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  • Jo
    7 months ago

    Staffs are not good if u want to expect… they are hard selling… also if u have been a member and bought package, and just have some touch up worn out only after a week for a one nail… they wont do anything!!! They are always making reasons that their Boss Not allow and will fine them… they dont bother customers after they have happily got what they want!!! So terrible! Hard seller of all.

  • Fion
    10 months ago


  • Google TV
    1 year ago

    Please can you consider replacing your DISGUSTING “Footlogix” sign with something else? Customers sitting at Starbucks, which directly faces this sign, have to look at pictures of toe fungus while they try to relax & have something to eat/drink there. The Sony store is just next door. This isn’t the Lucky Plaza basement! Better standards should be considered at Wisma Atria. How can such a disgusting sign be allowed in a shopping center that international tourists frequent? Please change it with something more appropriate for a top quality shopping center!!!!

  • sm
    1 year ago

    Bought the 120-strand extensions deal from Fave to try out and see it was worth buying a package from them – absolutely NOT. Right off the bat, the staff kept hard selling even before taking down my details. There wasn’t even a bed to lie down in the room, just an extendable chair. When the staff needed to move the chair, she didn’t give a heads-up and just dragged it halfway through the service and I jolted from the sudden movement. Worst of all, I had to personally hold the mini fan to dry the glue on my eyelashes, seriously? When it was done, guess how many strands I had in total. Just 60, HALF of the 120 strands in the deal bought – absurd.

  • Grace Ka Yan Chan
    1 year ago

    The consultant kept hard selling non stop – I said no at least 5 times and they gave me a face. I understand I’m purchasing a fave voucher so there would be a certain level of hard sell but this is on another level

  • Elaine Hu
    1 year ago

    Was looking for a relaxing after-work but ended up mad. Non-stop pushing for additional treatments or signing packages when all I wanted was to have some peace. Also got the colour I wanted wrong. Never going back.

  • Tart T
    2 years ago

    Professional gel manicure service, got a package as well (8 gel manicure + 8 classic pedicure ~$500)

  • Amy Koh
    2 years ago

    Had a very very unpleasant experience, I was told I can’t use my package 10 days before Christmas but I feel the staff should inform customers making appointment from 15/12 onwards that they couldn’t use the package.

    Manager very unapproachable, unfriendly and very unprofessional. In the end one of the senior staff came to resolve the issue. I have been a customer since 2016 but will not sign any package with them after I complete my package

  • S W
    2 years ago

    can’t even do their job properly and yet expect you to get a package at the end. wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone.

  • marion bieysse
    2 years ago

    This place is a scam!!! Terrible experience.

    My sister and I asked for a classic pedicure, which was 39$. I asked 5 times throughout the service to confirm this was indeed the classic pedicure because they started doing a leg scrub and other things, 5 times they answered “yes, it is included in the classic pedicure”. And at the end when it was time to pay- the bill was 128$.

    They pretended this was a misunderstanding and said we had signed the order at the beginning…. Save yourself the trouble and walk away from this place !! The price quality ratio is terrible.

  • Sleepy Macy
    2 years ago

    I thought it was a good idea to relax with a classic manicure and pedicure but I was very wrong. Throughout the whole session, it was all about selling products after products and eventually selling packages. I don’t want to dive into details but I definitely would not go back ever again.

  • Hui Zhen Siah
    2 years ago

    Beautiful environment, friendly staff, no hard sell

    很美的环境 工作人员很友善 不会硬卖

  • Sicha Garg
    2 years ago

    Trained people seamless experience. 2 therapist waiting at scheduled time

  • Samantha Lee Greenway
    2 years ago
  • Salem Saberhagen
    2 years ago

    Just want to warn anyone thinking of giving this place a try. Fellow running the place is using low quality expired products. Not interested in delivering any value from customers but only want your money and test how much they could milk from you by cross/hard selling. I feel so cheated of my time and money. Never coming back. Feel sorry for the employees.

  • Diana Yow
    2 years ago

    If you had no idea what hardsell is, this would be the perfect place to experience it. This is our first and will be our last time with this salon.

    The service was so bad – staff was unfriendly, rough and unhygienic. Also, there were too many hidden add-ons, just felt like a budget airline situated in a premium place so they can charge premium price.

    There are many better places elsewhere. Try at your own risk.

  • Janna Seo
    2 years ago

    The worst service I have ever experienced. I arrive 15min late to an appointment and they give my appointment away. I reschedule and arrive on time they say I have to wait 30min?! DO NOT GO HERE!!

  • S. A.
    2 years ago

    I went without an appointment and they managed to make classic manicure straight away. I’m pretty happy about the end result. I recommend it.

  • Jenny Zhu
    2 years ago

    Lousy service and staff attitude. My nail for one hand was shorter than the other. The shaping was uneven as well. When I feedback that the nail shape was uneven, the staff just stood up and walk away. I hardly seen such rude person around and it is totally unacceptable especially when they charge a premium for nail services. Totally not worth the price. There are many cheaper options with better services.

    Will not return to this shop again. Totally easte of money.

  • Rachel Tan
    2 years ago

    Thumbs up for June service!

  • Novita Yolanda Koloway
    2 years ago
  • All about EssentiallyOils Flo
    2 years ago

    Very friendly staff. Very neat and nice works. Love to feel very clean feet again. Been coming here for few years. Bella have been very attentive and love how she did my nails.

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