询看到One face 就决定去做治疗,Dr. David 很专业的告诉我治疗斑点的方案,经过了几次的激光治疗,外加配合医生开的护肤品,现在斑点已淡化很多了,皮肤也提亮了。很感谢Dr.David,我很开心,也觉得变美了更自信。One face 的医生和助理们都很亲切及细心,真心推荐想要解决黑斑的美美们可以去找One Face Clinic。

  • jeremy strav
    1 year ago

    Throughout my youth, I played many outdoors sports and thus developed thick and dense freckles all over my cheeks and nose. Recently, more and more of my friends had been pointing them out to me and I had become really self-conscious about them.

    One of my friends who had done acne scar removal with the doctor prior introduced to me to One Face Clinic as the doctor there was known for his pigmentation removal skills. Dr. David and his staff were all very friendly and took time to walk me through the entire process, including how to administer a 3 week skincare regime before the laser treatment. Prices were also very reasonable.

    I was expecting that the treatment would be painful and uncomfortable, but little did I know I felt almost no discomfort at all! The numbing cream and cold air blown on my face during treatment made the entire experience almost pain free.

    Immediately after the treatment, my skin did look quite red and swollen but after a few hours, the redness had mostly subsided and all that remained were little grey dots where scabs had began to form. Didn’t look all that bad and my colleagues couldn’t even tell that I had a laser treatment done that day. Within 3 days, my skin actually nearly completely recovered and the results for a single session were really amazing. I even asked the clinic for my before after photos so I could show the change to all my friends.

    I’d highly recommend anyone dealing with pigmentation issues to try out One Face Clinic if you’re looking for a skilled doctor and a pleasant customer experience. Two thumbs up!

  • Devotz sg
    1 year ago

    Very effective treatment!

  • Shinny Teng
    1 year ago

    I have acne pits and scars for many years~ Based on the combination of serious acne and blackheads in adolescence~ Basically, I don’t have much knowledge about skin care. I only have to try different treatments. The problem of acne is solved, but the problem of acne pits and scars on the two faces can only be covered daily with thick powder makeup. 😭

    Dr David suggested that my acne scars and acne pits need 2-3 times of laser treatment, and have a repair period, and I need some skin care preparation before the laser.

    After the first laser process, it was not as terrible as I imagined. The repair period is about 5 days, and I can accept it.

    After that, some shallow bumps began to improve significantly. I’m very happy and look forward to the next treatment very much. 😊

    我有着痘坑痘疤皮肤很多年了~基于青春期满脸严重的痘痘 + 黑头粉刺的问题组合~基本也没太多护肤方面的知识,只有乱尝试不同的方法治疗吧了~经历多年终于痘痘问题解决了,却落下两脸的痘坑痘疤问题,只能每日用厚粉化妆遮盖才能出门。😭

    Dr David 建议我的痘疤痘坑状况需要2-3次的激光治疗,并且要有修复期,而且激光之前需要做些护肤准备。



  • Magdalene Sim
    1 year ago

    Very experience Clinic w Pigmentation and Acne. Friendly staffs and good service.

  • Jc Jason
    1 year ago

    I have had acne for many years, blackheads, acne scars and acne pits. I tried many methods but failed to solve the problem completely. This Saturday
    In April, I found one face online for treatment.
    Therefore, in the recent epidemic, I have to wear a mask every day, and my face has been bursting with acne.
    The doctor first carefully observes the facial condition and proposes a plan for the problem. Since the acne is severely inflamed, first anti-inflammatory, and then take drugs to reduce the growth of new acne, metabolize some superficial acne and blackheads, the effect is very good, and you can feel some acne when you wash your face Harden and fall off.
    After the facial condition got better, the dot matrix treatment was performed by the doctor himself. After five times, the treatment was 80% better and the effect was remarkable. I will continue to treat acne marks on one face in the future.
    The doctors are very professional, patient and trustworthy. The doctor assistants at one face are very good and always give help and encouragement. The whole atmosphere is very reassuring. It is recommended for people with severe acne for treatment, early treatment and early treatment, it is really worthy of treatment

    4月份再网上找到one face进行治疗。
    因此最近疫情每一天都要带着口罩 脸一直都在爆痘。
    在面部情况好一些之后进行了点阵治疗,由医生亲自操作,五次之后就已经好了80%,效果很显著。今后还会继续在one face进行痘坑痘印的治疗。
    医生非常专业和耐心,值得信任,one face的医生助手们都非常好,时刻给予帮助和鼓励,整个氛围都很让人安心。推荐痘痘严重的人来治疗,早治早好,真是很值得的治疗

  • Ying Huey Fua
    1 year ago

    Consulted Dr. David for my pigmentation problems. Pigmentation has lighten and overall skin condition has shown much improvement. Dr David and his team exhibited a high level of professionism and dedication.

  • Stella Oon
    2 years ago

    Highly Recommend One Face Skin & Aesthetics Clinic for Acne treatments.

    I was having infected pimples which cause by bacterial infection. It would itch and causes me to feel uncomfortable. With Dr David recommended treatments according to my condition, my skin condition improved alot within 3 months of facials treatment.

    Additional, the staff in One Face are friendly and thoughtful. They always make me feel comfortable and give me time to think before making any decisions. *Thumbs Up*

  • Cherry Mae Mapalo
    2 years ago

    I had melasma for more than 10 years I have trie d many type treatments including going for twice a week lasers, my condition didnt improve much and it became darker. So I happened to see an article on facebook on One Face Clinic and visited the clinic last year and has been receiving treatments eversince then my condition now my melasma has lighten a lot and and under control. Comparing to the past treatment that I have done in other clinics, the treatment here in One Face Clinic is the most effective. Im very happy and Il continue to maintain my treatment under the care of One Face Clinic..Highly recommend fo those who has a pigmentation especially melasma..

  • Jonathan Soh
    2 years ago

    Have been seeing Dr David for the past few years. Skin condition has improved much from my youth acne days. Nice environment, great care from the team! 👍🏻

  • Kay Eng Kim
    2 years ago

    I came to One Face Skin & Aesthetics for my malasma treatment .
    I have fantastic experience as my skin improved tremendously after 1month of applying the cream and serum prescribed by doctor.
    I am more confident of myself now .
    A lot of my friends told me that my skin is getting better and wanted me to share with them my secret .
    Now I am telling all of you my secret is I am under Dr David ng care .
    He is a very friendly doctor and willing to discuss with me about the problem of my skin

    and the procedure of treatment .
    The staff are friendly .The environment is conducive.
    Most importantly,my skin improves tremendously.
    Thank you Dr Ng .

  • Myint Sandar
    2 years ago

    I love to see this clinic when i am start to go n this clinic i scare cozs i am domestic worker. I worried they will treat differently to us but i am in the shop surprise to me cozs they treat to customer very nice never treat differently. My face day by day improve a lot. Price also resonable price to everyone. Service also good. I hoping ur also anything happen to ur face faster go n see this clinic

  • Ame p
    2 years ago

    I was recommend by my friend to go One Face. Frankly I have no confidence for the start because I have this problem since birth. I have seen many established clinics and specialist but no visibility result shown. I have already give up. Nevertheless, I still go for my first visit at One Face. Few days later, I was so shocked to see myself in the mirror. I cannot believe with my own eyes. I have seen myself in the mirror for few times. I even change mirror to look at myself again and again. The result was so unbelievable! This is the first time I find “beauty” on my face. Same machine but different doctor. Since then, I only go to One Face. I am very impressive with Dr David’s knowledge and skill. Beyond word to describle it. Dr David did extra. He is a really friendly and approachable doctor I ever came across. Anyone whom approach me on my face condition, I will not hesitate to share One Face with them. Good thing is to share. I want to say a Big Thank You to Dr David and his team. Excellent service!

  • Geeta Bisht
    2 years ago

    My helper took treatment for severe melasma from this clinic and her results were very good. Her skin got cleared in two months just by using topical creams.

  • PK Tan
    2 years ago

    I have pigmentation issues and was recommended to this clinic by a friend.After few sessions of laser treatments, i can see tremendous improvements,not only pigmentation and my skin tone evenness as well .My sister noticed that too without knowing that i went for treatment. Dr David is very professional and experienced. He will apply the most appropriate laser treatments for every visits according to your skin condition. Most importantly,i think the price is reasonable! I had recommended my friends who have the same problems to this clinic too. Highly recommended!

  • Jen Swee
    2 years ago

    I highly recommend this place if you’re looking for aesthetic treatments!
    Dr David is very skilled and knowledgeable.
    Being very experienced in what he does, Dr David plans treatments according to individual needs and concerns.
    My pigmentation has been lightened by a lot just by taking the prescribed and applying the products medications.

    The staff in One face is also very friendly and helpful in terms of enquiries. Price wise is also very reasonable!!

  • Shirley Leong
    2 years ago

    I am happy that Dr David Ng has helped my melasma problem tremendously. Dr David Ng is friendly and very professional, he always explains very clearly before he starts any treatment. Would highly recommend One Face to anyone with melasma problem.

  • Geok Chang Lee
    2 years ago

    My face has a very serious bump hole… It was caused by the ignorance of the elementary school when I was in elementary school. When I grow up, I am very mindful… I will spend a lot of money to go to the beauty salon… Every time I see something on the Internet or a friend’s recommendation As long as I can see the holes that can help the bumps… I will buy them… but they don’t have much effect…
    Later, I accidentally saw someone sharing one face clinic treatment is very good… I just took the idea of ​​trying to consult… After the doctor looked at my skin… gave me a suggestion… let me do the subcision twice… the doctor assistant Also helped me to do a lot of psychological construction… I made an appointment and it’s time to come over…
    On the day… doctors and doctor assistants came to help me… give me encouragement…because I did this kind of medical beauty for the first time…a little nervous and scared…when I was treated…when I was playing with anesthesia, I felt painful…when doing subcision Did not feel the pain…
    After the treatment… my face was bruised for more than a week… During this repair period… I feel that my face is getting better slowly… The bump hole is not so deep… I went back to the clinic… The doctor also said my face Ok, more than his expectations…
    I am very satisfied with my treatment… I look forward to the next treatment…
    Everyone has any facial problems to ask… doctors and doctor assistants are very good…

    后来无意间看到有人分享one face clinic的治疗很不错…我就抱着试看看的想法来咨询…医生看了我的皮肤之后…给了我建议…让我做两次的subcision先…医生助理也帮我做了很多心理建设…我就预约了好了时间过来…

  • fong margaret
    2 years ago

    I have been plagued by enlargements of solar lentigo, dryness as well as milia filled facial skin for years.
    Chancing upon an Instagram posting of Dr David Ng and his team and after my son’s comment to ‘clean up’ my face, I did not hesitate to fix my first appointment with the clinic.
    Result was seen after one session of laser treatment of the spots and deroofing of the milia. The spot deminished further with prescribed daily application of their products.
    My family and co-workers too noticed the incredible improvement on the tone and texture.
    My experiences of visiting clinics over the years have never been one like One Face Clinic.
    I am made to feel most welcome from my very first and subsequent visits by an extremely friendly, knowledgeable and professional team. Every procedure to be done is explained clearly and reassured.
    I was and am still very pleased with the outcome of the transformation of my condition and look forward to my next appointment in December.
    I highly recommend a visit.

  • Aveline Tan
    2 years ago

    I was in my late twenties when I noticed some brown spots forming on both sides of my cheeks and on the top of my nose bridge. Initially, I thought they were freckles until these brown spots started darkening and did some merger & acquisition of their own to form bigger brown patches.

    Luckily, my mum who had gone through the same skin condition advised me to go to Dr. David. Turns out, the brown pigmentation is Hori’s Nevus, most commonly found in Asian population and caused by genetics (thanks mum) or hormones. I signed up for my laser treatment on the spot!

    Dr. David never fails to remind me of how I must prep my skin for the best laser results. He administers the laser treatment personally and always patiently explains each step of the treatment at every session. The whole experience was comprehensive, painless, safe and fast.

    My skin is now crystal clear, and I still go back regularly for maintenance and facial sessions. I am thankful to not just Dr. David but also to the wonderful ladies at One Face Skin & Aesthetics Clinic who have worked their magic on my skin. My face is eternally grateful to all of you!

  • Evelyn Chua
    2 years ago

    Dr David Ng is a very pleasant & experienced doctor. Unlike other skin clinics that i hv visited he & his staff are very friendly & not pushy. So far under his treatment my melasma has improved tremendously. What i appreciate is they provide serum treatment for me after each laser treatment due to my sensitive skin. I am using their skincare products (NeoAge serum & moisturiser) which hv kept my usually dry skin moisturized & glowing.
    Thanks to Dr Ng and his team of staff!
    Wishing you all a Merry X’mas & Happy New Year!

  • Penny Cheong
    2 years ago

    Dr David is very professional,friendly and only advise on the necessary face treatment needed . He has treated my pigmentation skin problems and I have a clear bright skin now.

  • chia chin
    2 years ago

    I’ve pigmentation issues and after the first laser treatment, I could see a difference. After a few treatments, pigmentation lightened by a lot. Dr David is very experienced and patient. Highly recommended!

  • Irene Wee
    2 years ago

    Very happy with my brighten and firmer face after my brightening laser & tightening facial treatment.

  • Leng Ang
    2 years ago

    have pigmentation mainly on my cheekbone area. There are bigger spots on the left side. I’ve underwent 5 laser treatments so far and the spots lighten with usage of derma cream too. The personnel are friendly to chat with. The ambience is relaxing.

  • Ru SS
    2 years ago

    Dr Ng treated my pigmentation with much care. My pigments have since lightened tremendously and I am thrilled with the results. The clinic location is convenient and the staff are friendly. OneFace clinic is the place to go to if you have any pigmentation issues. I have no regrets being treated by Dr Ng.

  • Yitmee Cheong
    2 years ago

    I have been troubled by the problem of working over the years, and finally decided to try the laser treatment. One face’s doctors are very professional and candidly inform patients of the extent of possible improvement and the treatment needed. After several laser treatments, and with the doctor’s anti-spotting medicine, my chloasma has faded and my skin has brightened. Overall, the effect is satisfactory and value for money. The eyebrows who want to improve the skin condition can come here to find out and choose the treatment program that suits them.

    我被黑班问题困扰多年,终于下决心来尝试一下激光治疗。one face的医生很专业,坦诚告知患者可能改善的程度以及所需的治疗。经过了几次的激光治疗,外加配合医生开的淡斑药物,我的黄褐斑淡化了,皮肤也提亮了,总体来说效果满意,物有所值。想要改善皮肤状况的美眉们可以来这里了解一下,选择适合自己的治疗项目。

  • iceblue bunny
    2 years ago

    I have pigmentation issues and was recommended this clinic by a friend. So I decided to give it a try. Dr Ng was very professional and gave me a well-rounded explanation of my problem n the treatments available. After a few sessions, I could see improvements on my skin. The place is also calming and the staff were very patient. Very glad I decided to go ahead.

  • Ian Goh
    2 years ago

    For many years, i have battled with severe acne issue.
    Which left behind ance scar and effected my self confidence and quality of life.

    I was first introduce to this clinic a few years ago.
    What turned out to be a normal visit to the clinic turned out to be a life changer for me !

    Dr David Ng , was patient , proffesional and knowledgable when it come to dealing with skin condition.
    Displaying high level of professionalism when he analyse my condition and explained to me what was the problems i was facing. I started treatment with them and used their products as well as oral medication , i saw major improvement and was extremly pleased with the results. I have been visiting this clinic ever since then.

    The staff are very warm, caring and sincere.
    A Wonderful set of team. I remember once it was pouring heavily and i didn’t have any umbrella with me.
    The staff offered to shelter me to the Mrt.
    I felt so touched, thay they extended this kind gesture to me.
    This is really service from the heart. Kudos to them!

    The clinic is always kept very clean , tidy and aromatic.
    Making each visit a relaxing one.
    It is always nice stepping into the clinic that takes pride in what they are doing.
    My overall experience experience with this clinic , their staff and their product range is a 100% a positive one.

    I would also like to specially mention beautician ” Candy ”
    for her dedication and service to me all these while.
    She is not only friendly and approachable, but very skillful as well 👍👍👍

    Thank you Dr Ng once again and his wonderful set of team from “One face skin & asthetics clinic” for taking such great care of my skin.

    Strongly recommend anyone to come and visit the clinic, and it might change your life, just like how it have changed mine.

  • Bryan Soh
    2 years ago

    Went through multiple treatments for acne issues. Doctor was attentive and professional. Took some time but treatments were effective. Staff were friendly and very approachable, definitely a comfortable environment. Would highly recommend to others!

  • Cheng
    2 years ago

    Very professional , friendly and helpful staff. The treatment services rendered are good and very effective especially for my pigmentation skin problems .

  • Pei Ni L.
    2 years ago

    I first came to One Face for a solution to my pregnancy acne. Despite not being able to manage my acne with medication due to the fact that I was pregnant, Dr David patiently explained what skincare I could use to manage the acne in the interim. He also detailed a treatment plan for me once I have delivered and stopped breastfeeding.

    I feel that I am not just being treated for at One Face but more of being cared of. Everyone at One Face is genuine and friendly, making it such a joy to return for treatments.

    After Dr David’s prescription, skincare and Candy’s facial, this three-prong approach has managed to successfully treat my acne.

    So I’m on the scar removal treatment now, which includes laser and subcision. I would say I’m at 80% to achieving my targeted clear and radiant skin.

  • Anne Goh
    2 years ago

    Doctor and staff are very professional. After first treatment for pigmentations I can see them lightened. Would happily recommend One Face for anyone who need treatment.

  • Sharon Ho
    2 years ago

    Highly recommend for those with acne and pigmentation problems. I have tried a number of aesthetics and facial treatments from several aesthetic clinics and beauty salons and none has worked well for me. Furthermore, these treatments were mostly costly. Until my friend recommended One Face Clinic which drastically improves my skin condition and pigmentation issue with the dedicated services from the doctor and clinic staff. Try it yourself and you will know.

  • Shen Amanda
    2 years ago

    The pigmentation and anti aging treatments here are safe and effective . Dr. David has been very patient and professional over the entire treatment process. Staff are equally friendly and responsive. Highly recommemded.

  • Sng Soh Ging
    2 years ago

    The pigmentation treatment here are effective and safe I did not go through any laser just using their products and can see good result.Dr Ng has been very patient and professional over the entire treatment process, staffs are very friendly and helpful most importantly no pushing of buying the products.Highly recommanded.

  • Cheryl Sng
    2 years ago

    My uneven skin tone & pigmentation treatments here are safe & effective. Dr David Ng is friendly & professional over the entire treatment.i have good result on my face.Highly recommended.

  • Serene Wong
    2 years ago

    One Face Clinic is a great company for complexion related concerns. It was such a relieve for me to have chanced upon this company one day. I have been having pigmentation issues for a prolonged period of time. Before starting my treatment here, I have tried various treatments in a beauty salon but instead of getting better, the spots were darkened. My confidence was affected, often avoiding crowded places as much as possible. My family members also often asked “what happened to your face”. But after going for treatment at One Face Clinic, my condition improved significantly after the 3rd session. The spots (Melasma) are no longer as dark, and my family members have the same views too! I was relieved, extremely happy and regained my confidence. In addition to the great results from the treatment, I must say that the service was of tip top quality as well. Dr David is friendly and professional and the staff are friendly too! Highly recommended for all who are facing stubborn pigmentation problems!

  • LINDA Huang
    2 years ago

    The freckle problem has been plagued for many years, and finally decided to try laser treatment. One face’s doctor is very professional and candid to inform the patient about the extent of the improvement and the treatment required. After 5 times of laser treatment, plus the plaque drugs opened by the doctor, the freckles faded in half a year, and the skin was brightened. Overall, the results were satisfactory and value for money. Those who want to improve their skin condition can come here to find out what treatments are right for them.

    雀斑问题困扰多年,终于下决心来尝试一下激光治疗。one face的医生很专业,坦诚告知患者可能改善的程度以及所需的治疗。经过了5次的激光治疗,外加配合医生开的淡斑药物,半年内雀斑淡化了,皮肤也提亮了,总体来说效果满意,物有所值。想要改善皮肤状况的美眉们可以来这里了解一下,选择适合自己的治疗项目。

  • Haoyuan Meng
    2 years ago

    I came here for treatment for acne after reading about it online. The staff here are super friendly and thoughtful. They try their best to make you feel comfortable and give you time to think before making decisions. The atmosphere here is also very welcoming and calm, with snacks and drinks available. You feel like you are cared for.

    After several rounds of treatment and facials, i feel like my condition has improved and stabilised quite a lot. The range of products here are also effective and make my face feel smoother. Really appreciate the care and patience shown by Dr David and his staff. Would recommend the clinic to anyone facing skin problems.

  • Enzo Yap
    2 years ago

    Dr David treated me for acne. After a round of antibiotics and electrocautery, my acne has calmed down alot. I now use the skincare regime to maintain my skin condition.

    When necessary, I return to have injections to calm the inflamed pimples down to prevent scarring. I’ll be trying to facial as an additional booster to maintain my skin health.

  • lamour woman
    2 years ago

    Did my HIFU treatment here at One Face Clinic. The pain was bearable during the treatment. Felt some soreness on both side of my jawline for the next 2-3 weeks. I can see some lifting right after the treatment and it took me another 6 weeks to see the ultimate result. Highly recommend this treatment at One Face Clinic for long term maintenance face lifting and anti-aging! Very happy with the results for the price I paid.

  • Chin FP
    2 years ago

    I was recommended by my friend to One Face Clinic as I am looking for my monthly facial treatment. During my first visit to the clinic, Dr David went through my skin condition with me and suggested me to some treatment that help to improve my skin. There have different types of trial facial treatments to choose before signing a full package with them. Their facial treatment is quite value for money too.

    On top of facial treatment, i did removal of skin tags on my neck and underarm areas. To my surprised, the treatments were very fast and my skin recovered well too. I also did Hifu treatment and i can see & feel my face is tightened after the treatment. All the treatments i did are really value for money as it was not expensive for each treatment.

    Beside all the treatments, Dr David and his clinic assistants are friendly, patient & knowledgable. The clinic is very nice & clean and i always enjoyed my visit during my treatment.

  • Sally
    2 years ago

    I was referred by a friend to see Dr David for my melasma of more than a decade.

    Dr David uses laser treatments and his special skin care products. After the 2nd session, I could see vast improvement in my skin condition. I could never have been happier with my skin condition. Subsequently, I have my facial done here by the beauty therapist. Dr David is both a competent and a caring doctor!

    The staff at One Face has great customer service. They are welcoming, warm and friendly.

    I would be more than happy to recommend Dr David to anyone who desires to have great skin!

    Kudos to Dr David and his team of beautiful assistants!

  • Jaysern Lee
    2 years ago

    Experienced dermatologist and experienced staff handling procedures and facial sessions.

  • Ning Mao
    2 years ago

    I have been suffering from acne for many years and have complicated facial conditions. I have hemorrhoids, lymphoid acne, blackheads, acne acne pits, and chin and sputum. I have tried many methods and have not completely solved the problem. I recommended it to one face for treatment in June this year.
    The doctor first carefully observes the facial condition and proposes a solution to the problem. Because the acne is inflamed, it is first anti-inflammatory, then taking drugs to reduce the growth of new acne, metabolizing some shallow acne blackheads, the effect is very good, you can feel some acne when you wash your face. Harden and fall off.
    After the facial condition was better, the dot matrix treatment was performed by the doctor himself. After five times, it was already 80% better, and the effect was remarkable. In the future, we will continue to treat acne marks on one face.
    The doctor is very professional and patient, trustworthy, one face doctor assistants are very good, always help and encourage, the whole atmosphere is very reassuring. It is recommended that people with severe acne should be treated early and treated well. It is really worthwhile treatment.

    本人长痘痘很多年,面部条件复杂,有痤疮、淋巴痘,多黑头粉刺,痘疤痘坑,下巴和两腮情况严重。尝试过很多方法都没有完全解决问题,今年六月份经推荐来到one face进行治疗。
    在面部情况好一些之后进行了点阵治疗,由医生亲自操作,五次之后就已经好了80%,效果很显著。今后还会继续在one face进行痘坑痘印的治疗。
    医生非常专业和耐心,值得信任,one face的医生助手们都非常好,时刻给予帮助和鼓励,整个氛围都很让人安心。推荐痘痘严重的人来治疗,早治早好,真是很值得的治疗。

  • sasa
    2 years ago

    I have been experiencing hormonal acne in my thirties and it’s never been fully treated by the many well known dermatologists I went to. I have spent so much on products and treatments and to no vail. Then my friend introduced me to Dr David. He went through with me my condition in details and I was then being treated using the laser treatment to treat all the clogged pores. After going through about four sessions, my clogged pores have greatly reduced and even no more recurrence. Of course, I also use the prescribed products for face bookwhich were specifically formulated by doctor to maintain my skin condition. Anyone with hormonal acne can be cured! I didn’t even need to take drugs to control it which is superb. Thanks to all the friendly staffs as well! Happy to be coming back for facials!

  • E Tan
    2 years ago

    I am most happy with One Face Clinic, thought I’ll share my positive experience here regarding my battle against uneven skin tone and pigmentation problems on the face. Dr David is a friendly and practical medical professional who doesn’t go for a quick-kill in his approach in helping patients achieve healthy skin and complexion. Instead he does a detail assessment of my skin condition, then prescribes some clinic-grade skincare products to prep the skin first before he designs the most appropriate laser treatments during my subsequent visits. Coupled with the facials which are also available in the clinic, I am able to conveniently combine my treatments and regular facials in one visit. The clinic staff are nice and efficient, making each visit a relaxing one.
    I now have a clear skin tone which doesn’t rely heavily on foundation and feel perfectly happy to walk out of the house with a moisturizer and adequate sun screen.

  • Xinya
    2 years ago

    The location of the clinic is very easy easily accessible just a short distance from Tanjong Pagar Station. The clinic itself is cosy, well kept and neat. The staff are always super courteous and friendly and attentive. Always trying to ensure that your visit is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

    I’ve been seeing Dr David for my acne for more than a year at One Face Clinic. He has always prioritised my well being and has been unrelenting in assembling the best treatment for my skin. After time I am able to see visible improvements and this has definitely helped elevate my confidence and spirits.

    I have recommended the clinic to my friends and colleagues seeing that my experience here has been a positive one.

  • ryan li
    2 years ago

    Had a lot of acne before coming here, after coming here, my face improved a lot! Thanks!

  • Cecilia Ang
    2 years ago

    My face was filled with freckles and have a generally unhealthy skin that was quite sensitive. Dr David was friendly and professional, he uses a laser treatment which was effective and efficient. After a couple of visits, my face was cleared of the freckles and I honestly feel the difference in terms of the skin condition. The overall experience was a pleasant one with the staff being kind and helpful and Dr David being extremely caring and cater to my needs. I have been a repeated customer ever since.

  • Shazia Shahid
    3 years ago

    Worth meeting Dr David. The issue I had for years with no difference, i saw the change here… My face started glowing and my pigmentation spots became lighter in about 20 days. Value for money.

  • Geng Chener
    3 years ago

    Dr. David Ng is very passionate about what he is doing and always thinking about innovation and giving the best to his patients. I have went through a few major breakouts, Dr. David is always there to give me advice and provide solutions. Grateful for that. Friendly staff there too, reminding and assisting on appointment schedules.

  • Natalie Walton
    3 years ago

    Dr David Ng is very a special doctor. Been going around a few clinics to try to solve my melasma woes. Every clinic pushes for huge laser packages but only Dr David advised me to try out some medical creams for a few weeks first. And true enough, the cream works and i only needed minimal lasers to remove the rest! Honest and ethical doctor. Highly recommended!

  • Gina Wong
    3 years ago

    Went to One Face on the recommendation of my auntie who previously had her melasma removed there. Excellent service from the staff, especially jackie who spent alot of time explaining to me the use of my medication. Dr David Ng is also very patient and willing to discuss different treatment options.. not just lasers. Have seen alot of improvement on my acne PIH in 6 weeks so thanks doctor! hope you are doing well 🙂

  • Why Keen Tham
    3 years ago

    Had my face and neck treated by Dr David recently, and the experience was awesome! I have a condition the doctor told me was a form of kerotosis, or commonly known as 老人斑 in chinese. Before seeking treatment at One Face Clinic, I tried using Salicylic acid, which was painful, and which took very long for results to show.

    All in all, I was extremely happy with the entire experience. The clinic had a very comfortable ambience, the staff were warm and friendly, and most importantly, I must say that I am glad that a medically trained doctor was in charge of the entire treatment. Dr David’s experience showed, especially when he worked on dangerous areas near my eyes. I have heard of spa treatments that were similar and probably cost even less, but I think knowing that a doctor was in charge made a lot of difference to me!

  • Winnie Quek
    3 years ago

    Very happy that the treatment for my hormonal acne was efficient and my face cleared up quickly!

    Dr Ng always answer all my queries patiently and shared on pros and cons of the different types of treatment. Not forgetting the ladies at the clinic are also always friendly and warm.

  • Melinda Bey
    3 years ago

    So happy that I met Dr David. Over the last 4 sessions my acne scars and meslesma that has been on my face for so long finally lighten up. I thought I would live with it forever after so many tries. Highly recommend Dr David!!

  • Patricia Yap
    3 years ago

    Came here after hearing about Dr David from my friends. I’ve tried many ways to lightening and treatments to help with my acne scars and freckles, always had disappointing results until I met Dr David. My skin showed visible improvement after the first 3 sessions! Want to express thanks to Dr David for great advice.

    My only complaint perhaps is that Dr David is sometimes too busy, I had to wait around 20 minutes to meet him on my first visit despite having an appointment! He did however make me feel comfortable and happy later when he showed his professionalism. Taking the leap of faith to consult Dr David has left me extremely happy. Thank you!

  • Fang Huiting
    3 years ago

    Came to Dr David to clear up my pigmentation from a freak bout of acne. So far, been really happy with the results! Visibly lighter scars, painless treatment. Also very impress with Dr David and the way he professionally understands my problem before giving treatment. Previously had a bad experience where I was rushed into treatment after just a very brief look and didn’t see results.

  • Hui Yongqi
    3 years ago

    Everyone in my family has freckles, my grandparents, my parents, and especially me. I’ve always been very concerned about how I could manage this problem, since I’ve got alot of freckles and some melasma from an earlier bout of rash near my neck and face. My cousin was the one who introduced me to Dr David, saying he was really good at dealing with freckles, and I’m very glad to have taken that recommendation.

    Dr David really takes his time when it comes to understanding the situation. I remember being really surprised when he presented the options to me and even took time to understand the budget I was working with. It made me feel really taken care of by a professional — even before treatment started! I chose to start out with creams, and found them to be effective in removing and lightening most of the pigmentation areas. It was only after my 3rd review that Dr David discussed using laser treatment to finish up the more stubborn spots.

    2 sessions into the laser treatments already, I must say I feel great. My family and co-workers have commented about how different I look, and I feel confident putting on less make up to cover the blemishes. My time with Dr David is always comfortable, the staff take care of me well. Considering how I’ve managed to stay within budget, I’d say this is money well spent. Thanks Dr David, couldn’t have done it without your hard work and expertise.

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