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  • Adrian MH Tan
    6 months ago

    Fascia Re-sculpting – friendly service with Miko. Effective results thank u

  • Annie Chong
    6 months ago

    Their fascia re-sculpting is very effective and their service is excellent especially their specialist Aili and Miko also very friendly ?

  • Janice Heng
    7 months ago

    Treatment is very good. Can see effective results.

  • Zi Hui Wong
    7 months ago

    I did Fascia Re-Sculpting with Miko and Juan. There was an immediate improvement after the very first session. Could see marked improvement in my eye bags and crow feet.

    7 months ago

    I’ve been doing facial re-sculpting with Miko a few sessions. She is friendly, professional and experienced. Love the treatment??

  • Carol Chua
    7 months ago

    Fascia resculpting is effective here. She is very skilful and knowledgeable. I can see the difference and progress of my face. Thumbs up to the staffs there and I am very fortunate to have chance upon kuko beauty!!!

  • Yuka Watanabe
    8 months ago

    I’ve been going for the facial sculpting and very happy with the result so far! I could see the difference on my first try.

  • koh hui wen angeline
    8 months ago

    Miko is a very friendly person who gets along with people very easily. She is very patient in helping me with my beauty treatments and uses effective methods that produces good results.

  • Sharon WW
    9 months ago

    Let me know if anyone want to sign up package for facial sculpting, we can sign up together to get higher % discount.

  • Wendy Leong
    9 months ago

    Fascia Re-sculpting

  • tudar sg
    10 months ago

    I have been to multiple TCM Aesthetic places, I have to say that kuko beauty is one of the most technical experience I’ve had. Managed to feel the big difference after my 2nd treatment. Had my jawline sharpened and my whole face could see the contrast. Especially my dark eye circles were almost gone. It is truely a remarkable experience. Would highly recommend anyone to come try. Kudos to the therapist that helped me with my face condition. Look forward to my next visit. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Anna Barkova
    10 months ago

    I am amazed by the changes after just a few sessions! My face and body look much younger, brighter and fresher! Sunken cheeks are gone, eyes and mouth are not down anymore. The shape of the legs is almost perfect, better than when I was 25 yo, but I’m 51 yo already! Kuko’s therapists are really body sculptures! I’m happy to know them and recommend to everyone to enjoy their magic! Just be prepared – it’s rather painful:)

  • Kee Aikyen
    10 months ago

    I have my Fascia Re-Sculpting for few times here and my face get firming and slowly back to v shape. Service here is kind and friendly and I Will recommend my friends for their services.

  • Tan Jermyn
    10 months ago

    The biggest difference between seeing Joy in Kuko and other facial therapists in another company is HEART. It is this heart that synchronizes her thoughts with that of customers and persist in her effort to heal the face of every customers. The technique there isn’t guasha at all. They called it “fascia resculpting” which is much more effective. I’m happy with the result and looking forward to seeing her every week.

  • Angelica Lee
    10 months ago

    I have been doing my facial here with AiLi on Fascia Re-Sculpting. She is very professional, caring and experience. She knows what’s she doing and presses the exact facial point that is giving me issue and works wonders on my face! My face is smaller and I look prettier. Highly recommended.

  • Tay Jian Lin
    11 months ago

    I’ve been doing facial re-sculpting with Joy for these few months and the result is just amazing. I can’t believe that TCM can deliver the result same as western medicine. There are no side effects in long term and look more natural. The most important thing is she has been trying to help me get healthier by unblocking the meridians every time, so knowledgeable too.

  • marcella “m͎a͎c͎e͎y͎”
    11 months ago

    Kuko was the first who invented authentic fascia resculpting technology. I was glad I found them before opting for a plastic surgery as this was the only solution to the numerous problem I had earlier. Aesthetics would not be able to permanently solve all my face problem. But with Kuko – this is possible. They are the only solution to be able to make good all your face problem without plastic surgery. I do not need other facial services ever since I have them. Thanks to Aili – the angel behind my pretty face.

  • Gerardine Chong
    11 months ago

    I did their signature treatment called Fascia Resculpting for face and body and the results were astounding! I’ve done several sessions already but after 1 session face and eye area was lifted and complexion was radiant! I love this treatment as it’s effective and results can be seen straight away!

  • Henry Lo
    11 months ago

    (After a few micro-plastic surgery at Kuko Beauty, the whole face has been lifted and tightened, and my bags under the eyes have been solved. The forehead lines and nasolabial folds have also become much lighter. The most amazing thing is that my face is obviously shorter than before. It really makes me feel Very pleasantly surprised

    Thank you for my Chinese plastic surgery

    Therapist: Jenny)

    在Kuko Beauty 做了几次微整形后 整个脸部都提升紧致 把我眼袋问题都解决了 抬头纹和法令纹也浅了许多 最为神奇的是我的脸型明显比以前短了 真的让我感觉十分惊喜



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