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22 Reviews on “Bao Zhi Tang - Chinatown Point”

  • Kai Kai
    4 months ago

    Good Massage, especially foot.

  • Jewel Lee
    4 months ago

    (Let’s just say that I came to treat scoliosis. The osteopath asked me how I knew I had scoliosis. Is it because I think it or the doctor said it? What’s the problem? ! I also hope that he will judge what is wrong with me after touching it once. The whole course of treatment was so uncomfortable. It was not better at all. It doesn’t feel any improvement after the treatment, only made me angrier, it wasn’t professional, the place was very old, very bad impression.)


  • xiaoku xiaoku
    4 months ago

    (I went to try it, and the video is different from the real one. The promotional video is bone-adjusting. When I went, it was a normal massage. The master was using his handphone with one hand and massaged with the other. I won’t have a second time)


  • MinMin
    5 months ago

    Make appointment after see the ad on FB/IG and whatapp the number there and totally mess up.. number state people’park end up belong to tanjong katong.. make appointment for that day, arrived at the outlet to be informed the appointment is made for the next day. OMG. Lucky there is still slot just that we have to wait for another hour…

    The chiropractic Skill of the Sifu is really very good.

  • 하루
    5 months ago

    (He kept talking so much throughout the massage that it gave me a headache. It’s really too much to do. I endured it for 30 minutes, but I didn’t expect it to be like this all 40 minutes. We talk non-stop for even a minute. It’s not friendly and it’s a bitch.)

    마사지 받는 내내 말을 너무 계속하셔서 머리가 아플 지경이었습니다. 진짜 해도해도 너무하네요. 제가 30분까진 참았는데 40분 내내 이럴줄은 몰랐습니다. 정말 1분도 쉬지않고 이야기합니다. 친절하지도 않으시고 비추입니다.

  • Louis Chin
    5 months ago

    Visited Zhen 甄师傅 today in the morning, in hope to resolve my nerve strain on my middle spine. Understands that he has over 20 years of experience and is really commendable. He resolved my back strain and I highly recommend them for TCM Chiropractic experience!! Money well spent. ?

  • Lawrence Tan
    5 months ago

    Very skilful therapist who was able to loosen the tensions of my muscles and helped me to feel so much more relax after a 60 mins massage!

  • Jeanette Ow
    6 months ago

    Very skilful masseuse who knows how to release tight knots. The only drawback would be the lack of privacy but if you are here to release tension in your body, here it is.

  • LeAnn Li
    7 months ago

    (I had a foot massage and shoulder and neck massage today, it was super comfortable! The masseurs are very professional!)


  • Richard Faulkner
    7 months ago

    An unbelievable relaxing massage by Yao Yao at Chinatown shop.

    Will definitely be back

    Thanks, Richard

  • Way LIM
    8 months ago

    Therapist Ah Wen is a friendly auntie with skilful technique in Tuina. By the way Tuina is not those usual comforting massage, do set the expectation right.

  • tony zeng
    8 months ago

    Massager is professional.

  • K Bubblicious
    10 months ago

    Their another combine outlet Spring heal Spa under Bao Zhi Tang has a very professional and experienced shifu there name 赵师傅 (Zhao shifu). One treatment with him only already relief my back pain and and muscles. He is indeed very good with his 正骨 and 推拿 Skill. A surprise gems that i found today. 5/5 Stars No hard sell. Don’t say bojio (:

    Spring Heal Spa

    #02-28 also inside chinatown point

  • Nelson Ho
    11 months ago

    2 pax for 2 hours massage plus cupping, $332. Quite reasonable but my masseuse not really skillful.

  • Jesline Yuen
    12 months ago

    Master Lei really great and aimed every joint with cracking sound. Thumbs up ?? I’ve been to my usual TCM and doesn’t feel so comfortable before. After a lesson of his 正骨推拿 @$68 per hour, all the joint parts are like after putting SINGER OIL. Body feels so relaxed.Friendly & chatty young man? No harm of trying after so many reviews from FB. Thanks again and jiayou Master Lei. Really appreciated.

  • Analine Tsepal
    1 year ago

    The therapist was skillful and great. My body felt so much lighter after the treatment. No hard sell on package.

  • Desmond Tin
    1 year ago

    Lei Shifu had fixed my recent injury. At least I can walk after 3 days, which is usually required 5 days to 7 days. Thank you.

  • Jun Jie Lim
    1 year ago

    Best in sg

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