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  • G Mo
    3 weeks ago

    First time visiting San Brows Beauty.Sandy is very skillful and patient, the outcome exceeded my expectations. Both Sandy and Eileen are very friendly and professional.Very happy with the results ,will highly recommend their expertise!

  • Ching Hsiu Su
    3 weeks ago

    (I don’t usually wear makeup and want natural eyebrows. Sandy’s eyebrow design is very suitable and beautiful. She is professional and skillful. She was recommended to do eyeliner as well. The effect is very good. Not only is it natural, but the eyes look brighter. Although I usually use fruit acid or alcohol A for skin care and my skin is oily, I can still maintain my eyebrow shape after more than half a year. Highly recommended👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼worth it!)


  • Shantel Ng
    1 month ago

    I had an amazing n painless eyebrow embroidery experience at San Brows Beauty today, done by Sandy..She is remarkably experienced with lots n lots of patience!!.I’m thankful for the results after the session..It’s truly natural!!Not forgetting Elaine..They are both outstanding n professional!!

    Greatly recommended!!

  • heng wanny
    2 months ago

    My eyebrows were very high and low, and Sandy helped me adjust them. She is a perfect and careful beautician. I am very satisfied with the eyebrows she did for me today. I highly recommend it.

  • amyyong1 1
    2 months ago

    (I’m going with my friends today


    Fill in eyebrow color. Also got a lip tattoo. We were both very satisfied. Thanks to these two beauties 🙏 I highly recommend these two beauticians! They are highly skilled and meticulous, and perfectly created natural and beautiful eyebrows and lips for my friends and me. They are not just a professional beautician, she can customize the eyebrow shape that best suits us based on our face shape and personal preferences. The whole process was very comfortable, and she used professional tools and painless techniques to make me feel no pain at all. I am very satisfied with their service and I will recommend her to all my friends who need eyebrow and lip tattoos👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍)



    补眉色。顺便也纹唇。我们两都非常满意。感谢两位美女🙏我非常推荐这两位美容师!她两技术高超, 细致入微,完美地为我跟朋友打造了自然 漂亮的眉毛和嘴唇。她们不仅仅是一位专业的 美容师,她能够根据 我们的脸型和个人喜好,量身定制最适合 我们的眉形。整个过程非常舒适,她用专 业的工具和无痛的技术,让我完全没有 疼痛感。我对她们的服务非常满意,我会向所有需要纹眉纹唇的朋友推荐她👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Kok peng Lai
    2 months ago

    (This is my third time coming here to get my eyebrows done. It feels very good! Ratings for Eyebrows:

    “I am very satisfied with my experience of doing eyebrows three times! The beautician is skilled and carefully designed the eyebrow shape that suits me, making me look more confident and beautiful. The whole process is very comfortable and I feel very relaxed. I am very satisfied with my eyebrows Very happy with the color and shape, the results are long lasting and I have received many compliments. I highly recommend this salon and their brow services! Thank you for giving me a new look!”)



  • khoo yin Yin
    2 months ago

    Price are reasonable; Elaine very patient and make sure you are comfortable before she proceeds to next. Not hard to sell but explain in detail and you can decide. In first only plan to do eyebrows end the day doing together with eyeliner.

  • Wee Leng Thng
    3 months ago

    It’s my first time doing my eye brow and eyeliner.

    Eileen and Sandy are known for their exceptional eyebrow embroidery skills. They specialize in creating natural-looking, perfectly shaped eyebrows using embroidery techniques, which can enhance your facial features and provide long-lasting results. Their expertise and attention to detail make them highly sought after in the industry.

    Because of their excellence skills, I have decided to try out the lips embroidery by them again


  • Kimberly Han
    3 months ago

    I had my face and brows threaded by Elaine today, and both Elaine and Sandy helped to draw my brows for me too! As someone new to eyebrow maintenance, I felt that their craft was empowering for me — I didn’t know that I could have nice looking brows too thank you Elaine and Sandy! I’ll recommend this place to my friends~

  • Mei Ting Vivien
    3 months ago

    I recently had my eyebrows done by Elaine and Sandy, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Their friendly and patient approach made the experience enjoyable, and the outcome exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend their expertise!

  • Lynn Tan
    3 months ago

    Planned to go San Brow for removal, in the end she suggested another method. If I only remove, that will take couple of trips and I need to draw my brow. Sandy suggest another method and at the end of the day I get to leave store with a nice eyebrow. That shows how experienced and versatile she is. I also did eyeliner and totally no pain.

  • kelly lihe
    4 months ago

    (I have had my eyebrows done for 20 years, and I finally had the courage to change it to a new look. The boss has a very good service attitude and is very professional. I made a matte eyebrow that suits me very well, and the whole process was painless.)


  • Lim Marianna
    4 months ago

    This is my second time visiting San Brows Beauty.

    I’m doing my second eyebrow removal with Sis Sandy.

    I get to know San Brow Beauty is by watching TT.

    I’m sceptical about going to San Brow’s to do my eyebrow at the very 1st time I visited the shop.

    But after Sis Sandy & Elaine, patiencely explained & let me understand of how to have a prettier eyebrow that I want, I have to remove the old eyebrow on my face. After few minutes, I took my courage to confirm to do eyebrow removal.

    The result for the 1st & 2nd eyebrow removal, are perfect, was done skillfully by Sis Sandy. Not painful.

    I am waiting for mine next session with Sis Sandy.

    Good job. 👍👍👍

  • Nicole
    4 months ago

    Regularly get my brows done with them. Both and Elaine & Sandy are wonderful! And prices are affordable as well. Thank you!

  • Suzanne Sen
    5 months ago

    The proprietress is a deceitful black businessman, and here’s the thing, I was doing beauty in her shop, and her subordinates were so rude that they scratched my face, and I called her that day. I don’t want to continue, unprofessional beautician, I want the second half of the refund, she doesn’t give it, and she says that you don’t have a doctor’s certificate

  • Eliza Tan
    5 months ago

    Elaine is a wonderful, soft spoken lady and skilled in eyebrow embroidery. She pays attention to every little details and I am extremely satisfied with her work and would highly recommend Elaine.

  • George Lee
    6 months ago

    (Sandy is very experienced, very kind and easy to talk to, skilled and professional. They will design the eyebrows that best suit you according to your face shape, and the store is very comfortable. Highly recommended, painless and super natural when done.)


  • Lai May Lin
    6 months ago

    Both Sandy and Elaine are very experience, skillful and professional, they will design the most suitable eyebrow for you according to your face. Highly recommended it is painless and super natural after done.

  • maya tay
    6 months ago

    Decided to visit this place for the first time and I had a wonderful experience there. The person was really friendly and made me feel comfortable and welcomed.The eyebrow threading was really quick and she did an amazing job as well.👍

  • CX Rao
    7 months ago

    Glad that I did my eyebrow embroidery through them. Impressed by Elaine and Sandy’s dedication in framing my eyebrows before Elaine did the embroidery carefully. Very satisfied with the end result and the price was reasonable.This place deserves more recognition.

  • SK Chia
    7 months ago

    I have decided to visit San Brows Beauty after seeing my friend’s eyebrow beautifully embroided by Sandy. Hence, I have my very 1st eyebrow embroidery done a week ago. Very happy and satisfied with the result. Sandy is very skillful, patience and careful. Though i have high low eye bone structure, she managed to correct and design a set of eyebrow. It looks so natural and beautiful. Thumb up for her💕 . Both Sandy and Elaine are friendly and professional. You can leave your eyebrow in their good hands. Highly recommended.

  • Cindy Lau
    7 months ago

    Introduce by xhs, overall service is nice and embroidery techniques is skillful. The design for my eyebrow are quite satisfying too.

  • Jiaqi Lui
    8 months ago

    Highly recommend this shop for eyebrow embroidery!! She managed to correct my high low eyebrow, really worth the price and service!! 😁

  • Jenny Tan
    8 months ago

    Sandy is very professional that give advice with patient n detail. I’ve my eyebrow done yesterday and am very satisfied. Highly recommend 👍🏻

  • Hui En
    9 months ago

    Both Sandy and Elaine are very professional. Brought my mum to do eyebrow embroidery, due to her previous artwork, quite challenging to do eyebrow embroidery again. But both Sandy and Elaine gave their valuable suggestions and explained to my mum very patiently. The turnout is really very gorgeous. I also did eyeliner embroidery which turn out better than my expectation. Absolutely recommend San Brows Beauty!!

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