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22 Reviews on “La Vida - Northpoint City”

  • jamie pang
    2 years ago

    My first time here… feel comfortable… really thanks alot to Rachel make my eyesbrown pretty…

  • Hye Eun
    2 years ago

    Eyelash lift done by Rachel, love it lots! Thank you ☺️

  • CeeJayDee G
    2 years ago

    Initially i was scared to do something on my eyebrow, it’s my first time, but they gave me a good service, they recommended a good eyebrow service! Thank you!

  • Riani A
    2 years ago

    The service is good and the staff are friendly.. Rachel is the one who do my eyebrows, she really did a good job.. Thanks Rachel 🙂

  • Revathi Ramalingam
    2 years ago

    Rachel did a very very good job. Yuki and Rachel are very friendly. Highly recommended ?

  • Ivan Ong
    2 years ago

    Yuki is a very service orientated staff. Helped my financee do her eyebrow for many times, always done it with a smile and super friendly. My financee loves her service alot and decided to renew subscription for her service again. Well done La Vida!

  • Jen Malibiran
    2 years ago

    Very happy with Yuki’s service

    Rachel has done my eyebrowse so nice that I will come back for next servicing. She made my eyebrowse very beautiful!

  • Syahirah Amélia
    2 years ago

    Rachel- eyebrow embroidery.

    got the exact shape and pattern that i want, fast and convenient. super love it!

  • Francillemartin@gmail.com Danielle
    2 years ago
  • ashlee ung
    2 years ago

    Service is very nice.

  • Pei shan Lee
    2 years ago

    Nice and good

  • Elly Sabrina
    2 years ago

    Rachel was patience and handled all my queries

  • Manju Bashini
    2 years ago

    Came to La Vida (Northpoint) to get my brows done. Rachel is very professional in her work and Painless. She is very friendly.

  • Samantha Yap
    2 years ago

    I’m giving a 3 stars as I want to remain neutral as to not tarnish the reputation of this shop since they do have a lot of branches all over Singapore.

    Went to do hairline microblading and I would say I’m pretty disappointed with the amount my friend and I had to pay. I went down before doing to make sure we have checked the price and to be sure this is the shop we want to do. Lady quote me $288 for hairline microblading ($188) plus hair regeneration serum($100 they told me to topup). I asked if it is nett price, she said yes and it will be “promo” price since I saw the advertisement on instagram.

    The price sounded ok which was why I brought my friend along. They eventually quoted my friend $480 for hairline microblading and forehead line ONLY. I’m not too sure how they calculate but it seems like it’s a $292 top up for the forehead. Even claimed that it’s the cheapest. (We actually have previously found one in Malaysia which was around the same price who offered FREE TOUCH UP and was contemplating. Eventually gave in to LaVida thinking it is convenient.)

    We felt cheated because upon making payment, they then told us GST is not included. So instead of $288 I paid $300++, instead of $480 my friend paid $500++.

    The most uncomfortable parts were:

    1. They made conversations which made us feel that they were implying on why we were being calculative about the price, when my friend mentioned we also set our budget for travelling to different countries next year.

    2. Made a lot of small talks and probed a lot into our personal lives when we have made it apparent that we did not wish to continue the conversation.

    3. Both ladies did not communicate with one another properly. Lady 1 only does simple task like applying numbing cream. She does not know what Lady 2’s job scopes are I supposed, as she only applied a small area of numbing cream. Lady 2 took over and while doing microblading, went past many areas which Lady 1 did not apply. When I apologised and informed her that it was really painful, Lady 2 laughed and said “Are you kidding me? It’s not even painful. It’s nothing.” When my friend suggested for them to put more, they mentioned numbing cream is very expensive. I hope they know they’re not the only ones with such experience, we/ our friends also are in this industry and WE KNOW HOW MUCH A NUMBING CREAM COST, AND THAT SAME BRAND THEYRE USING SOMEMORE. They did eventually reapplied more to the areas that was going to be microbladed. I just don’t think the whole experience is worth that “promo price”.

    4. I had my child with me that time and he had witnessed the excruciating pain and I had, almost like throwing a fit. It was heartbreaking to then found out that he was having nightmares at night because he saw how in pain I was in.

    I know there are good reviews of this shop, this branch. I do not intend to tarnish the name of this shop as I mentioned. I do feel I have the rights to share about my own bad experience with this shop and I hope people who expect better customer service reconsider. For the price paid, it is not worth it. Totally would opt for crossing the borders, or pay even higher price for higher end service.

    ***addendum: my scalp is lacerated from the microneedling (for hair regeneration) for the parts I have told them to be painful. The painless parts had no injury.

  • xuan tong
    2 years ago

    rachel and yuki is very friendly and did the eyebrows really well

  • Yan Soo Huay
    2 years ago

    Did my eyebrow embroidery here. The brow artist skills are good. Almost painless. Good experience.

  • SooTing Yap
    2 years ago

    During the eyebrow embroidery treatment, the salesperson kept persuading my mum and I to pay additional $600-700. Saying that we can keep going back to touch up. We did not.

    Perhaps it’s my fault that I did not do enough research for this. I had thought that eyebrow embroidery will last quite a while. It’s been about 7 weeks, and the eyebrow embroidery disappeared. Well, we paid about $700 each for this. So it is disappointing.

  • richelle tan
    2 years ago

    it was a great experience. staff were friendly and provided a painless experience for the embroidery.

  • Sabrina Wang
    2 years ago

    I introduced a friend to this store and had the same eyebrows as me. She said she was grateful for my introduction. My friend felt that her eyebrows were very important to her, and she never dared to do it through my introduction. She believed that this was what she wanted. Service, Yuki and Recher’s service and technology are very good, next time will introduce people to the past

    我介绍朋友去了这家店,也做了和我同样的眉毛,她说感激我的介绍,我朋友觉得眉毛对她很重要,一直不敢做通过我的介绍,她相信这就是她要的服务,Yuki和Recher 的服务和技术非常好,下次还会介绍人过去的

  • 林綏晶
    2 years ago

    Yuki very good service ,my eyebrow so nice tq

  • yan xiao
    2 years ago

    So happy that recommended to my sister do her eyebrow embroidery at this place since is nearby her house.

    Staff was friendly and what she requested has turn out the way she wanted. Highly recommended 🙂

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