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136 Reviews on “ICON Aesthetics”

  • Sushi
    4 months ago

    I did my first Microneedling treatment here about two months ago, and honestly I am unable to see improvement. The treatment itself was more painful than I expected, and the downtime was quite long – about a week. My skin broke out quite a bit and became rough (perhaps part of the recovery process) but luckily I recovered eventually. I was not informed of the downtime, because if I knew, I might have second thoughts.
    Initially I went there to try out a laser treatment on Fave, but I was pushed to do Microneedling instead (I was curious) , and eventually got another 2 sessions of Microneedling. I am thinking to ask for a refund as it has not done much to my skin, despite the pain and long downtime.

  • bernice tan
    4 months ago

    I’m a client, not a competitor. The reason why I would crack their ugly business is because of the doctor’s unprofessional attitude. I’ve been to so many clinics, and this is the worst of the worst.

    the last thing of any aesthetic process is causing risk and complications on the face, which is what happened to my nose thread – my gum pulled up by the lower threads, my nose tips is numbing for months, the thread material is low, the overall result is extrmelt compromised. and the best part – the doctor said ‘it’s subjective’ , there is nothing much I could do to prove him wrong.
    how shameful?

    The listing contains multiple fake reviews which has been reported. you may spot it by yourself too – look for those only 1, 2 reviews from single reviewers – who would do that?

    more updates to follow – if you are also a victim, pls report to CASE follow by small tribunal court.

  • Jonah Jane E. Ginete
    8 months ago

    Always a pleasant experience every time I go to Icon. Staff especially Angel and Amy are so attentive to my needs and polite. They also maintain high standard of hygiene. The treatments I have done with them works and worth it. Most importantly, there is no hard selling ever.
    Icon really lives ip to its name of being an Icon in their field. Salute and keep up the good work! 😍

    1 year ago

    Nadia is a fast-paced yet patient worker as she willingly able to answer all my questions as well as clarifying my doubts while completing her job.

  • Bloomy Grace
    2 years ago

    Angelina is quiet helpful in assisting my monthly facial and IPL for face and underarms, she is good in dealing the customer needs. I would recommend Icon Aesthetics as it suite to my needs.

  • 酷妈黛安娜Cool Mum Dianna
    2 years ago

    My aesthetician was Angelina, and she was pleasant and professional and made me feel very calm thoguhout the process. I did cryofacial here, very relaxing experience.

  • Zhanna Merson
    2 years ago

    Angelina was amazing! I just finished my Icon Glow laser package and will definitely be coming back because the results are amazing. Thank you ICON team! A++ service

  • 郭星源
    2 years ago

    Tried EmShape. Experience was great! Thanks Angelina for the excellent service.

  • zechian kang
    2 years ago

    Have been coming here regularly for a year and have recommended my friends to come as well. Professional environment, cozy and clean atmosphere with an elegant and chic interior. Dr. Wilson’s customised treatment plan for me has helped my skin improve tremendously. Would gladly recommend to anyone.

  • Huihui Ng
    2 years ago

    Excellent service from Angelina!

  • Aimi Nadzirah
    2 years ago

    Very pleasant session, no hard selling and everything were explained detail and straight forward. Angelina is very soft throughout the session, the extraction didn’t hurt at all. Recommended

    2 years ago

    Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Quality, Value

  • kaijun w
    2 years ago

    Good facial service done by Angelina

  • peiqin95
    2 years ago

    Good and accommodating service from Yv and Yun. Despite last minute cancellation and changes to appt, they still keep up with the good service provided. Just hope after all this treatment cum the price paid of it, results will be all worthwhile. Hoping to see a major change. Hope I can update this review soon.

  • Dang Moo
    2 years ago

    I will only say aesthetician wilson is too young and inexperience . I wont suggest him to do any of the treatment anymore! His judgement is not good. Think he is out to make quick big bucks only. Try at your own risk

  • Jenny Chua
    2 years ago

    $100+ (can’t remember the exact amount). but please do not waste your time to visit this beauty parlour if you just want to go for the “trial”, they will absolutely do everything within their power to upsell you to their package (usually $700 based on your “body condition”), because the applicator used for the trial is the smallest applicator (usually only used for chin and a small area underarm).

    Even if you are willing to pay more for a package, I would also not go for this place. Not very sure what is the brand of technology used for the fat freeze treatment, so not very scientific either. Would rather be safe than sorry for these sorts of treatments.

  • Mao Mao
    2 years ago

    Angelina’s service is very good. Find her


  • Wen Mandy
    2 years ago

    Angelina is very attentive and efficient. Overall a pleasant treatment.

  • Yue Shen
    2 years ago

    Angelina is very professional, I will definitely continue to recommend your services to others.

  • shan shan
    2 years ago

    Angelina very courteous, very professional and nice. ambience is nice.

  • Kren Viray
    2 years ago

    Got their brazilian SHR. Today is just my 3rd session and I can say its very effective. Hair growth is significantly slower. Staff, Anglina is very professional and gentle. Highly recommended

  • Smitha Shilendra Gottigere
    2 years ago

    Angelina gave a very good facial. It was relaxing and refreshing. One of the best services soo far.

  • Renee YYL
    2 years ago

    First time visit and did glow laser treatment… satisfy with the services..Staff Angelina is gentle and professional..Will visit again .

  • Scarletk
    2 years ago

    Really disappointed with them. Bought the fave voucher, however, in the end they said that the treatment was not suitable and forced me to pay few hundred more just for another facial type. Dishonest, very pushy and a lot of hard selling. Not recommended!

  • Manuela de Souza
    2 years ago

    Angelina was very details and Friendly. happy with their Services.

  • Jonas Tay
    2 years ago

    Thank you for the great treatment service Angelina. 😊👍

  • Lin Yuanbing Josette
    2 years ago

    Angelina is professional and thorough in her service. Greatly recommend her to new customers 🙂

  • Elsie Hon
    2 years ago

    My monthly facial. The service is always prompt and very comfortable

    The therapist are very professional especially angeline 😍

  • Desiree Orien Tay
    2 years ago

    Angelina was super awesome at what she did and she really took super good care of me during my appointment.

    10/10 recommend Angelina!

  • Yiru Wang
    2 years ago

    After 2 times I requests a change of therapist. Angeline served my gold ptt+pico for the facial part and she is gentle and detailed. Now a satisfied customer again.

  • Vinita Vijayakumar
    2 years ago

    Review for Yun and Yvonne.
    First time when I visited ICON I had no knowledge of laser.
    Yvonne- Yvonne is very understanding and she knows what is best for me . she advises me how to plan my payments which makes me to sign up for more treatments with ICON.

    Yun- Yun’s service is excellent. She is very professional and suggest the best. I am personally comfortable with Yun’s service.

    Thank you Yvonne and Yun. 🙂

    2 years ago

    Ms Yvonne & Ms Jia Wei both provided excellent services and care to ensure I acheive my desired results in the shortest time and within least-cost possible. Highly recommended for fats spot reduction.

  • LOVE Ugates
    2 years ago

    I had very satisfying with their service special thanks to Yvonne & Alexis. Their IPL underarm really works to me. My session take a year. thank you Icon.

  • Jamie Ma
    2 years ago

    Love it here. Jiawei and Jac have been really helpful! All the staff here really nice too:)

  • Jia C.
    2 years ago

    The service at Icon Aesthetics is very good and Jia Wei is both friendly and professional. I know I am in good hands whenever I come for a facial treatment.

  • Stacy Goh
    2 years ago

    Great service, friendly customer service. Appointments can be managed via text, and with reminders.

  • Gifford Chan
    2 years ago

    Really loving the service provided by Icon Aesthetics. Jacelyn, the sales consultant, is always so patient and she does not hardsell, which is always a relief. Aesthetician Alexis and Hui Yun are also very gentle and experienced. 2 thumbs up!

  • Apple Ywin
    2 years ago

    Staff here are friendly
    Thanks Jiawen and a few others (sorry I cant recall all the names😅) who did the treatment for me.

  • siva kumar
    2 years ago

    Welcoming staff, they go through all the procedures with explanations. Alexis took great care while doing the treatments

  • Khoong Shi Yun
    2 years ago

    did a facial here by Ms Hui Yun and shes so patient and nice who cares to my requests!! Great service 🙂

  • alicia tang
    2 years ago

    Icon Aesthetics has wonderful service very attentive staff, Hui Yun who provided the IPL program for me was detailed oriented, polite and friendly. Congratulations for well trained employees and superb service for every visit.

  • B X
    2 years ago

    Not the best experience. Staff are very, very pushy and hard sell, and communication about packages and payment was unclear. Thought I had already paid for a small package in full, but got a nasty surprise when I was told that I had to pay a huge balance for the rest of the package — would like to believe it was a communication issue and not intentional, but it was still a very bad experience. Staff also kept coming into the room to ask me to sign for more sessions during my treatment, which I thought was very annoying and invasive. I probably had to reject the offer five times or so before they would drop it. Please just leave me alone and let me relax!

    Two stars because the environment is nice and I guess the treatment works, but the treatment is available at many other places, so I wouldn’t renew my package here.

  • June Cam
    2 years ago

    My beauty therapist Hui Yun is very professional and skillful- She has a great attitude and top-notch service. Im very happy with the excellent results so far! Thank you 🙂

  • Michelle Calilap
    2 years ago

    I had the Urban Rejuvenation Facial done by Alexis and it was so good and relaxing.

  • l m
    2 years ago

    I’ve signed a few packages with ICON because of their great service and facilities. My aesthetician Hui Yun who’s doing my facial treatment now is skillful and patient and I’ve seen improvements in my stubborn skin. Yvonne is also friendly and genuine in her service and recommends treatments that are suitable for my skin and body. Love the experience here!

  • dawnpau1184
    2 years ago

    Staffs were friendly and the place is very clean and the atmosphere is so cozy. Staff Yun who did my treatment was very gentle. She always makes sure that im ok and i like the fact that she takes her time to target all the hairs with the laser. Overall satisfied with the way they handled their clients.

  • Valerie Cai
    2 years ago

    Wun advise the type of services I needed and timeline required for treatment. She know her products well. And most importantly, I feel comfortable with icon Asethetics.

  • Wingsley Khor
    2 years ago

    Done hair removal by jiawei,good result and good service!

  • Michelle Wong
    2 years ago

    Eve is a super friendly consultant, not pushy too. Dr Wilson is patient, explains every step and very professional.

    Price a bit steep but for the service and professionalism, it is worth it.

  • Suwan Sim
    2 years ago

    Excellent service!

  • Ayisath Rajiba
    2 years ago

    My Beauty Therapist is Chia Wei. Very dedicated and sincere n her services to customer. I am very happy with her. Worth taking her as your therapist.

  • Lh
    2 years ago

    Great service by Chia Wei. My skin condition getting stable now. Been following this place for a year.

  • Stephanie Boo
    2 years ago

    Love the overall service provided by all the consultants. Very comfortable and relaxing feeling. Dr Wilson Ho is very professional and gives a great sense of assurance

  • Xiaojie Chen
    2 years ago

    Good atmosphere and enjoy i really love the service recommend by experience advisor that suit me. Thank you.

  • LY O
    2 years ago

    Pico laser promotion – $99( A la carte $298) does not include doctor’s consultation fee of $80 (it will be charged every visit ) and most likely yellow laser ($298) will be recommended to be done together. Facemask for post laser is additional $38. It is amounting to $480.

    FYI There is no brochure in this clinic. Good environment & nice location in Orchard though.

  • 富山良
    2 years ago

    I think it was beautiful, easy to access, and the laser was good. However, there are additional charges in Singapore one after another. I thought it was $ 99 (promo price) and the final payment was $ 480.

    Pico laser $ 99 (à la carte $ 298)
    Medical fee $ 80 / time
    Yellow laser $ 298
    Post-laser pack $ 38


    ピコレーザー $99( アラカルト$298)
    診療費 $80 /回
    レーザー後のパック $38

  • Reema Bhattacharya
    2 years ago

    Really like the service at icon. Ask for Alexis, she is really professional

  • Ah Flower Ang
    2 years ago

    They cheating said will refund to me but end up no response at all. Poor service and there have a lady Sales Manager will forcing to sign other package and buying their products, if you don’t buy anything, they wouldn’t let you go.

  • Linton Paul
    2 years ago

    Good facial treatment for dry skin. Thank you Chia Wei and Jac.

  • geetika thareja
    2 years ago

    I have been doing to Icon for a last few weeks and I am thoroughly impressed with their professionalism. Chia Wey and Jacyln are very helpful and accomodating. Place is super hygienic and has a great feel good factor!

  • Janice Lew
    2 years ago

    I know I am good hand with Dr Ho. He is very professional and patient; Eve and other staff are very friendly and helpful too! Great experience.

  • Jocelyn Javier
    2 years ago

    I am very happy for my under eye filler.. The Doc is very nice and handsome. More importantly he did a great job for me. All the staff are nice and friendly. I will sure comeback again..

  • Catherine Tan
    2 years ago

    Dr. Wilson Ho is very professional in his field.
    Service is professional, result was natural & perfect as required. Eve was friendly & helpful with the information needed.
    Price a bit at the high side. Result is good.👍👍👍👍👍

  • Pow Jiayun
    2 years ago

    Visited Icon for aesthetic procedure, Eve and Doctor Wilson Ho were very professional and patient when attending my consultation. Overall great service and achieved desirable results at this clinic

  • Eugenia Chionh
    2 years ago

    Nicely renovated and cosy place! Been coming here for fat freeze and lipo laser treatment! Look for Alexis! Experience and Gentle!

  • Joanne Liew
    2 years ago

    Alexis and Vicqy are very friendly

  • 라이너스담요
    2 years ago

    Have been trying many facial shops using Fave vouchers to find one works for me. This seems one of a few I found so far worth to sign up package and spend a couple of hours. (I’m not afraid of declining hard sell talk and not hesitant to walk-away)

    Therapist Alexis is very calm and professional – she seems quite experienced and know what customer wants. Consultant Vicky also kindly answered to my too many questions and recommended me the treatment works for me (rather than the Fave voucher I bought).
    Still need to see the progress as I just had one session. Hopefully I can stick to this and don’t have to

  • mika he
    2 years ago

    Good Service doctor Wilson and Eve and good experience

  • Grace Yang
    2 years ago

    Positive: Cleanliness, Punctuality, Quality, Value

  • Hui Fen Lim
    2 years ago

    Friendly staffs, love Jia Wei and Yvonne hospitality. Thoughtful and caring, definitely recommended 🙂

  • Diane F
    2 years ago

    I’ve been going here to remove facial hyperpigmentation due to sun damage. I’m on a plan with yellow laser (to reduce melanin production) as well as pico laser. After only 3 of 6 recommended treatments so far, majority of the dark spots on my face have significantly reduced or are gone altogether. Totally recommend going here as the staff are friendly and kind, the facilities are wonderfully clean and luxurious, and Dr. Wilson always manages expectations with the treatments and recoveries. After my laser treatment is done, I am considering getting fillers for my under eye bags and circles!

  • luann seah
    2 years ago

    the service was very good and vicqy was very patient the person that did my facial also did it very professional her name is hui yun, 100% recommended!!

  • Estelle Elizabeth Lee
    2 years ago

    Felt cheated after the whole ordeal. Got the Glow Laser trial package at $99 for 3 sessions. Went the first time and i was happy with the service and i was interested to sign up for a package but i couldnt decide on the package. I told the staff i needed some time to think about it and consider the packages. She told me that i could pay a $50 deposit to lock in as a member with them so i did. the next time when i came over to do the glow laser for the 2nd time. i was influenced to top up another few hundred for a cleansing package. i did not want to commit to the package. so i was willing to pay the full price for 1 time cleansing facial. BUT at this point, when i asked to use the $50 to offset the full facial cleanse session (which i have agreed to pay for the full price), i was rejected and the staff told me i cannot utilise the $50 at all because it was meant to lock down as a deposit for another package. at this point of time i was livid but i was also in a rush, so i paid the full price of the facial and left. after that when i whatsapp or call them, nobody replied me at all. when i emailed them there was no reply. when i went down to talk to them about it for a refund, they are now asking me to use the $50 for another promotion package. THEN WHY DID THEY NOT ALLOW ME TO OFFSET THE PREVIOUS FACIAL CLEANSE SESSION?! RIDICULOUS!

    i would strongly discourage signing up any packages with this aesthetic because of the way they carry out their business – cheating customers into putting a deposit with them and then not allowing them to use the deposit later on to keep their customers coming back again and again. if there is a zero star rating available, that is my honest review after getting cheated of that $50. if $50 is an amount that this business entity is unwilling to honour, i do not think they deserve to be trusted with the customers’ commitment of paying thousands of dollars to.

  • John Peter
    2 years ago

    I would like commend Alexis on her services. Very calm and professional. I have signed 12 sessions with them. Price is reasonable. I once bought a Fave voucher 4 sessions redeemed at 1 visit.The staff allowed 2 sessions to be redeemed on another day.

  • 00 00
    2 years ago

    I am really happy with my treatment with Alexis. Thank you.

  • Ee Ling Soo
    2 years ago

    Good treatment and love my therapist Alexia, friendly, attentive and good service, taking care of my beauty needs.

  • antipodes still
    2 years ago

    Pristinely clean yet comfortable environment. Staff is ESPECIALLY well-placed and excellent at their respective job scopes. Jac is a natural talent in her warm reception and explanations, and Alexis is THE BEST therapist who listened to my concerns and customised her therapy accordingly.

  • Michelle Koh
    2 years ago

    Always in great hands with Alexis! Been going for the BB glow facials monthly and skin texture has greatly improved.

  • Mandy Tan
    2 years ago

    great service rendered always . non pushy is what i like most about them , always attentive to all my needs and my face is glowing after every treatment . thank u ❤

  • Jialing9386 Jialing9386
    2 years ago

    Alexis ❤️

  • Florence Loke
    2 years ago

    Friendly staff and effective treatment result. Highly recommended!!!

  • Angie Ng
    2 years ago

    did hair removal there, my hair growth slow down alot. im very happy with the result, thank you.

  • Jasper Lim
    2 years ago

    Good experience, Eve is very friendly and professional.

  • Xin yi
    2 years ago

    Highly recommended, the therapist(Alexis) is friendly and patient. Enjoy the whole treatment for my facial.

  • Genie Chan
    2 years ago

    Alexis is very patient, she is very detailed when doing hair removal for me. I enjoyed the treatment with her and the service here. Highly recommended!

  • Hooi Ting
    2 years ago

    Good experience, eve is very patient and friendly… thumb up

  • Nix
    2 years ago

    no hard selling,patient,excellent service
    i love face laser very effective for me 🙂

  • Charlene Chong
    2 years ago

    Very good service 👍🏻

  • jaysee eisvran
    2 years ago

    Service is great especially from staff Alexis and Yvonne.

  • Eve Ang
    2 years ago

    its was a good experience doing my facial treatment here by alexis!

  • Aleesha Aley
    2 years ago

    Love how the therapist are very gentle with my skin throughout my treatment! Honestly, it is one of the best aesthetics clinic I’ve ever been to. Will recommend to all my friends ❤️ Worth the money!

  • Peony Lee
    2 years ago

    Did SHR with ICON and was not disappointed! Could see visible results after 3 sessions. Kudos to the team for being so friendly and professional.

  • Mag Wang
    2 years ago

    Both Yvonne and Chia Wei are very friendly and service oriented.. they will review your skin conditions before treatment to ensure it’s suitable for your skin. Highly recommended 👍🏻

  • Jac Ng
    2 years ago

    Caring and attentive staff especially Alexis n Jacqueline who attended to me on different occasions. Clean and good ambience.

  • Lavinia J
    2 years ago

    Yvonne /Chia Wei very good service, enjoy the treatment here , love it…

  • Pam Ng
    2 years ago

    Lovely ambience and attentive therapists; Yvonne and Alexis are both really professional, friendly and sweet. Really enjoyed my few visits here so far!

  • Kim Jerlee
    2 years ago

    i’ve been going to icon aesthetics for my brazilian super hair removal for the past couple of months and the results have been to my satisfaction. their facilities are high end and their customer service is really great, i especially like jac and jw. highly recommended!

  • Teena Toh
    2 years ago

    Thank you Jac and Alexis for a nice and comfortable fat freeze treatment here.

  • Tisha Mellado
    2 years ago

    Alexis, one of the Consultants, is very good 💕

  • Nurul Anis
    2 years ago

    Currently I am doing Laser Brazilian services with ICON Aesthetics. I would say within just 3 treatments, I am able to see a huge improvement. The hair growth definitely slower and no regrow hair at certain areas. I believe, with more sessions ahead I will be expecting great results. Thank you to Ms.Yvonne and Ms.Chia Wei who have been taking care of me well here in Wisma ICON Aesthetics. Looking forward on another services which is availble here. Two thumbs up!!!!

  • Nishioka Tomoko
    2 years ago

    Very friendly staff (thank you, Hui Yun and Jac!) and always kept very clean. The place is nice with no hard selling. They’ll provide you with ongoing promotions by texts. 🙂 I had IPL treatment for 10 sessions, they’ll ask you in each session how the progress is since the last session and adjust the strength accordingly.

  • Francis Xavier Phuang
    2 years ago

    thx alexis! great care & service

  • Marilyn Ho
    2 years ago

    Chia wei is a very good therapist! Feel comfortable with her service & treatment. Jac is also very friendly with good follow up!

  • Yenling Khee
    2 years ago

    Doctor is experience and offers good advice on what needs to be done based on individual needs. They are not the cheapest in town but the doctor’s skill is worth the extra moolah you are paying for

  • Lim Lin
    2 years ago

    I have been going to Dr Wilson for multiple aesthetic treatments. I like his skills and aesthetics sense. It has been pleasure experience with the clinic thus far. Clinic ambience is superb with friendly and professional staffs. I have been referring many of my close friends to Dr Wilson, all have been satisfying and happy patients. Kudos to ICON tea

  • Nikie Leng
    2 years ago

    I have been going to Icon Aesthetics since July for a series of aesthetic treatments. Dr Wilson and his team are very professional and friendly. Throughout my consultation, I was given recommendations, however I was not pressured into doing a treatment. Sometimes doctors can be intimidating, but Dr Wilson is very helpful and meticulous. I feel good about going to the clinic and I think it is very important.

  • Jocelyn Lee
    2 years ago

    Great service at ICON Aesthetics. My third time here and very satisfied so far. Consultants Yvonne and Alexis are really friendly and patient.

  • Sam Suriya
    2 years ago

    Jac & Alexis are friendly and good.
    Ambiance is nice. Cheers👍

  • Joelle Lee
    2 years ago

    I have been going to Icon Aesthetics since Aug for a series of aesthetic treatments.
    Dr Wilson is very professional and friendly. He dispensed recommendations and clear explanations for each option. I do not feel pressured into doing a treatment. Dr Wilson is very meticulous and he puts his interest of his patients first. I will strongly recommend Dr Wilson for his professional service

  • Hsueh Li Lim
    2 years ago

    Nice, attentive and friendly staff especially Eve and Dr Wilson. Thank you so much for their professional service provided. Strongly recommended.

  • Abigail Lau
    2 years ago

    Excellent service by Yvonne and Alexis. Yvonne was very friendly and accommodating during my visits and made me feel very comfortable from the first visit. Alexis would constantly ask me if I was comfortable with the machines, making sure I was well taken care of during each visit😄 Though I have yet to see visible results from my fat freeze (but this could be because it’s only been 3 weeks).

  • Charlotte Chew
    2 years ago

    Hui Yun is a very good experienced and skillful therapist. Came here for hollywood peel and aqua gold for my acne problem and so far can see the improvement. Jac will go through with me after each session to concern about my treatment. Overall, good to try if you have serious acne problem.

  • Chen Woon Ooi
    2 years ago

    They are professional and welcoming. Yvonne explain in details and give best advice to their services. Alexis is really warm and doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable at all. Overall it’s a good experience for a first timer.

  • red fishballz
    2 years ago

    Alexis was gentle and professional with her services, have always enjoyed my facial treatments with her!

  • Eugene Lee
    2 years ago

    Thank you Alexis and team for the service. Comfortable and clean ambience. My very trusted place for aesthetics.

  • H M
    2 years ago

    Ive been going for my lesser lipo treatment and it’s very comfortable. Thanks to Alexis for the good service ! 🙂

  • Celeste Lee
    2 years ago

    Satisfied with the results from my treatments. Staff Chia Wei are very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend👍🏻

  • Serena Lim
    2 years ago

    Have tried their asethetics services, very satisfied with the results and will recommend to friends and relatives.

  • mk ii
    2 years ago

    Pleasant, tasteful environment. Can see that the boss invested quite a lot in furniture and fittings.

    Seem to take hygiene seriously with all staff in surgical masks and white PPE, though the ppe was a bit noisy with all the rustling sounds which came with movement.

    The grey gown they let me change into was extremely synthetic, no stretch at all and uncomfortable to wear for my facial.

    The lady (Jo?) who served me was unobtrusive and quite ok at her job. Unfortunately I could feel her nails digging a bit intermittently during the massage which is something I have never felt in other places I’ve patronised. Perhaps something to look into for future reference.

    P/s: OMFG.. after I posted my review. just had a scroll down the reviews and almost all reviewers only have 1 review on Google– clearly Icon set up a lot of fake accounts so they can put up reviews to make their Google score higher. How pathetic.

  • Anh Thu Pham
    2 years ago

    Very professional staff and effective treatment. Chia Wei was very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend.

  • Lina H
    2 years ago

    Did hair removal and facial laser with Dr Wilson. Just a few treatments results are amazing. Cannot wait for final results. Alexis and Eve are very helpful on assisting with these treatments

  • Chelsey MN
    2 years ago

    Honestly dont bother. They burned my skin and i didn’t see any difference. English is not good there either. Proceed at your own risk. Extremely disappointing.

  • Tammie Soo
    2 years ago

    Very good and detailed service from Chiawei. She was patient and explained the steps thoroughly to me

  • Jaclyn Ang
    2 years ago

    Great service

  • Gloria Lim
    2 years ago

    chia wei was very gentle with executing my facial treatment! (:

  • Qi Toh
    2 years ago

    The therapists are all very friendly and helpful, esp Alexis and Jacqueline. Fuss free booking of appointments.

  • Lim ZhiDa
    3 years ago

    They cheated me. Poor service and expensive, no much different after try their service, cheat my money.
    Keep forcing me to sign more services bit can’t see the difference after tha

  • Megan Lim
    3 years ago

    LOVE the fat freeze treatment! Can really see a big diff. Came about 2 months ago. My pants not so tight anymore! Recommended my friends to try out too! LOVE IT SO MUCH. The staff all very helpful and even called me to check on the results 1 mth later. Very pro! 🙂

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